Pak Study Lecturer Past Papers Solved MCQs

1- The viceroy who put forward the proposal of “August offer” in 1940 was:

A).Lord Wavell

B).Lord Linlithgow

C). Lord Willingolon

D).Lord Brabourne

2- Muhammad Ali Jinnah encouraged Muslim soldiers serving in British India army and sent six hundred soldiers who fought for freedom of which Muslim country in 1945?


B). Indonesia

C). Saudi Arabia

D). None of these

3- Which president of USA asked the British Government to divide India into two parts namely Muslim India and Hindu India?

A). Theodore Roosevelt

B). Franklin D. Roosevelt

C).James Buchanan

D). Woodrow Wilson

4- The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government is called:

A).Blue crime

B). High treason

C). White crime

D).None of these

5- Which former president of USA stayed in Karachi with the family of his college friend, Muhammad Hassan chandoo during his college life?

A). London B. Johnson

B).Barack Obama

C). Eisenhower

D). Richard Nixon

6- Which was the first state to come under the grip of ‘Subsidiary Alliance’?



C). Hyderabad

D). Meerut

7- When after partition, India declined to pay the agreed share of Rs.550 million in cash balances to Pakistan?

A).1January, 1947

B).1 January, 1948

C).1 January, 1949

D).1 January, 1950

8- Who was the first Governor General of India?

A). Lord Curzon

B). Lord Dalhousie

C). Lord Cornwallis

D). Lord William Bentinck

9- By which of the following acts did the Governor General of Bengal become the governor general of India?

A). The charter Act of 1793

B). The regulating Act 1853

C). The charter Act of 1833

D). None of these

10- “Behind every successful fortune, there is a crime”. These words are associated with Supreme Court decision about Panama leaks case. Actually these words are taken from which novel?

A). Hard time

B).God father

C). Paradise lost

D).None of these

11- Which country’s border is 20km away, from Pakistan?

A). China

B). India

C). Tajikistan

D). Afghanistan

12- What is the position of Pakistan among the world’s largest countries by area?





13- Which is “the biggest city of Pakistan”?

A). Karachi

B). Islamabad

C). Lahore

D). Faisalabad

14- What were the total assets of state Bank of Pakistan in 1947?

A) crore

B).Rs. two crore

C).Rs.three crore

D).Rs.four crore

15-In Sindh Assembly was the first British Indian legislature to pass the resolution in favour of pakistan. Who presented this resolution?

A).sir Agha khan

B).M.A Jinnah

C). Abdul Rab

D).G.M Syed

16- Maria Toopakai Wazir,a top ranked squash player in a region of the world where girls are not  allowed to participate in sports. She belongs to which area of Pakistan?

A). South Waziristan Agency

B). North Waziristan Agency

C). Mahmand Agency

D). Khyber Agency

17- Pashtuns or Pukhtuns one Pakistan’s second largest group after Punjabis, what is the percentage of Pashtuns in Baluchistan population?





18- In which year PRODA was promulgated in Pakistan?





19- How many times has Pakistan won the hockey world cup?





20- Quaid-i-Azam inaugurated the state Bank of Pakistan on:

A).1 May, 1948

B).1 June, 1948

C).1 July, 1948

D).1 August, 1948

21- Which Pakistani prime minister received Indian prime minister Atal Bechari vajpayee when he arrived by bus to Lahore?

A). Benazir Bhutto

B). Nawaz Sharif

C).Shujat Hussain

D). None of these

22- Which port is the hub of Pakistan’s entire economic activities as 98% of the entire foreign trade is conducted through this port?

A).Gawadar port

B). Karachi port

C). Muhammad bin Qasim port

D).None of these

23- In which year did Kargil conflict started between India and Pakistan?





24- What percentage of Pakistan’s population speaks Balochi?





25- Al-Biruni wrote Asaar-ul-Baqiyah.what is its subject?

A). Calendars of Muslim nations

B). Calendars of European nations

C). Calendars of old nations

D). Calendars of Arab nations

26- “The Future of Pakistan” a famous book authored by:

A). Cohen Stephen

B).G.W Chaudhri

C).K.K Aziz

D).I.H Qureshi

27- “Pakistan beyond the crisis state” edited by:

A). Ayesha jalal

B).Rouniq jahan

C). Maleeha Lodhi

D).None of these

28- “Crossed Sword: Pakistan” written by:

A).Shuja Nawaz

B).Saeed shafqat

C). Mohsin Hamid

D).S.M Ikram

29- Which PTV program was hosted by former PM of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto during 1970?

A). Focus on world

B). Outlook

C). Pakistan today

D). Encounter

30- Pakistan’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah contested his first parliamentary election in 1946 from  Mumbai’s constituency and Muhammad Ali Jinnah defeated his opponent:

A).Lal Hussain Bhala ji

B). Hussain Bhai Lal ji

C).Ustad Ghulam Hussain

D).None of these

31- Which was Pakistani rupee pegged to us dollar?

A). February 11, 1977

B). March 17, 1971

C). February 16, 1973

D). February 21, 1981

32- Who moved the objectives Resolution (1949):

A). Liaquat Ali khan

B).Sir Agha khan


D).M.A Jinnah

33- “Pakistan forest Institution” is located in:

A). Karachi

B). Lahore

C). Peshawar

D). Rawalpindi

34- Who translated Jinnah’s historic speech of 1940 into Urdu?

A).Mulana Zafar Ali khan

B). Liaquat Ali khan

C).sir Agha khan

D). khaliq-uz-zaman

35- Who translated the speech of Lahore Resolution 1940 in to Urdu?

A). Khaliq-uz-zaman

B). Liaquat Ali khan

C). Mulana Zafar Ali khan

D).None of these

36- Which is the hottest place in Pakistan?




D).None of these

37- When did Gawadar become part of Pakistan?

A).10 October, 1957

B).6 September, 1959

C).8 September, 1958

D).14 August, 1958

38- When was the Baluchistan given the status of province?

A).14 August, 1947

B).1 July, 1970

C).23 March, 1948

D).3 June, 1971

39- When was the designation of “Governor General” abolished and changed to” president of Pakistan”?

A).23March, 1970

B).23 March, 1979

C).23 March, 1958

D).3 March, 1956

40- Which is the coldest place in Pakistan?


B). Quetta


D).None of these

41- First Marshall Law in Pakistan was imposed by Sikandar Mirza on:

A).7 October, 1958

B).8 October, 1959

C).8 October, 1960

D).9 October, 1961

42- The author of ‘ pathway to Pakistan’ is:

A). Richard Symond

B). Chaudhri khaliq-uz-zaman

C). Chaudhri Rshmat Ali

D).None of these

43- When were the banks nationalized in Pakistan?

A). January 1, 1970

B). January 1, 1948

C). January 1, 1974

D). March 24, 1970

44- Name the chief justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court who suspended by President Musharraf in 2007was:

A). Khalil Ramday

B). Javad Iqbal

C). Ifthikar Muhammad Chaudhri

D). None of these

45- Who was declared “Shaeed journalist”by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

A). Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar

B). Maulana Mazhar-ud-din

C).Ch.Rahmat Ali

D). Maulana Zafar Ali khan

46- This was also an Indian state under British rule its capital is Bhuj. The former state was scene of a military clash between India and Pakistan in 1965:


B). Punjab

C). Sindh

D). Hyderabad

47- Who designed “first stamp of Pakistan’ which was approved by Quaid-i-Azam?

A). Abdul Rehman Chugtai

B). Mahmood Alam

C). A.R Aslam

D). None of these

48-Name the former British general & governor of India who participated in the American Revolution?

A). Lord Cornwallis

B). James Dalhousie

C). Charles canning

D).None of these

49- Who was the first chief minister of KPK?

A).Khan Abdul Qayyum khan

B). Sahibzada Zafar Ali khan

C). Abdul Ghafoor hoti

D).None of these

50- In which year English was made the medium of instruction in subcontinent?





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