PPSC Most Important Lecturer Commerce Online Test No. 61

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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Commerce
Subject Commerce Test 61
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Commerce Online Test No. 61

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Quantum meruit means.

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A minor has been supplied necessaries on credit.

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The court may grant rescission where the contract is.

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Where a contract could not be performed because of the default by a third person on whose work the promisor relied, it .

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A contingent contract is.

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A lends Rs.500 to B. He later tells B that he need not repay the amount. The contract is discharged by.

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A contract of insurance is a:

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Which of the following are contingent contracts?

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When an agreement is discovered to be void, any person who has received any advantage under such agreement.

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When the promisee refuses in accept performance from the premisor who offers in perform, it is:

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An agreement to do an act impossible in itself.

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A quasi-contract.

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If a contract contains an understanding to perform an impossibility, the contract is.

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A creditor agrees with his debtor and a third party to accept that third party as his  debtor. The contract is discharged by.

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A contract has become more difficult of performance due to some un- contemplated events or delays. The contract.

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Promises forming consideration for each other are known as.

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An employee, by the terms of his service agreement, is prevented from accepting a similar engagement after the termination of his service. The restraint is.

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A person who finds good belonging to another an takes them into his custody, is subject to the same responsibility as a.

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Sale of goods for cash is an example of:

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If a new contract is substituted in place of an existing contract, it is called.

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When a party to a contract transfers his contractual rights to another, it is known as.

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Each party is a promisor and a promise case of.

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A contracts to pay B Rs. 10,000 if B's 6 house is burnt. This is a:

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The collateral transactions to an illegal agreement are:

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A finder of lost goods is a.

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