Political Science MCQs for Competitive Exams Test No. 29

1- Who said ” Where there is no law there is no freedom”?


B). Locke✔️

C). Hobbes

D). Maciver

2- Who said that ” Liberty itself is not one but manifold”?

A). Cole

B). T.H.Green


D). Laski

3- Economic liberty means security and the opportunity to find reasonable significance in the earning of one’s daily bread” ? Whose words are these?

A). Adam Smith

B). Karl Marx

C). Laski✔️

D). T.H.Green

4- Which one of the following thinkers considered liberty and equality as complementary?

A). Lord Action

B). Machiavelli


D). None of the above

5- ” The passion for equality made vain the hope for liberty”. Who said this?

A). Lord Action✔️

B). Austin


D). Poland

6- Civil liberty is inherent in the laws of:

A). State✔️

B). Nature

C). Society

D). All the above

7- Who of the followings hold that law restraints liberty?

A). Idealists and Anarchists

B). Individualists and Anarchists✔️

C). Idealists and Socialists

D). Anarchists and Socialists

8- Which one of the following thinkers emphasized the negative concept of liberty?

A). Marx

B). Lenin

C). Spencer✔️

D). Aristotle

9- Who opposed state interference in the self- regarding actions of the individual?

A). Marx

B). Hobbes


D). J.S.Mill✔️

10- Who was the author of ” On Liberty” ?

A). J.S.Mill✔️

B). Bentham


D). Laski

11- In most of the modern States the individuals enjoy:

A). Absolute liberty

B). Liberty with reasonable restrictions✔️

C). No liberty

D). None of the above

12- Economic liberty can be ensured to citizens through:

A). Grant of right to work

B). Provision of minimum wages

C). Regulation of working hours

D).All the above✔️

13- Who was the following said that liberty means power to do anything that doesn’t injure another?

A). French Declaration of Rights of Man✔️

B). Laski

C). Liber

D).Herbert spencer

14- Type of liberty, which a man enjoys as a member of civil society, is called:

A). Natural liberty

B). Political liberty

C). Civil liberty✔️

D). Economic liberty

15- The liberty, which people enjoy for earning their bread, is called:

A). Natural liberty

B). Political liberty

C). Civil liberty

D). Economic liberty✔️

16- Who said that liberty is means for the realization of fullness of individual’s life?

A). Benjamin✔️

B). Bentham

C). Herbert spencer

D). James Mill

17- Liberty means providing those conditions which are essential for development of human personality’ is the view of:

A). Modern thinkers✔️

B). Idealists

C). Individualists

D). Anarchists

18- Which of the following is not an essential condition for safeguarding liberty?

A). Written constitution

B). Democracy

C). Federal system✔️

D). Separation of powers

19- Who of the following said ‘ Political liberty in the absence of economic liberty is a myth’?

A). George Douglas Howard Cole✔️

B). Dicey

C). Lenin

D). Stalin

20- Liberty and equality are not contradictory but complimentary to each other’. This was said by:

A). H.J. Laski✔️

B). Maulana Azad

C). Machiavelli

D). Mahatma Gandhi

21- Who of the following has laid stress on positive aspect of liberty?

A).H.J. Laski✔️




22- Who of the following has laid stress on negative aspect of liberty?

A). H.J. Laski



D). Bakunin

23- Who of the following has not supported the idea of moral liberty?

A). T.H.Green

B). Bosanquet

C). Karl Marx✔️

D).Herbert spencer

24- Individual’s right to demand work and leisure is covered under:

A). Natural liberty

B). Political liberty

C). Civil liberty

D). Economic liberty✔️

25- Who of the following has said, ” Law is the condition of liberty”?

A). Ritchie✔️

B). Bodin

C). Bosanquet

D). Bakunin

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