1- What is the objective of the Cripps Mission in India?

A). To visit the historical places in India

B). To reform the educational system of India

C). To reform the constitutional issues

D).None of these

2- Who was the founder of Brahmo Samaj?

A).Raja Ram Mohan Roy

B). Vivekananda saraswati

C). A & B

D).None of these

3- Who was the first chief minister of Sindh?

A). Muhammad Ayub khuhro

B).pir llahi Bakhsh

C). Yusuf Haroon

D). None of these

4- Name the first chief of Army staff?

A). Dauglas Gracey

B).Sir Frank Messervy

C). Muhammad Ayub khan

D). None of these

5- Currency of rupees Five thousand identify the picture behind it:

A). Badshahi Mosque

B). Faisal Mosque

C). Lahore Fort

D). Minar-e-Pakistan

6- In which year Simla agreement between Pakistan and India signed in…



C). 2 July ,1972


7- The second constituent assembly reconstituted on:

A).May 28, 1955

B). May28, 1956

C).May 28, 1957

D). None of these

8- At the time of Marshall Law in 1969 who was the speaker of the National Assembly?

A). Ch.Fazal Elahi

B). Abdul Jabbar khan

C). Abdul Wahab khan

D). None of these

9- In 1955 a group of Muslim League separated. Who was the leader of that group?

A).Dr. khan Sahib

B). Fakhar imam

C).Ch.Fazal Elahi

D).None of these

10- Pakistan declared Islamic Republic of Pakistan in which constitution?




D).None of these

11- Murree is located in which mountain range?

A). Pir panjal range

B). Karakorum Range

C). Kohistan range

D).None of these

12- Name of the first chief election commissioner of Pakistan?

A).Akhtar Hussain

B).F.M khan

C).S.A Rahman

D). None of these

13- Name the first Governor of state Bank of Pakistan?

A). Abdul Qadir

B). Zahid Hussain

C). S. Usman Ali

D). Imtaiz Alam Hanfi

14- Identify the total member of senate?





15-” Pakistan beyond the crisis state” edited by:

A). Maleeha Lodhi

B).I.H Qureshi

C).S.M Ikram

D).G.W Chaudhri

16- The Rowalatt act was passed in the year:





17- Who was the founder of the movement “Home Rule League”?

A).B.G Tilak

B).A.B Rajput

C).Mrs. Annie Besant

D).None of these

18- The central Muhammadan Association was founded in:




D).None of these

19-The total length of Makran coastal Highway is…





20- Which of the following districts of Baluchistan contains huge deposits of copper?





21-“Hanna Lake” is situated in….

A). Baluchistan

B). Northern Areas


D). Punjab

22-Quaid-e-Azam met M.K. Gandi for the first time:



C). Calcutta

D). Lucknow

23- The central Muhammadan Association was founded by:

A). Chaudhri Rshmat Ali

B). Sir Syed Ahmed khan

C). Syed Ameer Ali

D).None of these

24-The Government of India act 1935, divided the country into…….. provinces:

A). seven


C). Eleven

D). Thirteen

25- Chaudhri Rshmat Ali first used the word ‘Pakistan’ in:





26- All India National congress was established by:

A). An official of the British Government

B). A British loyalist

C). A retired British official

D). None of these

27- Kabir Das of Bakhti Movement was:

A). A preacher

B). A Mystic

C). A poet

D). A warrior

28- Kashful Mahjub was written by:

A). Mujaddid Alf thani

B). Syed Ali Hajveri

C). Syed Muinuddin Ajmeri

D). None of these

29- The Millennial movement was launched against:

A). The Mughals

B). The British

C). The Muslims

D). None of these

30- The East India company owes its success in India to:

A). Lord Dalhousie

B). Lord Curzon

C). Warren Hastings

D). None of these

31- Third battle of panipat was fought between:

A). British and Mughals

B). British and Sikhs

C). Afghans and Marhattas

D). None of these

32-Syed Ahmad Shaeed Launched his Jihad Movement against:

A). The Christians

B). The Sikhs

C). The Hindus

D). The Hypocrites

33- The Faraidi Movement was launched in:

A). Bengal

B). Kashmir

C). Hyderabad

D). None of these

34- Hazrat Mahal who fought during the war of independence 1857 against the  British was:

A). Queen of Jhansi

B). Ruler of Jodhpur

C). Begum of Awadh

D). None of these

35- Darul uloom  Deoband was founded in:

A). 1865

B). 1875

C). 1855

D). None of these

36- Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah got his early education from:

A). MAO college Aligarh

B). Sindh Madrassatul Islam

C). Islamia college, Lahore

D). None of these

37-The Simla Deputation of 1906 was led by:

A). Muhammad Ali Jinnah

B). Nawab Salimullah khan

C). Nawab Mohsin Mulk

D). sir Agha khan

38- Delhi Muslim proposal were presented in:

A). 1927

B). 1925

C). 1930

D). 1932

39- One of the main points of Jinnah’s 14 points was  Muslim’s representation in the central legislature equal to

A). Half of the members

B). 2/3 of the members

C). 1/3 of the members

D). None of these

40- The inaugural session of  Pakistan’s first Constituent Assembly was chaired by:

A). Muhammad Ali Jinnah

B).  Liaquat Ali  khan

C). J.N. Mandal

D). None of these

41- The first chief minister of West Pakistan province in 1955 was:

A). Abdul Qaiym  khan

B). Dr. Khan Sahib

C). Malik Feroz khan

D). None of these

42- The  first indigenous constitution was given to Pakistan by:

A). Muhammad Ali Jinnah

B). Liaquat Ali khan

C). Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

D). Chaudhri Muhammad Ali

43- In September 1958 the Deputy speaker was killed in the provincial Assembly of :

A). Bengal

B). Punjab

C). Sindh

D). N.W.F.P

44- In the 1970-71 general elections which party got the majority seats in the National Assembly of Pakistan?

A). Pakistan people party

B). Pakistan Muslim League

C). Awami League

D). National Awami party

45- Friday was declared for the first time as an  official weekly holiday by:

A). Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

B). Nawaz Sharif

C). Benazir Bhutto

D). None of these

46- Editor of the”Comrade” was:

A). Muhammad Ali johar

B). Abu’l  kalam Azad

C). Zafar Ali khan

D). Faiz Ahmad Faiz

47-“Nadwa- tul- ulma” Lacknow started its activities in:

A). 1892

B). 1894

C). 1896

D). 1898

48-Annulment of Bengal was declared at the event of ………. In 1911:

A). King George V visited India

B). Reforms introduced in India

C). Transfer of secretary for state

D). None of these

49-The system of Dars-e-nazami was introduced by:

A). Nizam UL – Milk Tusi

B). Saadi

C). Sherazi

D). None of these

50- In which ‘Round Table Conference’ in London Allama Iqbal not participated:

A). First

B). second

C). Third

D). None of these

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