PPSC NTS Education MCQs for Educators Practice Test No. 25

1- Good reading aims at developing:

(A). Understanding. ✔️

(B). Sensitivity

(C). Pronunciation

(D). Increasing factual knowledge

2- A father is 9 times as old as his son and the mother is 8 times as old as the son. Sum of father’s and mother’s age is 51. What is the age of the son?

(A). 7

(B). 5

(C). 4

(D). 3✔️

3- Diamer Bhasha Dam is being constructed in:

(A). Balochistan

(B). Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

(C). Gilgit-Baltistan✔️

(D). Sindh

4- The chief responsibility of the principal is:

(A). Organize and administer the guidance programmed

(B). Provide leadership in instructional plan✔️

(C). Maintain school records

(D). Handle discipline problems

5- The role of a teacher in inquiry-based learning is of:

(A). Instructor

(B). Facilitator✔️

(C). Delegator

(D). Formal authority

6- Who led the Pakistan delegation to the 17th NAM Summit concluded recently in Venezuela?

(A). Tariq Fatemi

(B). President Mamnoon Hussain

(C). Sartaj Aziz✔️

(D). Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

7- What is the other name of Direct Instruction?

(A). Explicit teaching✔️

(B). Media teaching 

(C). Non media teaching

(D). Research teaching

8- A child’s low self-esteem may be caused by:

(A). Competence in an area

(B). Family conflict✔️

(C). Emotional support

(D). Social approval

9- Which of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?

(A). Piaget-Moral Development✔️

(B). Maslow-Hierarchy of Needs

(C). Mc-Theory X and Y

(D). Skinner-Programmed Learning

10- Item Analysis focuses to find out:

(A). Facility index

(B). Discrimination power

(C). Effectiveness of Distracters

(D). All of these✔️

11- A problem child has:

(A). Pampering guardians

(B). Hereditary problems✔️

(C). IQ problems

(D). Physical problems.

12- Which type of research provides the strongest evidence about the existance of cause-and-effect relationships?

(A). Non-experimental Research

(B). Experimental Research✔️

(C). Mixed Method Research

(D). Quasi Research

13- Curriculum presents instructional material is stated by:

(A). Smith✔️

(B). Wheller

(C). Jack Kerr

(D). None of these

14-The selection of the particular design is influenced by?

(A). Types

(B). Elements

(C). Foundation✔️

(D). Principle

15- The most important factor, which resists the curriculum change, is:

(A). Aristocratic class of the society ✔️

(B). Political leaders

(C). Teachers

(D). Parents

16- The procedure of philosophy is based on:

(A). Rational thoughts✔️

(B). Intuitive experience

(C). Observation

(D). Psychological experiments

17- Among the influence of Pestalozzi and Herbart upon education should be listed the:

(A). Normal school as an agency for training teaches

(B). Interjections of religion into curriculum

(C). Substitution of child centered for subject centered✔️

(D). Teaching of subject matter through memorization

18.-What is the meaning of ANTITHESIS:

(A). Direct opposite✔️

(B). Wrong judgment

(C). Jeopardy

(D). Careless

19- Echoes are produced due to:

(A). Reflection of sound✔️

(B). Refraction of sound

(C). Diffraction of sound

(D). Polarization of sound

20- Common Salt is also called:

(A). Sodium Chloride✔️

(B). Amino acid

(C). Amino Acid

(D). Sodium

21- Learning involves acquiring new ways of processing information and revising existing processes:

(A). Cognitive view of learning✔️

(B). Behavioral view of learning

(C). Social view of learning

(D). Constructionist view of learning

22- The behavior occurring just before the reinforce:

(A). Operant conditioning✔️

(B). Reinforcing stimulus

(C). Extinction

(D). Negative reinforcement

23- Study of the mind is called:

(A). Sociology

(B). Anthropology

(C). Anatomy

(D). Psychology✔️

24- Secondary School Educators are appointed in BPS:

(A). 09

(B). 14

(C). 16✔️

(D). 17

25- A multiple choice question is composed of question or statement is referred as:

(A). Correct answer

(B). Tick

(C). Distracter

(D). Stem✔️

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