Pak Studies Past Papers Solved MCQs for CSS, PMS & Lectureship

In 1917, Kheiri Brothers suggested a plan of partition of India in conference of the Socialist International held in_______.

(a) London

(b) Oslo

(c) Stockholm

(d) None of these

In 1928, Agha Khan III advocated independence of each province at the meeting of All Parties Convention in ___________.

(a) Patna

(b) Haiderabad

(c) Calcutta

(d) None of these

 on 7th August, Muhammad Ali Jinnah left India for last time and flew to _______.

(a) Quetta

(b) Lahore

(c) Karachi

(d) None of these

Junagadh was a small maritime state and had an area of __________.

(a) 4500 Sq. Km

(b) 9000 Sq. Km

(c) 10000 Sq. Km

(d) None of these

Tethys deposit finally turned to be:

(a) Western Ghats

(b) Himalayas

(c) Karakoram

(d) None of these

The Salt Range Lies in the large accumulation of pure salt at Khewra and _________.

(a) Attock

(b) Jhelum

(c) Kalabagh

(d) None of these

Land holdings in Pakistan are characterized by _________.

(a) Huge Farms

(b) Very Big Farms

(c) Large Farms

(d) None of these

The Pakistan Forest Institute, a National Organization was established in ___________.

(a) 1957

(b) 1947

(c) 1967

(d) None of these

Relics of stone tools found in caves and terraces that dated back to Pleistocene period have been discovered in ____________.

(a) Sindh

(b) Punjab

(c) Baluchistan

(d) None of these

Recent earthquake of October 2005 was the result of ___________.

(a) Volcanic Activity

(b) Tectonic Dislocation

(c) Severe Flooding

(d) None of these

Pakistan’s foreign policy is the safe guarding of its sovereignty, security and ___________.

(a) International

(b) External trade

(c) Territorial integrity

(d) None of these

The first Muslim General entered Victorious in the sub-contindent of Indo-Pak in __________.

(a) 612 AD

(b) 712 AD

(c) 812 AD

(d) None of these

On the execution of Muhammad Bin Qasim, the rule of Caliph ened and Arab Princes in Mansura (Sindh) and Multan (Punjab) established their independent dynasties in sub-continent in _________.

(a) Shahabudin Ghauri

(b) Qatub din Aibak

(c) Zaheer-u-din Babar

(d) None of these

Who became the first Sultan of newly established Muslim Sultanate of Dehli in 1207?

(a) I. H Qureshi

(b) Ch. Muhammad Ali

(c) Waheed-uz-zaman

(d) None of these

Who was appointed Nazim of Nadvat-ululema in 1883?

(a) Maulana Shibli

(b) Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor

(c) Mualana Syed Muhammad Ali

(d) None of these
Pakistan’s ideology is based on the ideals of __________.

(a) Democracy

(b) Theocracy

(c) Islam

(d) None of these

Quaid-e-Azam called Islam “Our bedrock and sheet ancho” while addressing _________.

(a) Punjab Student Federation

(b) Muslim Studens Peshawar

(c) Indian Muslims

(d) None of these

The resolution for formation All India Muslim League was passed at the meeting of All India Educational Conference 1906 and was moved by _______.

(a) Nawab Viqar ul Mulk

(b) Nawab Mohsin ul Mulk

(c) Nawab Salim Ullah Khan

(d) None of these

The demand of separate electorate for Indian Muslims was first accepted in the Act of ____________.

(a) 1909

(b) 1919

(c) 1935

(d) None of these

The Provincial governments of congress resigned and All India Muslim League as a mark of relief observed the “Day of Deliverance” on _________.

(a) 22 October 1939

(b) 22 November 1939

(c) 22 December 1939

(d) None of these

The Lahore Resolution was amended and Pakistan was made an integral part of League’s objective. The amendment was made in the Annual session 1941 of All India Muslim League, which was held at ________.

(a) Karachi

(b) Lahore

(c) Madras

(d) None of these

Radcliffe Commission was submitted its formula for division of India into two countries to Lord Mountbatten on_________.

(a) 9 August 1947

(b) 19 August 1947

(c) 29 August 1947

(d) None of these

Ch. Rehmat Ali, the architecture of the name of Pakistan, died on _________.

(a) February 2, 1951

(b) February 12, 1951

(c) February 22, 1951

(d) None of these

Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, while addressing a meeting at Rawalpindi was assassinated on ___________.

(a) October 6, 1951

(b) October 16, 1951

(c) October 26, 1951

(d) None of these

The Legal Frame Work Order, which amended a constitution of Pakistan unilaterally was issued by___________.

(a) Yahya Khan

(b) Ayub Khan

(c) Zia ul Haq

(d) None of these

Durand Line, Which divides the boarders of Pakistan and Afghanistan is as long as:

(a) 2252 Km

(b) 2262 Km

(c) 2272 Km

(d) None of these

Which mountain range is located between China and Pakistan?

(a) Siwalikes

(b) Hindu Kush Range

(c) Great Himalayas

(d) None of these

What is the total area of Pakistan in squarer kilometers?

(a) 695095

(b) 795095

(c) 796096

(d) None of these

The Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD) was established among Pakistan, Iran and Turkey in 1964 and was annulled in:

(a) 1969

(b) 1979

(c) 1989

(d) None of these

Mahmud of Ghazni waged war against rebellious India in the year_____:

(a) 900

(b) 1000

(c) 1100

(d) None of these

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