PPSC FPSC NTS Lecturer Education MCQs Practice Test No. 15

1- Ethics and aesthetics are components of:

(A). Ontology

(B). Axiology✔️

(C). Epistemology

(D). Cosmology

2- Which was the first Islamic institution of education:

(A). Madrassa

(B). Dar-e-Arqam✔️

(C). Suffah

(D). Mosque

3-Managing school records is main duty of:

(A). School teacher

(B). Clerk

(C). School head✔️

(D). Educational officer

4-Mini culture can be seen in:

(A). Home

(B). School✔️

(C). Function

(D). Classroom

5-According to Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational objectives, the psychomotor domain deals with:

(A). Intellectual abilities.

(B). Feelings/emotions

(C). Manipulative skills✔️

(D). Aesthetic abilities

6- Summative evaluation takes place while teaching a course:

(A). In the beginning

(B). In the middle

(C). At the end✔️

(D). Annually

7-Rules which are related to the functioning of the schools are found in:

(A). Educational code✔️

(B). E and D rules

(C). Civil service rules

(D). Handbook of circulars

8- E and D rules are related with:

(A). Efficiency and duty rules

(B). Effective duty rules

(C). Efficiency duty rules

(D). Effective and discipline rules✔️

9-When, What, why and how to teach is the main task of:

(A). Educational philosophy

(B). Educational psychology✔️

(C). Financial resource

(D). Sociological scene

10-PEC stands for:

(A). Punjab Education Controller

(B). Punjab Education Conference

(C). Punjab Education Commission

(D). Punjab Examination Commission✔️

11- National curriculum is actually:

(A). Intended curriculum✔️

(B). Taught curriculum

(C). Learned curriculum

(D). Experimental curriculum

12-UNESCO has proposed that a developing country must spend (at least) on education sector:

(A). 4% of GNP✔️

(B). 5% of GNP

(C). 6% of GNP

(D). 7% GNP

13- Logical Thinking that uses induction or deduction to reach a conclusion is:

(A). Thinking

(B). Reasoning✔️

(C). Decision making

(D). Creativity

14-Leadership deals with strict discipline represent:

(A). Theory X✔️

(B). Theory Y

(C). Laissez-faire

(D). Behaviorist

15- Minor penalty imposed on indiscipline employee is:

(A). Dismissal from service

(B). Termination of service

(C). Censure✔️

(D). Lowering in the scale

16- When information and ideas are shared among the staff members it is said that there exists:

(A). Downward communication

(B). Upward communication

(C). Horizontal communication✔️

(D). Vertical communication

17- Tyler model is used for:

(A). Curriculum development✔️

(B). Evaluation

(C). School improvement

(D). Teacher improvement

18- It attempts to determine what an individual believes, Perceives or feels is called:

(A). Intelligence test

(B). Attitude scale✔️

(C). Aptitude test

(D). Subject test

19- General wants or desire are said to be the base of our behavior, are called:

(A). Motives

(B). Drives✔️

(C). Innate

(D). Needs

20- What ought to be in the curriculum development refer to:

(A). Philosophical foundation✔️

(B). Sociological foundation

(C). Psychological foundation

(D). Economic foundation

21- Educational system is developed for:

(A). Social needs✔️

(B). Political needs

(C). Social and political needs

(D). Legal needs

22- Professor has asked his students to put their assignments and evidences of their efforts in a folder for assessment of their performance. This type of assessment is:

(A). Self-reported assessment.

(B). Authentic assessment✔️

(C). Portfolio assessment

(D). Comprehensive assessment

23- Only quantitative description of student’s learning is called:

(A). Testing

(B). Measurement✔️

(C). Assessment

(D). Judgment

44- If one wants to know the usefulness of B.Ed program, it should get this program:

(A). Assessed

(B). Analyzed

(C). Evaluated✔️

(D). Monitored

 25-Every school is organized, operated and administrated according to a:

(A). Philosophy of teaching

(B). Philosophy of education✔️

(C). Philosophy of guidance

(D). Philosophy of learning

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