General Knowledge Solved MCQs

1). Syed Nayyer Hussain Bukhari is the:

a). Chairman senate

b). Speaker National Assembly

c). Speaker Punjab Assembly

d). Leader of opposition in the Assembly

2). Remission System means:

a). conversion of death penalty to life imprisonment

b). shortening of sentence imposed on the prisoners

c). increase in term to imprisonment due to misconduct

d). none of these

3). how many Juvenile Jalls / Borstal institutions are in Punjab:

a). 2

b). 3

c). 4

d). 5

4). A call to appear in court of Law is called:

a). Summons

b). Warrant

c). Writ

d). none of these

5).The D-8 organization comprises of:

a). Muslim countries

b). African countries

c). European countries

d). Middle East countries

6). Khartoum is the capital of:

a). Nigeria

b). Sudan

c).  Yeman

d). Jorden

7). Which of the following help in the clotting of blood:

a). white blood cells

b). Red blood cells

c). Platelets

d). cholesterol

8). A short sighted person can see clearly the:

a). near objects

b). distant objects

c). both near and distant objects

d). colored objects

9). Which of the following is not a primary color of light:

a). red

b). yellow

c). blue

d). green

10). A paratrooper jumping from a plane will experience the state of:

a). high blood pressure

b). unconsciousness

c). low blood pressure

d). weightlessness

11). Speed of sound is …. the speed of light:

a). greater than

b). equal to

c). less than

d). 1/10 of

12). Which of the following have maximum calories:

a). carbohydrates

b). proteins

c). vegetables

d). fats

13).  the picture at the back of the Rs. 5000 note is of:

a). Faisal mosque

b). Lahore fort

c). Badshahi mosque

d). Khyber Pass

14). A personal account cannot be opened in:

a). State bank of Pakistan

b). industrial development bank

c). National bank of Pakistan

d). none of these

15).  in human body insulin is secreted by:

a).  Pancreas

b). kidneys

c). liver

d). adrenal gland

16). Aleppo is the costal city of:

a).  Syria

b). Egypt

c). Turkey

d). Iran

17).  Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shreef become the Prime Minister of Pakistan first time in:

a). 1989

b). 1990

c). 1991

d). 1992

18). At night the plants gives out:

a). oxygen

b). carbon dioxide

c). hydrogen oxide

d). carbon mono oxide

19). The …. of a substance changes when it is heated:

a). mass

b). volume

c). weight

d). all of these

20). Mr. ahmad always sets good example …. other people:

a). To

b). With

c). On

d). For

21). He agreed …. my proposal:

a). With

b). For

c). On

d). To

22). The defeated army fields …. the battle field:

a). out

b). about

c). off

d). from

23). The property was divided…… Aslam and Amjad:

a). Among

b). Amongst

c). between

d with

24). The fire was finally brought …. control:

a). To

b). In

c). Under

d). At

25). Opposite of Gradual is:

a). Temporary

b). Sudden

c). Slowly

d). Momentary