General Knowledge Solved MCQs

1. According to the Treaty of Hudaibiya, a truce (peace) was declared between Muslin and Quraish for:
a) 5
b) 7
c) 10
d) 12
2. Torait was revealed on the Prophet:
a) Hazrat Musa
b) Hazrat Isa
c) Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
d) Hazrat Daud
3. In Azaan how many times the word Allah O Akbar is recited:
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7
4. Identify the Ghazwa in which the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH participated:
a) Mutah
b) Tabuk
c) Hunain
d) Ahzab
5. Hazrat Yousaf was the son of:
a) Hazrat Ishaq
b) Hazrat Ismail
c) Hazrat Loot
d) Hazrat Yaqoob
6. Which Surah of Holy Quran first revealed:
a) Al Hamd
b) Al Baqrah
c) Al Alaq
d) Al Rehman
7. Who at the first time started construction of Holy Kaba:
a) Hazrat Nuh
b) Hazrat Ismail
c) Hazrat Adam
d) Hazrat Adam
8. The longest Surah of Holy Quran is:
a) Al Imran
b) Al Nisa
c) Al Baqrah
d) Al Maida
9. When Hajj was made Obligatory?
a) 2 A.H
b) 5 A.H
c) 7 A.H
d) 9 A.H
10. Which is the 12th month of Islamic Year?
a) Muharram
b) Rajab
c) Shawal
d) Zilhaj
11. Which Surah of Holy Quran is called the heart of Holy Quran:
a) Surah Al Ikhlas
b) Surah Al Baqra
c) Surah Yasin
d) Surah Ar Rehman
12. In which language Injeel was revealed ?
a) Hebrew
b) Arabic
c) Latin
d) Greek
13. The commandment for observing Fast has been Stipulated in the Surah:
a) Al Nisa
b) Al Imran
c) Al Maida
d) Al Baqrah
14. One who is capable of dealing many subject is called:
a) Genius
b) Intellectul
c) Versatile
d) Vulnerbale
15. What is the one word substitution for a person who is unable to pay his debt:
a) Poor
b) Vagabond
c) Solvent
d) Insolvent
16. In which Surah Hajj has been commanded?
a) Al Baqrah
b) Al Imran
c) Al Nisa
d) Al Muhammad
17. Which was the Tribe of Hazrat Abu Bakr?
a) Ban Khizraj
b) Banu Aus
c) Banu Tamim
d) Banu Hashim
18. For how ,any years the caliphat of Hazrat Abu Bakkar was lasted?
a) Three Years
b) Two Years
c) Four Years
d) Five Years
19. Pick the correct word:
a) Formdible
b) Formidable
c) Firmdable
d) Pharmidable
20. He died of a serious:
a) Decease
b) Disease
c) Demise
d) Death
21. Mark the synoym of Chair:
a) Pesestal
b) Boasting
c) Seat
d) Pride
22. Choose the correct sentence:
a) She resembles with her mother
b) She resembles to her sister
c) She resembles her cousin
d) the two brothers resemble on each other.
23. Which one is the antonym of Fugitive:
a) Immigrant
b) Refugee
c) Absconder
d) Captive
24. In which Surah of Holy Quran the word Khatimun Nabiyyeen is mentioned?
a) Al Falq
b) Al Fateha
c) Al Tauba
d) Al Ahzab
25. How many are the exalted angles:
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four
26. Which two prayers has no Azan?
a) Janaza, Eid
b) Fajr, Zuhr
c) Zuhr, Asr
d) Asr Maghrib
27. The Salaat Witr is the part of:
a) Fajr
b) Zuhr
c) Isha
d) Asr
28. How many times the word Zakat occured in Holy Quran?
a) 30
b) 32
c) 34
d) 36
29. The swimmer should avoid …. a contaminated swimming pool:
a) Entering
b) being entered
c) entering
d) Have entered
30. He silence …. to refusal:
a) Tantamounts
b) Is Tantamount
c) Is Tantamounting
d) Tantamounted
31. The workman may seek indulgence …. the labour court for his guaranteed rights:
a) Of
b) To
c) In
d) For
32. In the sentense No Sooner is always followed by:
a) That
b) As
c) Than
d) Then
33. Pick the wrond word:
a) Transpyre
b) Transfer
c) Tranquil
d) Tranquility
34. The husband ruled by his wife is called:
a) Penpricked
b) Henpecked
c) Indebte
d) Liauidatord
35. Which is the correct sentence:
a) He brushed on my argument
b) He brushed aside my argument
c) He brushed to my argument
d) He brushed over my argument
36. The noun form of the verb Exite is:
a) Exciting
b) Ecited
c) Ecittatement
d) Excitement
37. Which is the correct sentense:
a) i am sick by your lies
b) i am sick from your lies
c) i am sick of your lies
d) i am sick to your lies

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