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There will be 20 multiple choice question in the test and Each question carries 5 marks.
If 02 questions are wrong, the quiz will be considered as failed.
A quiz can be replayed after 24 hours.
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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Earn Money – Daily Quiz
Subject Test 7
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 20
Total Time 10 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 10 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Ans & Earn Money Test No. 7

1 / 20

A primary school had an enrollment of 850 pupils in January 1970. In January 1980 the enrollment was 1,120; What was the percentage increase for the enrollment?

2 / 20

Sadiq purchased a plot for Rs. 8,000. He sells the plot to Abid at a profit of 20%. Abid in turn sells that plot to Arif at a loss of 20%. The plot costs Arif.

3 / 20

Which of the following is different from the rest:

4 / 20

Who revolted against Akber's Deen-e-Ilahi (1582) first of all

5 / 20

Muhammad Ibn-e-zakaria Al-Razi wrote.......................books

6 / 20

A’s mother is twice as old as A’s brother. A is 6 years yqunger than his brother but 4 years older than his sister. If A’s sister is 15 his mother’s age is:

7 / 20

A man bought a flat for Rs. 8,20,000. He borrowed 55% of this money from a bank. How much money did he borrow from the bank?

8 / 20

Twelve men take 6 hours to finish a piece of work. After the 12 men have worked for 1 hour, the contractor decides to call in 8 more men. How many more hours would 20 men take to complete the remaining work?

9 / 20

2) A group of students volunteered to finish a construction work in 25 days. 1Q of the students did not come and the work could be finished in 35 days. The original number of students in the group were:

10 / 20

Which planet is the hottest, brightest and closest to earth ?

11 / 20

What letter comes alphabetically in order in the letter MOTHER?

12 / 20

In Homo Sapiens (Human) fertilization occurs in ??

13 / 20

Suez Canal was nationalised in July 1956 by Egypt's President Gamal Abdul Nasser. In which year Suez Canal was constructed??

14 / 20

Which number will come next?
3. 5, 7, 10,12,14, 24, 26,..........

15 / 20

If a car is sold for Rs..50000 the profit is 17 percent, what would be profit percentage if sold for Rs. 47000.

16 / 20

Science which deals with the position and movement of heavenly bodies ??

17 / 20

The number, whose 7% is 42, is:

18 / 20

In the exam 45% students failed and 550 students were successful. The total number of students who appeared in the exam were:

19 / 20

A railway station always has:

20 / 20

What will come next in the following series:

6    7    9    12    16    21    27    34  ?

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