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Given below on this Website Online Free Taleem is free online MCQ’s test related to PPSC of Lecturer Biology. All the individuals who are going to appear in PPSC Lecturer of Biology written test can attempt these tests in order to prepare for it in best possible way. Our tests include all the important questions MCQs of Lecturer of PPSC Biology, all Past Papers of Lecturer of Biology PPSC  that have extremely high amount of chances for been included in the actual exam which make our test undoubtedly the best source of preparation.


There will be 25 multiple choice question in the test.
Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
Practice this test at least 5 times if you want to secure High Marks.
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Test Instructions:-
Test NameLecturer Biology  
SubjectBiology Test 34
Test TypeMCQs
Total Questions25
Total Time20 Minutes
Total Marks100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.


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In which of the following Air bladders is observed ?

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The smallest, structural and functional unit of organisms known as

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In which type of cell division the genetic material of each cell in the body remains the same ?

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What is the specificity of plant cell ?

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In presence or absences of which structure pisces are classified into chondrichthyes and osteichthyes ?

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Which of following is oviparous mammalia ?

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Who discovered nucleus in the cell?

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In class aves which organ is modified ?

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Mesoglea occur in between which two germinal layers ?

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In which phylum diploblastic animals are included ?

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Which is common structure in cockroach and earthworm ?

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Who proposed the cell theory first time ?

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Which of following phylum is acoelomate ?

14 / 25

Typical Animal cell lacks which structure

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In which animal jaws are absent ?

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Matthias Schleiden and Theodore Schwann are respectly scientists of ....... and ....... country.

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The exoskeleton of pisces is made up of:

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Which of the following is not classified as amphibian ?

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Who gave the name 'Cell' first ?

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Who proposed that new cell arise through cell division of preexisting cells ?

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In which phylum metameric segmentation is observed for the first time ?

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Which is the unicellular organisms ?

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Undeveloped artery and vein with open circulatory system is characteristic of which phylum ?

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Give the name of excretory organ of prawn

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Which is the membrane bound organelles ?

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