Solved Islamic Studies MCQs CSS PMS PPSC NTS and PTS

1) The first wahi was received by Holy Prophet Muhammad in?

a) 570AD

b) 610AD

c) 630 AD

d) 590AD

2) The third battle fought between Muslims of Madina and Quraish of Makkah was:

A) Badr

b) Uhad

c) Khandak

d) Khyber

3). Who lead Muslim forces during the Crusades?

a) Harun ur Rashid

b) Salah ud din Ayubi

c) Walid bin Abdul Malik

d) Ahmad Shah Qachar

4). In which year Zakat was made obligatory?

a) One AH

b) two AH

c) three AH

d) four AH

5). What is the Nisab of Zakat of Gold?

a) 5% tola

b) 6% tola

c)7% tola

d) 8 % tola

6). For how many times, the word Zakat has been mentioned in Holy Quran?

A) 22 times

B) 12 times

C) 32 times

D) 42 times

7). Khat was the kunniyyat of Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A?

a) Abu Sulaiman

b) Abu Jaffer

c) Abu Abdullah

d) Abu Hamza

8). For how many years the Caliphate of Hazrat Abu Bakkar lasted?

a) three years

b) four years

c) two years

d) five years

9). For how long, the Caliphate of Hazrat Usman R.A lasted?

a) 6years

b) 8years

c) 10years

d) 12 years

9). Which Swabs of Holy Quran throws light on the Islamic laws regarding marriage and divorce?

a) Al Nisa

b) Al Baqrah

c) Al Furqan

d) Al Ankabut

What is the serial number of Surat Yaseen in Quran e Pak?

A )34

b) 36

c) 35

d) 37

What is the total number of types of Qias?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

Give the total number of Ayaat in Holy Quran:

a) 5445

b) 7277

c) 4344

d) 6236

How many times the word Qul has been repeated in Holy Quran?

a) 332

b) 432

c) 532

d) 632

what is the serial number of the Kalimah Red E Kufr among the six Kalimahs?

a) 6

b) 4

C) 5

d) 3

Which the alternative of Wazu when whether is not available before performing the prayer?

a) Ghusal

2) Washing of face

3) Tayammum

d) None of these

Which Nafil Namaz is most liked by Allah:

a) Ishraq

b) Zawaal

c) Chasht

d) Tahajud

what is the time of nafil salaa arced ishraq:

a) Sunrise till midnight

b) Sunrise till noon

c) Sunrise till quarter of a day

d) Sunrise till sunset

give the name of the prophet whose name has been mentioned most in Holy Quran?

a) Hazrat Daud

b) Hazrat Musa

c) Hazrat Ibrahim

d) Hazrat Harun

which prophet is called abdul bashar?

a) Hazrat Yaqub

b) Hazrat Musa

c) Hazrat Yaunas

d) Hazrat Adam

give the name of the prophet who is son of hazrat Daus?

a) Hazrat Hood

b) Hazrat Ishaq

c) Hazrat Sulmaiman

d) Hazrat Yousaf

During drought, which Namaz is offered for rain:

a) Salaat e Istasqa

b) Salaat e Khisoo

c) Salaat e Kisoof

d) Salaat e Tahajud

In which nimaz sajdah is not performed:

a) Salat e Ishraq

b) Salaat e Kisoo s

c) Alaat Thajud

d) Salat e Janaza

The distance between Makkah and Madina is about:

a)100 miles

b) 200 miles

c) 300 miles

d) 400 miles

The Holy prophet started preaching Islam in public in the year of:

a) 613 A.D

b) 610 A.D

c) 606 A.D

d) 609 A.D

The Muslim conquered Mecca in:

a) 620 A.D

b) 625 A.D

c) 630 A.D

d) 635 A.D

The second pious caliph Hazrat Umar bin Khattab belongs to which tribe?

a) Banu Hashim

b) Banu Ummiya

c) Banu Addi

d) Banu Tayam

28.The second battle fought between Muslims of Madina and Quraish of Makkah was:

a) Badr

b) Uhad

c) Khandak

d) Khyber

The Muslims invaded Spain in:

a) 711 A.D

b) 722 A.D

c) 730 A.D

d) 706 A.D

The Ummayad caliphate was over thrown in 751 A.D by Abbasids after the:

a) Battle of Tribes

b) Battle of Islam

c) Battle of Arabs

c) Battle of Zab.

Who was the first Muslim Caliph of Spain:

a) Abd AR Rehman AD Dakhil

b) Abd Jl Jabbar

c) Abd AL Malik

d) Hashim LL Bin Hakam

32.During the Ummayyad period which department administered the revenue affairs of the empire:

a) Diwan UR Rasail

b) Diwan UL Kharaj

c) Dlwan UL Barid

d) Diwan UL Khatam

AL Khawarazmi was an outstanding Muslim:

a) Chemist

b) Poet

c) Calligrapher

d) Mathematician

Which one out of the following is the biographer of Holy Prophet PBUH:

a) Michael H Hart

b) Martin Lings

c) Maurice Bacaille:

d) Vincent Cronin

Who did accompany the Holy Prophet during the migration to Madina:

a) Hazrat Umar R.A

b) Hazrat Ali R.A

c) Hazrat Abu Bakkar R.A

d) Hazrat Usman R.A

After Hijrat to Madina what was the first most important thing Holy Prophet PBUH did?

a) Built a Mosque for prayer

b) Built a house for himself

c) created Bait ul mal

d) Raised an army

37.Name the angles who are appointed to ask the questions from the dead in their graves

a) Munkir and Nakeer (AS)

b) Hazrat Jahraiel

c) Hazrat liraeel

d) Hazrat Kikact

Ramzan is the …. month in the Islamic calendar:

a) 7th

b) 9th

c) 1st

d) 10th

Which is the backbone of the economics of Islamic world:

a) Zakat

b) Tax

c) Jihad

d) Ushr

40.The running between the two hills Safa and Marwah seven times is called:

a) Rami

b) Tawaf

c) Say’ee

d) Waqaf

41.How many Ayat E Sajada are in the Holy Quran:

a) 14


c) 12

d) 7

42.Which Surat was recited by Holy Prophet at the time of Hijrat:

a) Rehman

b) Yaseen

c) Fateha

d) Aklas

What is the oldest Mosque on earth:

a) Kabah Bait ullah

b) Masjid UL Zarrar

c) Masjid E Nabwi

d) Masjid E Aqsa

What is the rate of Zakat on silver gold and currency:

a) 2%

b) 2.5%


d) 2.25%

Which Surah was first revealed:

a) AL Annam

b AL Fathah

c) AL Baqarah

d) None of These

The incident of Karbala took place in:

a) 70 A.H

b) 61 A.H

c) 58 A.H

d) 65 A.H

What is the literal name of Islam:

a) To bow down the neck

b) To seek safety

c) To have safety

d) all of them

In which night the Quran revealed:

a) Shab-e- Miraj

b) Lailat-tul- Qadar

c) Lailat-tul-Aroos

d) Shab-e-Barat

The angles who keeps the account of daily deeds are called:

a) Kiraman Katibeen

b) Munkir Nakeer

c) Yajuj Majuj

d) Hazrat Izraeel

The Zaboor was revealed on:

a) Hazrat Musa

b) Hazrat Isa

c) Hazrat Dawood

d) Hazrat Muhammad.

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