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Online Free Taleem is free online MCQ’s test related to Lecturer Computer Science. All the individuals who are going to appear in Lecturer Computer Science written test can attempt these tests in order to prepare for it in best possible way. Our tests of Lecturer of Computer Science include all the important questions and Past Paper of  Lecturer Computer Science, that have extremely high amount of chances for been included in the actual exam which make our test undoubtedly the best source of preparation.


There will be 25 multiple choice question in the test.
Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
Practice this test at least 5 times if you want to secure High Marks.
At the End of the Test you can see your Test score and Rating.
If you found any incorrect answer in Quiz. Simply click on the quiz title and comment below on that MCQ. So that I can update the incorrect answer on time.

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Test Instructions:-
Test NameLecturer Computer Science 
SubjectComputer Science Test 5
Test TypeMCQs
Total Questions25
Total Time20 Minutes
Total Marks100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Computer Science Practice Test 5

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Two devices are in network if:

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The storage subsystem in a microcomputer consists mainly of … or … media with varying capacities:

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What is displayed by the alert?

var x = “9”, y = “2”, z = “4”

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Which one of the following is not a phase of Prototyping Model?

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A byte consists of:

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The Science of making machines imitate human thinking and behavior is known as:

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What is a better name for the function?

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EBCDIC can code up to how many different characters?

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What is the major drawback of using RAD Model?

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Which one of the following models is not suitable for accommodating any change?

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Designers uses which of the following to tune performance of systems to support time critical operations?

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Current SIMMs have either … or … connectors (pins)

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Which of the following function return statement is syntactically correct?

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Which is considered a direct entry input device?

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Which is used for manufacturing chips?

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The central processing unit (CPU) consists of:

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SDLC Stands for:

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What is the best way to represent the attributes in a large database?

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RAD stands for:

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Which model can be selected in all the phases of SDLC?

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A/n …. Device is any device that provides information, which is sent to the CPU:

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Which attribute of the <script> tag is used to load an external JAVA Script file?Source

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RAD Model has:

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Which of the following is not an input device?

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The computer code for the interchange of information between terminals is:

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