PPSC FPSC NTS Lecturer Education MCQs Practice Test No. 16

1-Attention must be given to the selection of appropriate learning materials by the teachers to meet:

(A). Social needs

(B). Learner needs✔️

(C). Educational needs

(D). Cultural needs

2- On recommendations of education commission report 1959, institutes of education were established at two universities to lay down the basis for continuous:

(A). Research✔️

(B). Education

(C). Training

(D). Study

3-Exhibition of science fairs promotes student’s ability of:

(A). Knowledge and comprehension

(B). Comprehension and application✔️

(C). Higher order skills

(D). Lower order skills

4- Total records of students for having exact idea is through:

(A). Cumulative record✔️

(B). Examination’s record

(C). Teacher diary

(D). Co-curricular record

5- Commission report 1959 made religious education compulsory for Muslim children in schools of:

(A). Christian

(B). Muslim

(C). All Type✔️

(D). Foreign based

6- The literacy centers established during the first half of the sixth plan were replaced by:

(A). Iqra schools

(B). Pilot schools

(C). Nai Roshni schools✔️

(D). Model schools.

7- Teacher explains and performs practically through:

(A). Lecture method

(B). Discovery method

(C). Demonstration method✔️

(D). Problem solving method

8- Which of these is the first Academy of socializing the child?

(A). Mother

(B). Home

(C). School✔️

(D). Society

9- The ability to solve problems or to adjust in the new environment is the definition of:

(A). Personality

(B). Behavior

(C). Intelligence✔️

(D). Inspiration

10- Guidance worker is interested to help in improving:

(A). Students Problems✔️

(B). Teacher problems

(C). Institutional problems

(D). Parents problems

11- Permanent difficulties in learning are investigated in:

(A). Summative evaluation

(B). Diagnostic evaluation✔️

(C). Formative evaluation

(D). Content evaluation

12- Self-evaluation by student teacher in teaching practice means:

(A). Criticizes himself

(B). Appreciates himself

(C). Analyses himself✔️

(D). Replan the lesson

13- Informal education is:

(A). Just schooling

(B). Time bound

(C). Lifelong✔️

(D). Preplanned

14- Boss is right is the feature of:

(A). Authoritative administration✔️

(B). Democratic administration

(C). Laissez Faire administration

(D). Islamic administration

15- Which is not true about lesson plan?

(A). It develops confidence in new teachers

(B). It helps in orderly delivery of contents

(C). It is developed by students✔️

(D). It observes hazards in teachings

16-School is representative of:

(A). Society✔️

(B). Elite class

(C). Middle class

(D). Lower class

17- Leave is always applied for in:

(A). Days✔️

(B). Weeks

(C). Months

(D). years

18-The word DDO means:

(A). Drawing and disbursing officer✔️

(B). District development officer.

(C). Devolution and Development officer

(D). Deputy Divisional officer

19- The orders from the higher authorities issue from time to time to Government offices are preserved in:

(A). Service book

(B). Order book

(C). Hand book of circulars✔️

(D). Contingency records

20- Praise, Appreciation and rewards are the example of:

(A). Guidance

(B). Need

(C). Directions

(D). Motivation✔️

 21- Allama Iqbal Open University was established in:

(A). 1972✔️

(B). 1980

(C). 1950

(D). 1977

22- Pre-School education is given to:

(A). 3-5 years old✔️

(B). 4-5 years old

(C). 5-7 years old

(D). 4-6 years old

23- The most important tool for school functioning is:

(A). Teaching

(B). Time table✔️

(C). Syllabus

(D). Assembly

24- A successful criteria for effective school management is:

(A). To get planned target✔️

(B). Improve performance

(C). Stress on future performance

(D). Parents sharing

25- PITE is an abbreviation of:

(A) Private Institute of Teacher Education

(B). Punjab Institute of Teacher Education

(C). Provincial institute of Teacher Education✔️

(D). None of these

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