PPSC Subject Specialist of English Past Paper of 2010 Solved MCQs

1). ‘The hundred Year War was fought between ………………during the age of Chaucer:

A). England and Germany

B). Germany and France

C). England and France

D). Japan and France

2). ‘Joan of Arc: Supported ……………..during the Hundred Year War’

A). England

B). France

C). Germany

D). Japan

3). The A type of literature, art or music characterized by its particular subject or style is called:

A). genitive

B). genius

C). genome

D). genre

4). During the reign of ……….. the people of England suffered terribly from the plague called ‘Black Death’:

A). Edward III

B). Henry VIII

C). Richard II

D).Edward I

5). Petarch and Boccacci were:

A). Greek

B). English

C). Italian

D). French

6). The enthusiastic addiction to the study of the writers of Greek and Roman antiquity led to:

A). Socialism

B). Humanism

C). Communism

D). Factotum

7). ‘The Praise of Folly, was written by a famous Humanist Writer name:

A). Castigilone

B). Thomas More

C). Chaucer

D). Erasmus

8). A Philosopher who had deep impact on mental attitudes during ‘Renaissance’ was an Englishman:

A). Aristotle

B). Plato

C). Bacon


9). Prospero is the protagonist of:

A).The Rivals

B). Hamlet

C). As You like it

D).The Tempest

10). In Medieval times ‘Nature was held to be originally from …………



C). Legends


11). …………Literary fame rests on his book universally known as ‘utopia’

A).Thomas More’s

B).John Fisher’s

C).St. Paul’s

D). Erasmus’s

12). The period of ‘University Wits’ was little more than…… years.





13). Forty Eight ‘Miracle play’ were written by:




D). Marlowe

14). Christophe Marlowe was killed in:





15). Four ‘History Plays’ were written by:

A). Marlowe

B). John Lyly

C). Peele

D). Shakespeare

16). ‘Feste’ plays a role of fool in ………..

A). King Lear

B). Twelfth Night

C). Hamlet

D). Othello

17). Wily Shakespeare combined myth with English folkore in his play ………  

A). Romeo and Juliet

B). A Mid Summer Night’s dream

C). King Lear

D). Hamlet

18). The poem ‘The First Anniversary’ was composed by……..

A). Andrew Marvel

B). Crashaw

C). Vaughan

D). John Donne

19). The age of Alexander Pope is also called………….age:

A). Augustan

B). Romantic

C). Pragmatic

D). Progressive

20). Novel ‘Pamela’ was written by………….

A). henry Fielding

B). Goldsmith

C). Richardson

D). Johnson

21). John Keats died of……….

A). Consumption

B). Leprosy

C). Cholera

D). Cardiac arrest

22). Maggie is the heroine of:

A). David Copperfield

B). Mill on the Floss

C). Joseph Andrew

D). Pamela

23). “Wuthering Heights” is a ……………

A). Historical Novel

B). Gothic Novel

C). Romantic Novel

D). Modern Novel

24). Full name of T.S Eliot is………

A). Tyler Samuel Eliot

B). Thomas Samuel Eliot

C). Thomas Simon Eliot

D). Thomas Sterns Eliot

25). The line “Beauty is truth” truth beauty occurs is Keats’s:

A). Ode to Nightingale

B). Ode to Grecian Urn

C). Ode to Psyche

D). None of these

26). ‘The Metaphysical Poets is a critical essay by:

A). Arnold

B). Wordsworth

C). T.S. Eliot

D). None of these

27). ‘Importance of Being Earnest was written by:

A). Oscar Wilde

B). Robert Browning

C). William Blake

D). None of these

28). On LIBERTY is a treatise by:

A). Ruskin

B). Lamb

C). Oscar Wilde

D). J.S. Mill

29). A figure of speech which contains an exaggeration for emphasis is called:

A). Overtone

B). Rhetoric

C). Extended Metaphor

D). Hyperbole

30). ‘Perface to Shakespeare’ is a critical treatise by:

A). Bradley

B). Dryden

C). Dr. Johnson

D). None of these

31). “Feminine Ending is………..

A). Novel

B). Poem

C). Metrical Device

D). None of these

32). A winter’s Tale by Shakespeare is a:

A). Dramatic Monologue

B). Comedy

C). Tragedy

D). None of these

33). ‘The Quarterly Review’ was founded by:

A). Walter Scott

B). Byron 

C). Coleridge

D). Thomas De Quincy

34). ‘Adonis’ is an elegy on the death of ………..

A). Mochas

B). Edward William

C). John Keats

D). Shakespeare

35). “Poetry is the criticism of life” is a view about poetry by:

A). Arnold

B). Dr. Johnson

C). Shelley

D). Hazlitt

Choose the Antonyms of:


A). Theoretical

B). Indifferent

C). Ready to believe

D). Eager


A). Cordial Relation

B). Brief Summary

C). Diatonic

D). Archaic Expression

38). Diatribe:

A). Musical Tone

B). Eulogize

C). Exact

D). Describe


A). Disengage

B). Remonstrate

C). Refute

D). Angry


A). Lethargy

B). Blame

C). Attraction

D). Awe



A). Edifice

B). Sincerity

C). Creativity

D). Clever trick


A). Nomad

B). Spend thrift

C). Economical

D). Mighty


A). Dutiful

B). Effusive

C). Flatterer

D). Devious


A). Incredible

B). Credulous

C). Depth

D). Shallow


A). Problematic

B). Profound

C). Selective

D). Fugitive

Select the proper idiom to complete the sentence:

46). I could not ………….. anything from his conversation.

A). Make out

B). Makeup

C). Make off

D). Make with

47). The farmers ……….ploughing early in the morning:

A). Make out

B). Makeup

C). Make off

D). Make with

48). The police ……….the stolen goods to the owner:

A). Turned up

B). Turned out

C). Turned down

D). Turned over

49). The Speaker ……….the birth of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

A). Spoke out

B). Spoke with

C). Spoke on

D). Spoke to

50). The inquiry into cheating will enable the board:

A). Get at

B). Get on

C). Get out  

D). Get to

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