PPSC NTS Education MCQs for Educators Practice Test No. 26

1-In addressing the subject matter of the curriculum pragmatist teachers would more than likely:

(A). Be highly structured

(B). Rely heavily on the scientific method of inquiry

(C). Exercise flexibility and try to be innovative

(D). Encourage students to address it as they believe they should ✔️

2- The role of teacher in inquiry-based learning is of:

(A). Instructor

(B). Facilitator✔️

(C). Delegator

(D). Formal authority

3- Choose the option that best explains. “He has made his mark in politics”:

(A). Attained notoriety

(B). Distinguished himself✔️

(C). Acquired wealth

(D). Wasted money

4-According to Vygotsky’s stage when the child “self-talks” it is called:

(A). Social speech

(B). Private speech ✔️

(C). Personal speech

(D). Egocentric speech

5- Execution of plans and decisions is the part of:

(A). Planning

(B). Organizing

(C). Commanding✔️

(D). Coordinating

6- WORM in the field of computers stands for:

(A). Write once Read Many✔️

(B). Writable on Random Memory

(C). Write once Read Memory

(D). None of these

7- The development of a solid foundation of reliable knowledge typically is built from which type of research?

(A). Basic research✔️

(B). Action research

(C). Evaluation research

(D). Orientation research

8- (5×7)/(14 x 10) = ?

(A). 1/4✔️

(B). 50/98

(C). 35/140

(D). 6

9- In realist schools, the curriculum would probably the focused rather sharply on;

(A). Studies in the natural and behavioral sciences✔️

(B). The humanities

(C). Business and other practical subjects

(D). History and the fine arts

10- Who was twentieth century Existentialist?

(A). Soren Kierkegaard✔️

(B). D.J. O’Connor

(C). Jean Paul Sartre

(D). Hegel

11- A cooperative learning grouping in which students meet together for sharing ideas is:

(A). Sharing method

(B). Discussion method✔️

(C). Team method.

(D). Group method

12- Fill in the blank. The hockey team was robbed ———   victory because of the last minute goal.

(A). Off

(B). From✔️

(C). Of

(D). By

13- Like Ibn-e-Sina, Imam Ghazali believes that education of child should begin with:

(A). Playing

(B). Prayer

(C). Quran✔️

(D). Writing

14- Concrete operation occurs at the age of:

(A). 3-5 years

(B). 4-6 years

(C). 7-12 years ✔️

(D). 6-12 years

15- The term CAI in education stands for:

(A). Computer Arithmetic Instruction

(B). Computer Assisted Instruction✔️

(C). Community Assisted Instruction

(D). Community Administered Instruction

16- Summative assessment is an assessment——— learning.

(A). To

(B). Of✔️

(C). by

(D). for

17- After reviewing the Education Policy 1998-2010 the White Paper was published which became the basis for development of the new Education Policy? The White Paper was published in:

(A). 2005

(B). 2006

(C). 2007-Feb✔️

(D). 2008

18- Text Book Board was recommended to established under:

(A). Educational Conference 1947

(B). National Education Commission 1959✔️

(C). National Education Policy 1970

(D). National Education Policy 1972

19- School should arrange co-curricular activities for the students because it:

(A). Makes the students because it

(B). Gives a better insight into the content and its context✔️

(C). Gives benefits to school.

(D). Makes the school’s program attractive

20- In MS-Word where can you change the vertical alignment?

(A). Formatting toolbar

(B). Paragraph dialog box

(C). Page Setup dialog box✔️

(D). Standard tool box

21- A crime that involves Computer/Internet or social media is called:

(A). Antisocial act

(B). Technical crime

(C). Cyber crime✔️

(D). Professional crime

20- Technicians, librarians and reprographic assistant, fall under the category of:

(A). Administrative staff✔️

(B). Support staff

(C). Teaching staff

(D). Inspection team

23- The SWOT approaches assess an organization’s:

(A). Speed, Wants, Order, Timing

(B). Structure, Workforce, Organization, Types

(C). Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats✔️

(D). Signs, Worries, Objectives, Techniques

24- In Jamia Millia Islamia, the fourth stage of curriculum was known as:

(A). Primary Stages

(B). Honour Stage

(C). Higher Secondary Stage

(D). Post Degree Stage✔️

25- Symposium is a type of:

(A). Discovery method

(B). Discussion method✔️

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