Repeated Solved MCQs of History

1).        The representative of Germany and the Allied Powers concluded an armistice in a ……. in the Forest of Compiegne, France, north of Paris:

A).       Wooden hut or cabin

B).        Railway carriage

C).        Clearing

D).       None of these

2).        Under the Treaty of St. German, Austria lost about 73 percent of her former territory and …….. percent of her population, including millions of Germans:

A).        75

B).        74

C).        77

D).       None of these

3).        The Treaty of Sevres with Turkey was signed in Paris in:

A).       August, 1920

B).        July, 1920

C).        August, 1919

D).       None of these

4).        Wilson returned home from Paris in July, 1919 and faced strong Republican opposition, led by Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, threatened to defeat his proposed:

A).        Constitution

B).        League of Nations

C).        Diluted version of the covenant

D).       None of these

5).        Who was the wife of Lenin?

A).       Krupskaya

B).        Krupskiva

C).        Krupskava

D).       None of these

6).        On …………. Benito Mussolini began to mobilize his Fascist legions for a march on the Italian capital:

A).       22 October, 1922

B).        21 October, 1922

C).        23 October, 1923

D).       None of these

7).        An act of ……….. at the German Reichstag provided Adolf Hitler with a golden opportunity to gain absolute power:

A).       Arson 

B).        Theft

C).        Armed Burglary

D).       None of these

8).        The French Third Republic survived until the invasion of France by the German Third Reich in:

A).       1940

B).        1942

C).        1941

D).       None of these

9).        In Britain the ………… of July 1931 urged public sector wage cuts and large cuts in public spending (notably in payments to the unemployed) to avoid incurring a budget deficit:

A).       May Report

B).        June Report

C).        July Report

D).       None of these

10).      French civilians joined with soldiers in a last ditch battle against the Germans and on August ……….. Paris was liberated by the Allies:

A).       25, 1944

B).        26, 1944

C).        27, 1944

D).       None of these

11).      The United Nations took its name from the ………… formalized in its Declaration:

A).       The Charter of the United Nations

B).        League of Nations

C).        Military Alliance

D).       None of these

12).      The launching of Sputnik opened the skies and Planets to human inquiry changing culture and consciousness and in the United States one immediate effect was a great rebuilding and expression of the:

A).       Educational Establishment

B).        Financial Establishment

C).        Military Establishment

D).       None of these

13).      The instability and ineffectiveness of the Fourth French Republic came to a head in the Algerian Crises of ………. when the current government suggested that it would negotiate with the Algerian nationalists:

A).        1957

B).        1958

C).        1956

D).       None of these

14).      Nowhere is the overriding importance of de Gaulle’s distinctive ideas said to be demonstrated more clearly than in the striking set of French policies towards the ……… developed under his presidency:

A).        European Countries

B).        European Union (EU)

C).        European Economic Community (EEC)

D).       None of these

15).      De Gaulle is consistently cited as the modern archetype of the visionary statesmen; a nationalist for whom idiosyncratic and understanding of grandeur, “sovereignty”, and ………. Were the primary ends of policy:

A).       Prestige

B).        Equality

C).        Liberty

D).       None of these

16).      The ……….. British Nationality Act gave British citizenship to all people, living in Commonwealth countries and full rights of entry and settlement in Britain to fill the shortage of labour in Britain:

A).       1948

B).        1949

C).        1947

D).       None of these

17).      In ………. the labour Party won an overwhelming electoral victory in Britain:

A).        1946

B).        1947

C).        1945

D).       None of these

18).      The Iranian government requested the withdrawal of U. S. British and Soviet troops from the country on:

A).       10 May, 1945

B).        05 May, 1945

C).        10 May, 1946

D).       None of these

19).      Prime Minister Mossadegh and the Majlis nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company on:

A).       29 March, 1952

B).        30 March, 1952

C).        03 March, 1952

D).       None of these

20).      The European Atomic Energy Community or EURATOM, was established on ……… by a second treaty of Rome:

A).        02 March, 1957

B).        25 March, 1958

C).        25 March, 1957

D).       None of these

21).      Even before the Revolution, the French had used a woman in a toga to symbolize:

A).        Equality

B).        Enlightenment

C).        Liberty

D).       None of these

22).      Instead of a democracy the established a war dictatorship (the Reign of Terror) operating through the Committee of Public Safety, the Committee of General Security and numerous agencies such as the Revolutionary Tribunal:

A).       Convention

B).        National Assembly

C).        Legislative Assembly

D).       None of these

23).      Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France until the Restoration of the Bourbons in:

A).        1813

B).        1814

C).        1815

D).       None of these

24).      The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars tore down the ancient structure of Europe hastened the advent of ……….. and inaugurated the era of modern total warfare:

A).       Nationalism

B).        Democracy

C).        Socialism

D).       None of these

25).      Although dated March 01, the Treaty of Chaumont was not actually signed until March:

A).        08

B).        09

C).        10

D).       None of these

26).      The arrangements at the Congress of Vienna made the ………. Great Powers:

A).       Four

B).        Five

C).        Six

D).       None of these

27).      The ………… and industrial revolution caught up the people of the globe in a common destiny:

A).        Cultural

B).        Scientific

C).        Political

D).       None of these

28).      Metternich was the ………….. statement:

A).       Austrian

B).        German

C).        Hungarian

D).       None of these

29).      The ………….. became as symbol of the reaction dominated by Metternich:

A).       Holy Alliance

B).        Quadruple Alliance

C).        Quintuple Alliance

D).       None of these

30).      The Greeks had been under Ottoman rule since the mid:

A).        1300 s

B).        1500 s

C).        1600 s

D).       None of these

31).      Civil war among Greeks was stayed by the influence of European government other than:

A).       Austria

B).        Germany

C).        France

D).       None of these

32).      Full scale Pan Slavism began much like Pan Germanism both of which grew from the sense of unity and Nationalism experience within ethnic grow under the domination of:

A).        England

B).        France

C).        Russia

D).       None of these

33).      ……………. Is the form of nationalism in which the state derives its political legitimacy as an organic consequence of the unity of those it governs:

A).       Romantic nationalism

B).        Social nationalism

C).        Fundamental nationalism

D).       None of these

34).      Napoleon III overthrew the Republic in:

A).        1850

B).        1852

C).        1853

D).       None of these

35).      In Greek mythology the ……….. or Kaukasos was one of the pillars supporting the world:

A).       Caucasus

B).        Pamirs

C).        Himalayas

D).       None of these

36).      The last name of Ismail Gaspirale (Gasprinksy) comes from the town of ………. In Crimea:

A).        Gaspirale

B).        Gaspra

C).        Gasprale

D).       None of these

37).      ………… regarded Europe as extending all the way to Eastern Ocean:

A).        Plato

B).        Socrates

C).        Heroddtus

D).       None of these

38).      The British Empire at its height had outposts on five continents and an enormous ……….. to safeguard the vital trade routes:

A).       Navy

B).        Army

C).        Air Force

D).       None of these

39).      The young Turks seized power in Constantinople in:

A).        1906

B).        1907

C).        1908

D).       None of these

40).      The humiliation of Serbia was recorded in the declaration that she was forced to send to ………. On 31 March, 1909:

A).        London

B).        Vienna

C).        Paris

D).       None of these

41).      When war was declared late in 1914 ………. Pasha was Turkey’s Minister for War:

A).        Enver

B).        Mustafa Kamal

C).        Qasim

D).       None of these

42).      Throughout 1915 the Turks battled the Russians between Trebizoa and Lake Van in:

A).        Armenia

B).        Bulgaria

C).        Persia

D).       None of these

43).      The Croats, Serbians and Slovenes has established the Kingdom of:

A).        Czechoslovakia

B).        Dual Monarch

C).        Yugoslavia

D).       None of these

44).      The Treaty of Sevres was signed with Turkey in Paris in ………. 1920:

A).       August

B).        July

C).        June

D).       None of these

45).      Senator Henry Cabot Lodge led the strong Republican opposition which threatened to defeat U. S. President Woodrow Wilsons proposed:

A).        League of Nations

B).        Fourteen Points

C).        Treaty of Versailles

D).       None of these

46).      In 1913 Stain was exiled to ……….. where the remained until his release in 1917:

A).        Austria

B).        Germany

C).        Siberia

D).       None of these

47).      In 1917 the Bolsheviks formed a secret police organization named the:

A).       Cheka

B).        Felix

C).        Okhrana

D).       None of these

48).      In Fascist Italy labour was organized according to a romantic conception of the medieval:

A).       Aristocratic System

B).        Fendal System

C).        Guild System

D).       None of these

49).      In May, 1915, Italy declared war on:

A).       Austria

B).        France

C).        Germany

D).       None of these

50).      Mussolini allied Italian fascism with Catholic Church in:

A).        1928

B).        1929

C).        1930

D).       None of these


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