Earn Money Online Without Investment Quiz No. 4

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There will be 20 multiple choice question in the test and Each question carries 5 marks.
If 02 questions are wrong, the quiz will be considered as failed.
A quiz can be replayed after 24 hours.
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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Earn Money -Daily Quiz
Subject Test 4
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 20
Total Time 10 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 10 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Ans & Earn Money Test No. 4

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What was the total number of idols that were fixed around the Kaaba?

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An order was placed for the supply of a carpet whose breadth was 6 m and length was 1.44 times the breadth. What be the cost of a carpet whose length and breadth are 40% more and 25% more respectively than the first carpet. Given that the ratio of carpet is Rs. 45 per sq m?

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Democracy is rule of:

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The length of a rectangular plot is thrice its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 867 sq m, then what is the breadth of the rectangular plot?

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Aligarh College upgraded to the status of university in:

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The ratio of the length and the breadth of a rectangle is 4 : 3 and the area of the rectangle is 6912 sq cm. Find the ratio of the breadth and the area of the rectangle?

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Liaquat Ali khan was born on 1 October 1895 in the famous town:

8 / 20

The SAARC movement was launched for?

9 / 20

A group consists of 4 men, 6 women and 5 children. In how many ways can 3 men, 2 women and 3 children selected from the given group?

10 / 20

Which is the largest river of Baluchistan?

11 / 20

In which country is the volcano Mount Aso?

12 / 20

In a normal human being, how much time does food take to reach the end of the intestine for complete absorption?

13 / 20

A numerical value calculated from sample is called?

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The area of a square is 4096 sq cm. Find the ratio of the breadth and the length of a rectangle whose length is twice the side of the square and breadth is 24 cm less than the side of the square.

15 / 20

UNICEF stand for......................?

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The Government of Pakistan established the' Indus River system Authority' in the year:

17 / 20

What is the Name of Google‟s Parent Company?

18 / 20

Who is the recipient of the 2019 Abel Prize for mathematics?

19 / 20

Name the biggest idol that was fixed on the roof of the Khana-e-Kaaba?

20 / 20

Changhez khan came to India during the reign of:

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