Pakistan Studies, PMS, CSS & Lectureship Solved MCQs

Muhmud of Ghazni waged war against rebellious India in the year:


(b) 900


(d) None of these

Shahab ud din Muhammad Ghauri defeated prithviraj in the year 1192 in the field of:

(a) Panipat

(b) Nagpur


(d) None of these

Qutab ud din Aibak was succeeded on Delhi throne by:

(a) Aram Shah

(b) Iltutmish

(c) Razia Sultana

(d) None of these

The downfall of Muslim rule in India started with the demise of:

(a) Akbar

(b) Aurangzeb

(c) Bahadur Shah Zafar

(d) None of these

The Holy Quran was first translated into Persian by:

(a)Shah Ismail Shaheed

(b) Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi

(c) Shah Waliullah

(d) None of these

Anjuman-e-Islamia Punjab was founded for the renaissance of Islam in:


(b) 1849


(d) None of these

“Pakistan’s Constitution should incorporate the essential principles of Islam, which are as good and relevant in our day, as were 1300 years ago. But Pakistan should not be a theocratic state ruled by priests.” This statement was given by:

(a) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

(b) Allama Iqbal

(c) Quaiz-e-Azam

(d) None of these

Who was appointed first President of Muslim League?

(a) Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

(b) Nawab Viqar ul Mulk

(c) Nawab Saleemullah

(d) None of these

Dyarch was the first introduced in the Act of:

(a) 1909

(b) 1919

(c) 1935

(d) None of these

The resolution of non-cooperation with the British Government was passed in the meeting of All India National Congress in 1920, which was held at:

(a) Madras

(b) Bombay

(c) Nagpur

(d) None of these

The Simon Commission arrived in India on:

(a) 3rd February, 1927

(b) 3rd February, 1928

(c) 3rd February, 1929

(d) None of these

The British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald announced the Communal Award in 1932 at the end of:

(a) First Round Table Conference

(b)  Second Round Table Conference

(c) Third Round Table Conference

(d) None of these

All India Muslim League observed the “Direct Action Day” on:

(a) August 6, 1944

(b) August 6, 1945

(c) August 6, 1946

(d) None of these

Objective Resolution was pass by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on:

(a) March 12, 1947

(b) March 12, 1948

(c) March 6, 1946

(d) None of these

With regard to the division of power between Federation and Provinces, the Constitution of Pakistan (1962) was provided with:

(a) Two list subjects

(b) Single list of subjects

(c)Three lists of subjects

(d) None of these

The height of Pakistan,s mountain Pak-Godwin Austin is a high as:

(a) 26250 ft.

(b) 27250 ft.

(c)28250 ft.

(d) None of these

The Government of Pakistan established the Indus river System Authority in:

(a) 1960

(b) 1970

(c) 1980

(d) None of these

Under the Indus water treaty of 1960, Pakistan has the right to use exclusively the water of:

(a) Ravi, Sutlej and Chenab

(b) Sutlej, Chenab and Jhelum

(c) Chenab, Jhelum and Indus

(d) None of these

At present Pakistan have vast natural resources and items of mineral s many as:

(a) 14 items

(b)  15 items

(c) 16 items

(d) None of these

Who rejected the verdicts of jurists that idols worshippers are liable to be murdered:

(a) Mahmood Ghaznavi

(b) Ghyas ud din Iltummish

(c)Jalal ud din Feroz

(d) None of these

Who constructed five canals to remove scarcity of water?

(a) Alauddin Khilji

(b) Ghyas ud din Tughlaq

(c) Feroz Shah Tughlaq

(d) Akbar

Who laid foundation of Agra city?

(a) Sikandar Lodhi

(b) Babur

(c) Shah Jahan

(d) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Who Wrote “Humayun Nama”?

(a) Shahabuddin

(b) Gulbadan Begum

(c) Birbal

(d) None of these

Who accepted Akbar’s Akbar’s Din-e-Elhai?

(a) King

(b) Qazi ul Quzzat

(c) Sadar us Sadur

(d) None of these

Which office held supreme judicial authority during Mughal rule?

(a) King

(b) Qazi ul Quzzat

(c) Sadar us Sadur

(d) None of these

Who Supported Muslim participation in politics:

(a) Viqar ul Mulk

(b) Mohsin ul Mulk

(c)  Maulana Zafar Ali Khan

(d) Allama Iqbal

Who drafted “Wardha Scheme” under the guidance of Gandhi?

(a) Abdul Kalam Azad

(b) Nehru

(c) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(d) None of these

How many Muslim seats were secure by All India Muslim League In 1945-46 Election of Provincial legislatures?

(a) 396

(b) 425

(c) 441

(d) None of these

Who presided over the session of Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on 10 August, 1947:

(a) Quia e Azam

(b) Liaqat Ali Khan

(c) Ch. Khaliq-uz-zaman

(d) None of these

Who rejected the theory of composite nationalism advanced by the Indian National Congress?

(a) Mualana Maudoodi

(b) Allama Iqbal

(c)Hussain Ahmad Madni

(d) Quaid-e-Azam

Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy case?

(a) Shorash Kashmiri

(b) Habib Jalib

(c) Faiz Ahmed Faiz

(d) None of these

In which constitution of Pakistan, the Ministers were neither members of the parliament nor answerable to parliament?


(b) 1962

(c) 1973

(d) None of these

From which country, Pakistan purchased Gwadar?

(a) Kuwait

(b) Iran

(c) Oman

(d) None of these

Which provincial Chief Minister was dismissed on the issue of one Unit?

(a) Chief Minister NWFP

(b) Chief Minister Sindh

(c) Chief Minister Punjab

(d) None of these

Which Radio station already existed at the time of creation of Pakistan?

(a) Peshawar

(b) Karachi

(c) Quetta

(d) None of these

Under Yahya’s LFO, what option National Assembly had if it couldn’t frame the constitution within 120 days?

(a) Dissolved Automatically

(b) President will be dissolve it

(c) Extension in Time Frame

(d) None of these

What percentage of total polled votes in East Pakistan was secured by Awami League in 1970 elections?

(a) 54%

(b) 60%

(c) 75%

(d) None of these

When was the state of swat included in Pakistan?

(a) 4th April, 1969

(b) 28th July, 1969

(c) 29th June, 1970

(d) None of these

Which provincial Chief Minister was dismissed on the issue of one Unit?

(a) Chief Minister NWFP

(b) Chief Minister Sindh

(c) Chief Minister Punjab

(d) None of these

Name the saint, who first came in Lahore:

 (a) Ali Makhum Hujwari

(b) Sheikh Ismail

(c) Data Gunj Baksh

(d) None of these


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