History Past Papers Solved MCQs CSS PMS

1).        The term history has been taken from:

A) French word

B) German word

C) English word

D) Latin word

2).        Geschichte a German word means:

A) Systematic description of events

B) Analysis of past

C) Intelligible and significant narrative of past events

D) All of above

3).        For the first time philosophy of history was advanced during 1880 to 1890 by

A) Chinese historians

B) German historians

C) English historians

D) French historians

4).        “The facts are available to historians in documents, inscriptions and so on like fish on the fish mongers slab the historians collects them, takes them home and cooks and serves them in whatever style appeals to him” this is said about history by:

A) Carr

B) Collingwood

C) Croce

D) Gooch Niebur

5).        History is an undoing dierqve between the present and the past:

A) Carr

B) Collingwood

C) Seeley

D) None of above

6).        The Ottoman Dynasty fell in:

A) 1810

B) 1924

C) 1940

D) None of these

7).        Musailama al Kazzab was:

A) Writer

B) False Prophet

C) Trader

D) None of these

8).        Before Islam Arab were engaged to live systematically as:

A) Central Government

B) Autonomous body

C) Tribal feuds

D) None of these

9).        Hadith was compiled by:

A) Hazrat Abu Bakkar

B) Hujjaj Bin Yousuf

C) Umer Bin Abdul Aziz

D) None of these

10).      Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was born on the following date:

A) 2nd August 570 AD

B) 13th August 570 AD

C) 3rd August 571 AD

D) 14th September 571 AD

E) None of these

11).      Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) married Hazrat Khadija at the age of:

A) 20

B) 25

C) 30

12).      The first revelation come to Holy Prophet (PBUH) in:

A) 610 AD

B) 611 AD

C) 612 AD

13).      At the time of first revelation Holy Prophet (PBUH) was:

A) 40 years old

B) 45 years old

C) 50 years old

14).      The call for first revelation came in the place known as:

A) Mount Hira

B) Mount Sorr

C) Mount Safa

15).      Holy Prophet (PBUH) started public preaching in:

A) 610 AD

B) 612 AD

C) 613 AD

16).      Baburnama is a (n):

A) Travelogue

B) Biography

C) Collection of poetry

D) Collection of Poetry

E) None of these

17).      Shaibani Khan defeated:

A) Babur

B) Ibrahim Lodhi

C) Akbar

D) Humayun

E) None of these

18).      The Battle of Gogra, 1529 was fought between:

A) Rajputs and Babur

B) Lodhis and Babur

C) Marhatas and Babur

D) Mewatis and Babur

E) None of these

19).      Humayun died from:

A) Excessive alcohol drinking

B) Cholera

C) Battlefield

D) Fall from library stairs

E) None of these

20).      Slier Shah Suri snatched the throne of Delhi from:

A) Babur

B) Humayun

C) Jahangir

D) Aurangzeb

E) None of these

21).      Tarikh-e-Farishta was witten by:

A) Noorullah

B) Muhammad Qasim

C) Minhaj Siraj

D) None of these

22).      Zaheer-ud-Din Babur had:

A) One daughter

B) Two daughters

C) Three daughters

D) None of these

23).      How many times Mahmood invaded India?

A) Ten

B) Thirteen

C) Seventeen

D) None of these

24).      Divan-e-Arz under Muslim Sultans dealt with offices of:

A) Revenue

B) Army

C) Irrigation

D) None of these

25).      Sultan Aram Shah belonged to:

A) Khilji dynasty

B) Tughluq dynasty

C) Suri dynasty

D) None of these

26).      In 1863 Sir Syed established a School in which city?

A) Muradabad

B) Ghazi Pur

C) Dehli

D) Dena Pur

27).      In which year Sir Syed set up a Scientific Society at Ghazipur?

A) 1863

B) 1864

C) 1865

D) 1866

28).      Scientific Society translated the modern work from:

A) English to Urdu

B) Urdu to English

C) Persian to Urdu

D) Arabic to Urdu

29).      The Scientific Society Published a Journal in 1866 known as:

A) Muradabad Institute Gazette

B) Delhi Institute Gazette

C) Ali Garh Institute Gazette

D) Lucknow Institute Gazette

30).      Ali Garh Institute Gazette was published in which language?

A) English and Urdu

B) English and Arabic

C) English and Persian

D) English and Sanskrit

31).      Haji Shariatullah was born in which year?

A) 1768

B) 1769

C) 1770

D) 1771

32).      Haji Shariatullah was born in the district of:

A) Faridpur

B) Danipur

C) Lalpur

D) Kanpur

33).      Haji Shariatullah was born in the village of:

A) Shamail

B) Shameel

C) Samail

D) Sameel

34).      When Haji Shariatullah left Faridpur for Makkah?

A) 1799

B) 1800

C) 1801

D) 1802

35).      In Makkah, he received his training from Sheikh Tahir, who was famous scholar of:

A) Sirya

B) Iraq

C) Arabia

D) Asia

36).      Under whose leadership a Hindu delegation went to England to protest against partition of Bengal?

A) Nehru

B) Gandhi

C) Ghokhlay

D) Swami Dyanand

37).      Name the movement started by Hindus against anti-partition of Bengal started:

A) Swadeshi Movement

B) Vidashi Movement

C) Quit India Movement

D) Anti-British Movement

38).      Who agitated for the annulment of the partition of Bengal?

A) Sikhs

B) Congress

C) Hindus

D) B and C

39).      In June, 1911 which member of the Viceroy’s council made a proposal for the reversal of the partition of Bengal?

A) Sir John Jenkins

B) Sir Fredrick Pollac

C) Lord Hastings

D) Lord Curzon

40).      Who left the politics after the cancellation of the partition of Bengal?

A) Nawab Salimullah Khan

B) Sir Khizar Ahad Khan

C) Syed Amir Ali

D) Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk

41).      All India Muslim League changed its constitution in 1913 which paved the way for the Congress and League to come closer. What was reason behind this change?

A) Revocation of partition of Bengal in December, 1911

B) Revocation of partition of Asam in December, 1911

C) Revocation of partition of India in December, 1911

D) None of these

42).      Who attended both the council meeting of Muslim League and Lucknow Session of 1913 as a special gust?

A) Allama Iqbal

B) Muhammad Ali Jinnah

C) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

D) Liaquat Ali Khan

43).      Whose inclusion in the Muslim League was the historic event which gave a new dimension to Muslim League’s political struggle?

A) Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar

B) Maulana Muhammad Shauqat Ali

C) Muhammad Ali Jinnah

D) Sir Agha Khan

44).      Which Political Party expressed its warm appreciation of the adoption by the Muslim League of the idea of self-government for India?

A) All India Congress

B) Awami League

C) Dost Party

D) The Indian Politicians

45).      Where annual session of Congress of 1913 as held?

A) Lahore

B) Karachi

C) Bombay

D) Peshawar

46).      During the campaign for the 1937 elections, who issued a statement declaring what there were only two parties in the sub-continent, namely the British Government and the Indian National Congress?

A) Justice Ranade

B) Atma Ram

C) Gandhi

D) Nehru

47).      Who became the Chief Minister of Punjab after 1937’s elections?

A) Sir Fazal Hussain

B) Rehmat Ali

C) Raj Gopal Acharia

D) Sir Iskandar Hayat

48).      After Constructing the Machinery, which Political Party hosted tricolor flags on all official and non-official buildings?

A) Congress

B) Muslim League

C) Swarajya

D) National Liberals

49).      With the installation of Congress Ministers, who were forbidden to eat beef?

A) Hindus

B) Muslims

C) Sikhs

D) B & C

50).      Band-e-Matram was taken from the Novel:

A) Anand Mith

B) Parkash

C) Seeta Devi

D) None of these

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