PPSC Subject Specialist of English Past Paper of 2013 Solved MCQs

1). A type of literature, characterized by its particular subject or style is called………..

A). genitive

B). genius

C). genome

D). genre

2). By the middle of 14th century ……………..was the native language of all classes:

A). English

B). Latin

C). French

D). Greek

3). The enthusiastic addition of the study of the writers of Greek and Roman antiquity led to …………

A).  Petrarchism

B). Humanism

C). Socialism

D).  Communism

4). Character are mentioned in Chaucer’s prologue:

A). 27

B). 28

C). 29

D). 30

5).  ……………….was known as Madam Eglantine:

A). Wife of Bath

B). Prioress

C). Both A and B

D).  None of these

6). …………………. Is the Saint Julian of his country :

A). Franklin

B). Parson

C). Plowman

D).  Squire

7). Among Chaucer’s character who had locks well carried as if they did laid in press:

A). Parson

B). Wife of bath

C). Knight

D). Squire

8). Spirits in the Rape of the Lock are called:

A). Ghosts

B). Spirits

C). Supernatural machinery

D).  None of these

9). ……………….. is the representative of fikle minded friends?

A). Belinda

B). Clarissa

C). Betty

D). None of these

10). Love affairs was the chief ……………….of the ladies of upper class in 18th century:

A). Passion

B). Obsession

C). Occupation

D).  None of these

11). Termagant woman turned in to:

A). Salamander

B). Gnomes

C). Sylph

D).  None of these

12). The poem “Go and catch a falling star” by Jone Donne throws light on……….. of life:

A). Improbabilities

B). Impossibilities

C). Impartibility

D).  All of them

13). Milton was born in ……………..

A). Oxford

B). Walves

C). Rome

D).  London

14). Milton himself wrote about his boyhood in ……………….

A). Paradise Lost

B). On his blindness

C). 2nd defences of English people

D).  Paradise Regained

15). Milton took his degree of MA English literature from:

A). Italy

B). Cambridge

C). Oxford

D).  Paradise Regained

16). The Paradise lost was completed in:  

A). 1667

B). 1660

C). 1650

D).  1620

17). Which of the following work is not of Milton?

A). The Paradise Lost

B). The Paradise Regained

C). Samson Agonistes

D). Iliad

18). Neologism mean:

A). Neon

B). A new meaning of word

C). Neo natal

D).  Neo Classical

19). The Paradise Lost is written in:

A). Regular

B). Blank Verse

C). Both A & B

D).  None of these

20). The Scene of Action in the book first of “The Paradise Lost” takes place in ……..

A). Heaven

B). Hell

C). Moon

D).  The Earth

21). Whom does Satan discover the next angel in rank?

A). Beelzebub

B). Mammon

C). Beilal

D).  Eve

22). Chemos was the ruined angel whose other name was …………..

A). Peor

B). Belial

C). Mamon

D).  None of these

23). A short of phrase that expresses an idea in a clever or amusing way in called:

A). Anepic

B). Anepigram

C). Epliogue

D). None of these

24). The Paradise Lost was published in:

A). 1667

B). 1670

C). 1652

D).  1680

25). “Second Defence of English People” was written in:

A). English

B). French

C). Latin

D).  Greek

26). In the novel “Pride & Prejudice” the Bennet Family lives in the village of………………..

A). Pemberley

B). Longbourn

C). Rosings

D).  London

27). Elizabeth’s best friend name as …………..

A). Mr. Philips

B). Charlottee Lucas

C). Miss Bingley

D).  None of these

28). Lady Catherine de Bourgh is Darchy’s …………..

A). Aunt

B). Sister

C). Mother

D).  First Wife

29). To which Bennet daughter does Mr. Collins propose marriage:

A). Elizabeth

B). Jane

C). Mary

D).  Lydia

30). What does Lady Catherine forbid Elizabeth to do?

A). Marry Bingley

B). Toresis Rosings

C). Mary Darcy 

D). See Wickham

31). “Pride & Prejudice” depicts…………. Marriages in all:

A). 4

B). 5

C). 6

D).  7

32). Jane Austen’s limited range has been compared to ……………. inches of Ivory:

A). 2

B). 5

C). 6

D). 7

33). Fracis Bacon was born on…………………..in London:

A). March 27, 1562

B). October 16, 1563

C). September 3, 1561

D). January 22, 1561

34). According to Bacon, by pains men reach to greater:

A). Pains

B). Posts

C). Wealth

D). Fame

35). Becon says that an ungracious son”

A). Distrubs

B). Discourages

C). Blames

D). Shames

36). Gulliver loved……………..

A). Travelling

B). Writing

C). Reading

D). Fighting

37). In Lilliput, Gulliver finds:

A). Honesty

B). Reading

C). Political intrigues

D). Comradeship

38). Brobdingnagian King believes that commonsense, reason  and Justice should be the basis of all:

A). Lands

B). Rulers

C). Government’s

D). People

39). Russel divides his book. The Conquest of Happiness into …………….halves:

A). 1

B). 2

C). 3

D). 4

40). In his childhood Russel was interested in:

A). Philosophy

B). Chemistry

C). Physics

D). Mathematics

41). Narcissism means:

A). Interest in self

B). Middle class

C). Aristocratic family

D). Poor family

42). Gulliver finds no concepts of …………..among Yahoos:

A). Greed

B). Dishonesty

C). Falsehood

D). Morality

43). Francis Bacon came of:

A). Art loving family

B). Middle class

C). Aristocratic

D). Poor family

44). According to Bacon’s Philosophy, respect to one’ superiors is not is not an act of servility but of …………..duty:

A). Religious

B). Moral

C). Practical

D). None of these

45). Bacon was intellectually great but morally weak is said:

A). Dryden

B). Pope

C). Aristotle

D). Swift

46). Nothing is beneath Science, nor above science according to:

A). Aristotle

B). T.S. Eliott

C). Bacon

D). Swift

47). I have taken all knowledge to be my province is the claim of:

A). Bacon

B). Russel

C). Aristotle

D). Swift

48). “The New Atlantis” is a kind of novel describing another Utopia as seen by:

A). Dryden

B). T.S. Eliott

C). Bacon

D). None of these

49). Huxely’s pessimism about large scale social organization was depended by the:

A). Black Death

B). Outbreak of 2nd World War

C). Decline of Church

D). None of these

50). In “Gulliver’s travelles” swift paints a dark picture of:

A). religion

B). Poetry

C). Drama

D). Political Institutional and manners

51). Tragical history of Dr. Faustua opens with:

A). Dr. Faustus in his study

B). The speech of Wanger

C). Chorous

D).  None of the above

52). Dr Faustus rejects which branch of science?

A). Divinity

B). Chemistry

C). Physics

D). All of these

53). Valdes and  Cornelius are two:

A). Devils

B). Faustus’s father

C). Faustus’s enemies

D). None of these

54). Oedipus Rex’ focuess on role of:

A). Chance

B). Fate

C). Miscalculation

D). None of these

55). One of the contemporaries of Sopholes was:

A). Euripidies

B). Wild

C). G.B Shaw

D). Ibsen

56). The comedy of Errors was written during:

A). 1588 to 1594

B). 1594 to 1600

C). 1600 to 1608

D). None of these

57). Which of the following is a tragicomedy?

A). Hamlet

B). Othello

C). Winter’s Tale

D). Kinglear

58). Bertand Russel was:

A). Rationalist

B). Agnostic

C). A Fantasy

D). Both a & b

59). A short story that teaches moral or spiritual lesson is called:

A). A Moral Story

B). A Parable

C). A Fantasy

D). None of these

60). The masterpiece poem composed by T.S. Elito is:

A). The Hollow Men

B). Ash Wednesday

C). The Waste Land

D). East Cooker

61). “Barchester Towers” is famous novel written by:

A). Hardy

B). George Eliot

C). Trollope

D). None of these

62). Hardy is believed to be a:

A). Pessimist

B). Pragmatist

C). Both a & B

D). None of these

63). Charies Dickens was …………..novelist:  

A). Romantic

B). Victorian

C). Both A & B

D). None of these

64). Sylvia Plath’s poems are notes for their personal imagery and intense:

A). Grip

B). Grief

C). dedication

D). focus

65). Sylvia became popular because of her:

A). Novel

B). Journals

C). Poetry

D). Plays

66). Syntactic is concerned with: 

A). Phonetics

B). Socio Linguistics

C). Syntax

D). None of these

67). Poem “The Winding Star” was composed by:

A). T.S. Eliot

B). W.B Yeats

C). Edith Sitwell

D). None of these

68). The period of “University Wits” was a little more than:

A). 6 years

B). 10 years

C). 5 years

D). None of these

69). Four history plays were written by:

A). Marlowe

B). John Lyly

C). Peele

D). Shakespeare

70). Machiavelli was …………. philosopher:

A). German

B). Italian

C). Spanish

D). French

71). The metaphysical poets is a critical treatise by:

A). Jone Donee

B). Arnold

C). harolds Robins

D). Name of these

72). “Importance of being Earnest was written by:

A). James Joyce

B). Occar Wilde

C). Harolds Robins

D). None of these

73). The Central Idea of the Song “Go and catch a falling star” by Donne focuses on:

A). Women

B). Woman passion in Love

C). kindness of women

D). None of these

74). Poetry takes its origin from emotions recollected in:

A). Serentiy

B). Tranquility

C). Nature

D). None of these

75). Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” is a poem with the idea of: 

A). Optional

B). Duality

C). Dogmatism

D). Both a & c

76). Thomas Moore’s “Utopla was originally written in:

A). Spanish

B).  French

C). English

D). Latin

77). English Language has ……………phonemes in:

A). 24

B). 34

C). 44

D). 54

78). Linguistics deals with:

A). Phonetics & Phonology

B). Semantics

C). Morphology & Syntax

D). A, B & C

79). Diachronic Linguistics Studies Language in the context of:

A). Society

B). Culture

C). Psychology

D). History

80). We study language varieties in:

A). Psycholinguistics

B). Sociolingulstics 

C). Applied linguistics

D). Historical Linguistics


81). Dorrnant:

A). Active

B). Vigiland

C). Warrior

D). Intert

82). Entrammel:

A). Entangle

B). Extricate

C). Apathy

D). Amuse

83). Frivolous:

A). Serious

B). Trivial

C). Pepculiar

D). Candid

84). Fugitive:

A). Escaping

B). Enduring

C). Vain

D). Weak

85). Grotesque:

A). Ordinary

B). Strangely

C). Usual

D). Crawl

86). Concord:

A). Consolidate

B). Bestow

C). Accord

D). Discord

87). Dissipate:

A). Accumulate

B). Distil

C). Percolate

D). Emanate

88). Ephemeral:

A). Transient

B). Perpetual

C). Dislocate

D). Demote

89). Erudition:

A). Evict

B). Dubious

C). Ignorance

D). Scholarship

90). Circumlocution:

A). Amass

B). Ambiguity

C). Effusion

D). Simplicity

91). We are both going ……………the same job:

A). After

B). For

C). Down

D). Before

92). She tripped and went ………..down with a bump:

A). before

B). down

C). for

D). in

93). If the ……………moon goes, it disappears behind a cloud:

A). after 

B). for

C). in

D). of

94). I always Irish people went …………. America during the famine:

A). for

B). off

C). over

D). through

95). Many Irish People went ………….America during the famine:

A). by

B). for

C). over

D). in

Complete the sentence by choosing the most appropriate option:

96). Many boys were ……………..at street corners for the coffee bar to open:

A). Hanging upon

B). Hanging about

C). Hanging back

D). Hanging on

97). His monotonous voice acted like ……………. An his audience was soon asleep:

A). An Emetic

B). An Anesthetic

C). A Sedative

D). A Purgative

98). My finger is still ………………. where I caught it in the door yesterday:

A). Sore

B). Wounded

C). Injured

D). Bruised

99). The flood water pushed against the river wall ………………and from a sudden break made by it:

A). ran out

B). Serged up

C). Gushed out

D). Flowed

100). Modern architecture has discovered the …………. trimming on buildings and emphasizes simplicity of life:

A). Flamboyant

B). Flabbergasting

C). Gaudy

D). Gaunt

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