PPSC Lecturer English Sample MCQs Past Papers

1). ” Full Fathom five thy father lies ” where do we find these lines?

 (a) A midsummer night’s dream

 (b) A winter’s tale

 (c) The taming of the shrew

 (d) The Tempest

2). ” Readiness is all ” occurs in?

 (a) Julius Caesar

 (b) Othello

 (c) Macbeth

 (d) Hamlet

3). Whom did Charles lamb call ” a prose Shakespeare”?

 (a) Thomas Heywood

(b) Thomas Middleton

 (c) Thomas dekker

 (d) Thomas kyd

4). Who is called the dickens of Elizabethan age?

 (a) Thomas Heywood

 (b) John Marston

 (c) Thomas Dekker

(d) George Chapman

5). Who coined the phrase “Marlowe’s mighty line”?

 (a) Samuel Johnson

 (b) Ben Johnson

(c) Mathew Arnold

 (d) Richard Steele

6). Which play of Shakespeare is a ” conversation play “?

 (a) measure for measure

 (b) much ado about nothing

 (c) Twelfth night

 (d) All’s well that ends well

7). Who completed Christopher Marlowe’s ” Hero and Leander “?

 (a) Ben Johnson

 (b) Shakespeare

 (c) Chapman ☑

(d) Heywood

8). In which tale of Chaucer, a daughter is killed by her father?

 (a) The monk’s tale

 (b) The physician’s tale

(c) The friar’s tale

 (d) The clerk’s tale

9). In whose story, the character of Griselda appears?

 (a) The clerk’s tale

(b) The Reeve’s tale

 (c) The miller’s tale

 (d) The friar’s tale

10).  Who is known as the Chaucer of Scotland?

 (a) William Dunbar

(b) Robert Henryson

 (c) John lydgate

 (d) Gavin Douglas

11). In what year was the first Folio published?

 (a) 1626

 (b) 1621

 (c) 1623

(d) 1629

12). Which river is associated with Shakespeare’s birth?

 (a) The Thames

 (b) The Avon

(c) The Tyburn

 (d) The seven

13). In 1613, The Globe theater burned down during a production of which play?

 (a) king John

 (b) Richard II

 (c) Henry viii

(d) Henry V

14). Who among these characters says this “it is no sin to deceive a Christian?”

 (a) shylock

 (b) Shakespeare

 (c) Barabus

 (d) Jew of Malta

15). Pick the place where Twelfth Night has been set?

 (a) Kingdom of Denmark

 (b) Kingdom of illyria

(c) Venice

 (d) Beach Island

16). Gratiano and Nerrissa are the characters in?

 (a) house of fame

 (b) merchant of Venice

(c) king Lear

 (d) Othello

17). ” HORATIO I AM DEAD ” find the literary device employed here?

 (a) prolepsis

(b) anagnorisis

 (c) hamartia

 (d) aporia

18). In ” Tempest ” who attempts to rape Miranda?

 (a) ferdinand

 (b) caliban

(c) trinculo

 (d) alonso

19). ” Ripeness is all ” occurs in?

 (a) hamlet

 (b) king Lear

(c) Macbeth

 (d) Othello

20). The schoolmaster by Roger Ascham is a/an?

 (a) morality play

 (b) human ideal

 (c) educational treatise

(d) all of the above

21). Who is known as the connecting link between Chaucer and Spenser?

 (a) Henry Howard

 (b) Thomas Sackville

(c) Roger Ascham

 (d) Sir Thomas Wyatt

22). When did the Great fire of London take place?

 (a) 1610

 (b) 1606

 (c) 1640

 (d) 1666

23). Chaucer was called ” the earliest of the Great moderns” and was also called, ” The morning star of the Renaissance “. Who initiated these remarks?

 (a) Kittredge

 (b) Hudson

 (c) Albert

(d) Pope

24). Which literary form, developed in the fifteenth century, personified vices and virtues?

 (a) The short story

 (b) The heroic epic

 (c) The morality play

25). What was the duration of hundred year’s war?

 (a) 1300 to 1350

 (b) 1337 to 1453

(c) 1302 to 1343

 (d) 1337 to 1437

26). In which year Chaucer was imprisoned by the French?

 (a) 1360

(b) 1357

 (c) 1378

 (d) 1385

27). ” All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand ” line is taken from?

 (a) act ii scene i

 (b) act v scene i

(c) act iii scene ii

 (d) act iv scene iii

28). We suddenly see England, ” a noble and puissant nation, rousing herself like a strong man after sleep and shaking her invincible locks “.

 This statement is associated with?

 (a) Shakespeare

 (b) Queen Elizabeth

 (c) Milton

(d) Ben Johnson

29). Edmund Spenser’s only prose work is?

 (a) Shepherd’s Calender

 (b) The Faerie Queene

 (c) view of the state of Ireland

(d) Colin clouts come home again

30). Real Bible is written in?

 (a) Latin

 (b) English

(c) Hebrew

(d) Dutch

31). Chaucer served in the English army under which king?

 (a) Henry iii

 (b) Edward ii

 (c) Edward iii

(d) Richard ii

32). Which of the tale tellers has a conspicuous hairy wart?

 (a)The coachman

 (b) The miller

(c) The tailor

 (d) The weaver

33). How many plays did William Shakespeare write?

 (a) 36

 (b) 37

(c) 38

 (d) 39

34). The line ” to be or not to be ” comes from which play?

 (a) Macbeth

 (b) twelfth night

 (c) A midsummer Night’s dream

 (d) Hamlet

35). Which famous Shakespearean play does the quote,

” my salad days, when I was green in judgment”

come from?

 (a) Antony and Cleopatra

(b) hamlet

 (c) The winter’s tale

 (d) The merry wives of Windsor

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