PPSC FPSC KKPSC NTS Education MCQs Questions with Answers

1- Basic research involves:

(A). analysis of theory

(B). development of theory✔️

(C). application of theory Which is not a quantitative approach?

(D). systematic application of theory

2- Which is not a quantitative approach?

(A). descriptive research

(B). co relational research

(C). casual-comparative research

(D). historical research✔️

3- Which theory states that learning takes place as a whole:

(A). gestalt theory✔️

(B). learning by trial and error

(C). classical conditioning

(D). operant conditioning

4- A standardized test measuring specific intellectual capabilities or other characteristics is called:

(A). intelligence test✔️

(B). achievement test

(C). aptitude test

(D). personality test

5- The acquisition of knowledge, skills and behavior is termed as:

(A). training✔️

(B). performance

(C). development

(D). selection

6- Which is a type of research by method:

(A). action research

(B). basic research

(C). evaluation research

(D). experimental research✔️

7-Which is not a form of reliability?

(A). test-retest reliability

(B). split-half reliability

(C). equivalent-forms reliability

(D). content base reliability✔️

8-The score which occurs most frequently is:

(A). Median

(B). Mean

(C). Mode✔️

(D). Average

  1. Intellect means:

(A). perceiving

(B). remembering

(C). thinking✔️

(D). repeating

10- Montessori method is introduced by:

(A). Dr. John Dewey

(B). Dr. Maria✔️

(C). Frobel

(D). Horace Mann

11- Objective in maintaining school record is to:

(A). improve classroom teaching✔️

(B). assist in educational research

(C). motivate pupil work

(D). improve the curriculum

12- A fear in which sources of fear is vague is called:

(A). anxiety✔️

(B). jealousy

(C). curiosity

(D) anger

13- Experiences and structured series of learning outcomes are:

(A). curriculum✔️

(B). instruction

(C). curriculum and teaching

(D). evaluation

14- In Bloom’s Taxonomy of cognitive domain comprehension is:

(A). the ability to demonstrate understanding of information✔️

(B). the ability to gather information to form new levels of information

(C). the ability to recall information to form new levels of information

(D). the ability to make judgments based on given knowledge and standards

15- Which theory of learning states that learning takes as a whole:

(A). trial and error

(B). imitation

(C). conditioning

(D). insight✔️

16- Development of insight in an individual is emphasized through:

(A). counseling

(B). advice

(C). guidance✔️

(D). lecturing

17- Which type of counseling is very useful and important in eliminating social maladjustment:

(A). psychotherapeutic✔️

(B). clinical

(C). psychological

(D). group

18-The evaluation of effectiveness of counseling services is based on:

(A). follow up✔️

(B). case study

(C). counseling

(D). assessment

19- Curriculum means all those activities which are provided inside or outside the school in order to achieve predetermined goal was, defined by:

(A). Albert

(B). Taylor✔️

(C). Stanley

(D). Kerr

20- General wants or desire which we are of human behavior, are called:

(A). motives

(B). drives✔️

(C). habits

(D). instincts

21- When data is collected from all the members of population the study is called:

(A). sample study

(B). census study✔️

(C). case study

(D). comparative study.

22- Theories in which efforts have been made to identify the personal qualities of an effective leader are known as theories of:

(A). motivation

(B). traits✔️

(C). behavior

(D). contingency

23- Microteaching is a technique which is:

(A). content oriented

(B). skill oriented✔️

(C). assessment oriented

(D). discipline oriented

24- Permanent learning difficulties are investigated in:

(A). summative assessment

(B). diagnostic assessment✔️

(C). formative assessment

(D). placement assessment

25- The most important aim of education in character formation as told by:

(A). Socrates✔️

(B). Aristotle

(C). Adams

(D). Dewey

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