PPSC Lecturer Physical Education Solved Past Paper of 2020

1). Which structure is present in both prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic plant cells?
B).Cell wall ✔️

2).The Olympic Flame symbolizes:
A).Unity among various nations of the world
B).Speed perfection and strength
C).Sports as a means for learning hormony among nations
D).Continuity between the ancient and modren games

3). In athletes who do smoking, Nicotinic receptors are responsibilities
A).Producing the skeletal muscle and plate potential
B).Decreasing the rate of phase 4 depolarization at SA node
C).Decreasing the force of stomach contraction
D).Delaying the emptying of liquids from the stomach

4). In areas of the lung with lower than normal V/Q ratios the:
A).Capillary CO2 tension is lower than normal
B).Pulmonary vascular resistance higher than normal
C).Alveolar O2 tension is higher than normal
D).Water vapor pressure is higher than normal

5).Maximum volume of air forcefully expired after minimum inspiration is called:
A).Tidal volume
B).Tidal capacity
C).Vital volume
D).Minute volume

6). Which of the following health risks is most closely associated with inactivity and poor fitness level?
A).Migranie headaches
B).High blood pressure
C).Susceptibilty to infection
D).Nerve Geneneration

7). Orangtans belong to the ape family.From which language is the name Orangutan taken?
A).Bahasa Malay ✔️

8). Choose the synonym of “Eerie” from the following:

9). The trophy known by the name of “Grand Prix” is associated with:
A).Table Tennis only
B).Lawn Tennis only
C).Table Tennis and Lawn Tennis
D).Table Tannis,Lawn Tennis and Shooting

10). Which of the following is not an advantage of studying multiple cases?
A).Multiple cases can be compared for similanties and differences
B).Multiple cases can more effectivelly test a theory than a single case
C).Generalization about population are usually better when based on multiple cases
D).Cost is lower and depth of analysis is easier when you study multiple cases in a single research study

11).Rupal Glacier is located in………….ranges,Pakistan:

12). For forehand and backhand volleys in tennis, which of the following techniques leads to a pivot on the back foot and a step toward the net thus allowing a player to contact the ball in front of the body?
A).Pointing the…… toward the opponents during the swing bending and keeping the back vertical
B).Turning the shoulders early in preparation for the swing
C).Rotating the racquet clockwise so the palm is one top of the racket
D).None of these

13). The Olympic Cup, instituted by IOC president Baron Pelt-re de courberton in 1906 is awarded to:
A).An institution that contrioustes to the development of sports
B).The country which tops the modal tally in the Olympics
C).The sports person who wins the maximum number of medals in an Olympics
D).The team which wins the football events in an Olympics

14). Decrease performance in the beginning but gradual improvement is indicated by:
A).Concave graph
B).Convex graph
C).Concavo convex graph
D).None of these

15). Sideways bending of the trunk is an example of movement in:
A).Frontal plane and sagittal axis
B).Sagittal plane and sagittal axis
C).Frontal plane and transverse axis
D).Sagittal plane and lateral axis

16). Half Nelson is the term associated with which of the following sports?

  1. Which of the following game(s) was developed from “The English Roundert by Abner Daubledey in New York in 1939?
    A).Basketball & Volleyball
    B).Volleyball &Netball
    C).Netball & Basketball

18). The first treatment recommended for long distance exhausted athlete is?
A).Artificial respiration
D).None of these

19). F.L.M.S stand for:
A).Federation of International Medicine and Surgery
B).Federation International of Medicine and Sports
C).International Federation of Medico-Sportive
D).Federation International Medico-Sportive

20). Movements possible in condyloid joint are:
A).Flexion and Extension
B).Circumduction only
C).Flexion ,extension ,abduction and adduction
D).Flexsion , extension, abduction, adduction and circumduction

21). In-which qualitative research approach is the primary goal to gain access to individual inner woride of experience?
C).Grounded theory
D).Case study

22). Posture is an index of?

23). Overload in sports training relates to when:
A).The oxygen is adequate to supply the need of the body
B).The oxygen supplying mechanisms are not able to increase
C).To intake of oxygen is insufficient to meet
D).The supply of oxygen is more than required

24). Baber raided the punjab from Afghanistan and finally defeated the last of the dehli sultan, the lodhis at the battle of panipat in?
A).1528 ✔️

25). Who won the title of US open tennis in Men singles 2020?

26). In which the following transport processes is the substance moving do its electrochomical gradient?
A).Sodium out of nerve cell
B).Calcium into sarcoplasmic
C).Hydrogen into the lumen of distal nephran
D).Glucose into adipose tissue

27). In cardiac cycle what is the ratio of ventric systole and ventricle diastole?
A).0.1 sec/0.7 sec
B).0.2 sec/0.6 sec
C).0.3 sec/0.5 sec
D).0.4 sec/0.4 sec

28). A straight legged standing toe touch is considered a high-risk exercise primery because it:
A).Stretches cervical ligaments and increases cervical disk pressure
B).Increases pressure on lumber disks and overstretches lumer ligaments
C).Initiates the strech reflex in the hamstrings, which leads to delayed localized muscle soreness
D).Uses the lattissimus dorsi as a

29). What is full form of EXIF?
A).Exchangeable Image Fine Finish
B).Exchangeable Image File Format
C).Excutable Image File Format

D).Excutable Image File Finish

30). Narry L johnson and jack K. Nelson have written,one of the following books.
A).Test and measurement in Physical Education
B).Measurement in Physical Education
C).A practicle approch to Measurement in Physical Education
D).Measurement Techniques in Physical Education

31). Cephalocaudal growth means:
A).Growth from general to specific
B).No uniform growth and development
C).Growth and development proceed from birth to death
D).Growth from head downwards

32). What using standardized normal referenced assessment software to assess physical education students, it is most important to ensure that:
A).Test administration procedures are flexible
B).The testing instrument employs a standard multiple-choice format
C).The items correspond
D).The demographic characteristics of the norm group are similar to those of the group being tested

33). If systole pressure is 120 mmHg diastole pressure in 90 mmHg ……………pressure is 0 mmHg, cardiac output is 5L/min, and stroke volume is 50 mL then which of the following values is correct?
A).Mean systemic arterial pressure is 110 mmHg
B).Total peripheral vascular resistance is 20 mmKg /L per minute
C).Pulse pressure is 100 mmHg
D).Heart rate is 72 mmHg

34). cyanosis caused by:
A).An increased concentration of reduced hemoglobin
B).A decreased concentration of reduced hemoglobin
C).A decreased concentration of oxyhemoglobin

35). An extra benefit of exercise for women results in which of the following?
A).Reduction in menstural cycle
B).Reduces the risk of breast cancer
C).Improves complexion of the skin
D).All of the above✔️

36). The imulses that travel from CNS to muscle:
A).Efferent ✔️
D).All of these

37). LPG stand for:
A).Liquified Pressure Gas
B).Liquid Per Gram
C).Liquified Petroleum Gas ✔️
D).Legal Petroleum Gas

38). The tendency of female adolescents to prohibit greater motor on a balance beam than male adolescents are largely due to females:
A).Narrower hips relative to shoulder width
B).Longer legs relative to total height
C).Greater body density relative to overall body composition
D).Lower center of gravity ✔️

39). How many years did Nelson Mandela remain in prison:
A).27 years ✔️
B).37 years
C).17 years
D).10 years

40). Top spin in cricket causes?
A).Higher rebound
B).Lower rebound ✔️
C).Rebound to the left
D).Rebound to the right

41). Focusing on describing or explaining data versus going beyond immediate data and making inferences is the difference between………?
A).Central tendency and common tendency
B).Mutually exclusive and mutually exhaustive properties
C).Descriptive and inferential ✔️
D).Positive skew and negative skew

42). What does it mean when you calculate a 95% confidence interval?
A).The process you used will capture the true paramerter 95% of the time in the long run ✔️
B).You can be “95% confident” that your interval will include the population parameter
C).You can be “5% confident” that your interval will not include the population parameter
D).All of the above

43). Which of the following statements about synaptic transmission at the neuro muscular junction is true?
A).It is enhanced by high level of choline esterase
B).It is caused by influx of potassium ions through the cell membrane
C).It is depressed by abnormally lo-levels of magnesium
D).It is depressed by increased parasympathetic nerve activity ✔️

44). The upper ankle joint is actively moved front and initial position of 45 degree of plantar flexion to 100 degrees of plantar flexion what is happening to the rotary component of the force generated by tibialis anterior during this activily?
C).Rotary force is constant
D).Gastric soleus is cousing this motion

45). One of following is an excellent example of condyloid joint?
A).Shoulder joint
B).Hip joint
C).Wrist joint ✔️
D).None of these

46). Fracture where the bone broken in two or more places and may heal slowly, due to the poof blood supply of smines………….is?
A).Communited fracture ✔️
B).Hairline fracture
C).Segmental fracture
D).Stress fracture

47). Choose the synonym: Reprisal?

48). Swimming strokes such as the crawl are defined as continuous of repetative motor tasks because the:
A).Skills are performed in a medium in which a greater degree of resistance is encountered that in air
B).Movement through the water can be sustained with no physical effort by keeping the body flat in the water
C).Strokes and kicking motions required unilateral rather than bilateral coordination’s
D).Recovery of the arms and legs leads directly into the next stroke with recognizable beginning and end ✔️

49). Which player at the 2006 World Cup received an award and was also one of three players to have already been honored twice with a top FIFA World Cup award:
A).Oliver Kahn (GER)
B).Ronaldo (BRA).
C).Zinedine Zidane (FRA) ✔️
D).Miroslave (GER)

50). Active free movement are divided into?
A).Passive forced and passive relaxed movements
B).Rhythmic agility and active holidays
C).Assisted and restricted movements ✔️
D).Cardiac and reflex movements

51). Which following players has not has a Grand Slam stadium named after them?
A).Stefan Adberg
B).Larthur Ashe
C).Rod layer ✔️
D).Phillppe Chatrier

52). The longest muscle in human body is?
A).Sartorius ✔️
D).Latissimus Dorsi

53). Another name for percussion manipulation?
D).Tapoment ✔️

54). According to the typology used in your text, research in which quantitative and qualitative approaches are mixed with the across the stages of the research process is specifically called:
A).Mixed research
B).mixed method research
C).Mixed model research ✔️
D).Multimethod research

55). This is the process of transforming qualitative research from data written or field notes into typed the:
C).Transcription ✔️

56). Psychological process of adaptation which eventually leads to increase in performance capacity in known as?
A).Principles of progression of load ✔️
B).Principles of continuity
C).Principles of differentiation
D).None of these

57). The lady to win Wimbledon title successfully nine times was:
A).Monica Sales
B).Staffi Graf
C).Martian Navrat..cava ✔️
D). None of these

58). In the acclimatized person at high altitude, oxygen delivery to the tissues may be adequate at rest:
A).An increase in hemoglobin concentration ✔️
B).The presence of acidosis
C).A decrease in the number of tissues capillaries
D).An increase in corboxyhemoglobin

59). The process of dealing with concerns over the authenticity of a source is reffered to the?
A).Positive criticism
B).Internal criticism
C).Secondary criticism
D).External criticism ✔️

60). A researcher was interested in studying why the “new math” of the 1960s failed. S….interviews several teachers who used the new math during the 1960s.These teachers are considered:
A).Primary sources ✔️
B).Secondary sources
C).External critics
D).Internal critics

61). The super compensation effects of training is due to:
A).Improper proportion between load and recovery
B).Proper proportion between load and recovery ✔️
D).All of the above

62). Which one of the following statements is incorrect? The concentration neutrophills in the blood:
A).Rises following a cardiac infarction✔️
B).Rises whenever the lymphocyte count rises
C).Rises whenever an infection is association with formation of pus
D).Falts during vitamins B12 deficiency

63). The five entangled rings or circles on the Olympics flags made of white silk are:
A).From right to left blue, yellow, black, green and red respectively
B).From left to right blue, yellow, black, green and red respectively ✔️
C).From left to right blue, black, red, green and yellow respectively
D).From right to left yellow, red, black and blue respectively

64). Of the given, which protein filament is 50% to 55% in the muscle?
B).Myosin ✔️

65). To win a Grand Slam in Tennis, a player has to win:
A).Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open ,US Open ✔️
B).Wimbledon, French Open , US Open
C).Wimbledon, French Open, Pages Czack,US Open
D).Davis, Wimbledon, French Open

66). Which school of philosophy:
A).Social realism ✔️

67). Who was the title of US open tennis in women singles 2020?
A).N Osaka ✔️
B).S. Willium
C).V. Willium

68). Why is media considered cun..productive towards the area of fitness?
A).TV is bad for the heart ✔️
B).The information is not always valid
C).The commercial are too frequent
D).The sports shows depict difficult

69). What is the binary value of 200?
D).11001000 ✔️

70). Sigmund Freud is known to be the father of the?
A).Theory of Motivation
B).Theory of Psychoanalysis ✔️
C).Theory of con
D). No

71). Muhammad bin Ismail Bukhari was the author of:
B).Sahih Muslim
C).Abu Dawood
D).Sahih Bukhari ✔️

72). Who is the current Interior Minister of Pakistan?
A).Mr. Ijaz Ahmed Shah
B).Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed ✔️
C).Mr. Asad Umer
D).None of these

73). In which of the following locomotor skills does each foot have two tasks to complete before the weight is transferred to the other foot?
D).Skipping ✔️

74). According to which school of philosophy of education, exaltation of individuality is a function of education?
D).Idealism and Mancism ✔️

75). Which of the following is not paragraph formatting?
C).Margina ✔️

76). Which of the following does not come under the preview of constraint identification in sports management?
D).Social ✔️

77). In cricket terminology ‘trimmer’ is referred to as:
A).A delivery that knocks off the balls only ✔️
B).A delivery that does not knocks off the balls
C).A delivery that knocks off the balls, but the balls fall back of the stumps
D).A delivery when the ball just touches the batsman and goes for a boundary

78). Who was the first Chief of Pakistan Army?
A).General Sharif
B).General Ayub Army
C).General Musa Khan
D).General Takka khan ✔️

79). Which of the following phrases best describes “ethnocentric”?
A).Social words or lens used by the people of group ✔️
B).An external, social scientific view of reality
C).The study of the cultural past of a group of people
D).Judge people from a different cultural according to the standards of your own..

80). Which of the following events constituted pentathlon in ancient Olympics?
A).Running, Jumping, Discus, Jevelin and Wrestling ✔️
B).Running, Jumping, Discus, Swimming and Chariot Racing
C).Boxing, Wrestling, Running, Jumping and Swimming
D).None of these

81). To introduce students to the rhythmic use to locomotor skills. It would be more appropriate to design patterns that include hopping rather than patterns that include skipping because hopping:
A).Is a quieter more controlled movement than skipping
B).Can be done in any direction, while skipping can move only in the direction of the leading foot
C).Involves of one count and skipping involves two counts ✔️
D).Is movement……… than skipping to be include…..movement in various dance…

82). In which of following is not true about the use of language in research reports?
A).You should choose accurate and words that are free from bias
B).You should avoid labering people whenever possible
C).You should avoid using the term subjects whenever possible
D).All the above are true according to ✔️

83). Which U.S president was responsible for starting the fitness movement in his country?
A).President Eisenhower ✔️
B).President Roosevelt
C).President Truman
D).President Kennedy

84). It is reputed of that milo of Greece lifted newborn bull onto this shoulders each day unit the bull became fully mature. Milo followed what two principles of modern muscle strength and endurance conditioning:
A).Progression and overload ✔️
B).Regression coefficient
C).Regression equation
D).Regression line

85). Al Jazeera Television Channel belongs to:
B).Saudi Arabia
D).Qatar ✔️

86). The average age of students in a class is 10. If the teacher’s age is including the average increase by one. The age of the teacher is?
A).25 years
B).30 years
C).35 years ✔️
D).40 years

87).————- is the set of producers used to explain or predict the……..of a dependent variable based on the values of one or more independent variables?
A).Regression analysis ✔️
B).Regression coefficient
C).Regression equation
D).Regression line

88). Violence associated with the competition sport is mainly due to:
A).The very nature of the competitive sports ✔️
B).The social tensions within the society
C).The social backwardness
D).Identity of spectators with tearns on racial, religious or national considerations

89). Who considered psychology as the science of activities for individual in relation to his environment:
B).Willium James ✔️
D).Robert Singer

90). LSD (Low slow distance) training and can provide an athlete ….. relief from high intensity training:
A).Interval Training
B).Fartlek Training ✔️
C).Speed Training
D).Weight Training

91). Where the capital of saudia Arabia is located?
C).Najad ✔️

92). Which flexibility training method tricks the receptor means …. in the muscles and joints allowing the limbs to increase their range of movement?
A).Active stretching
B).Propone..Captor… ✔️
C).passive stretching
D).Static stretching

93). The name of valve left atrium and left ventricular is?
A).Tricuspid valve
B).Aortic valve
C).Pulmonary valve
D).Mitral valve ✔️

94). Which physical education system involved ….to tests to make comaprison over a period of time?
A).Hitchcock system
B).Sergeant system ✔️
C).Dio lewis system
D).None of these

95). Karakoram Highway starts in Pakistan from:
C).Hassan Abdal ✔️
D).None of these

96). Who is said to be Father of philosophy of idealism?
B).Socrates ✔️

97). Which of the following physiological …..is most likely to occurs after several weeks of regular participation in cross training activities such as swimming and jogging?
A).Improving ratio of high density lipoproteins (HDLs) to low density lipoproteins (LDLs) ✔️
B).Increased number of skeletal muscles
C).Decreased deposition of minerals into bone matrix
D).Increased length of long bones and decreased length of tendons attached to long bones

98). Long term exercise programme made up of different activities and sports for developing all round fitness is known as:
A).Self training
B).Circuit training
C).Interval training
D).Cross training ✔️

99). خالد فتح محمد کے ناول “خلیج” کا موصوع کیا ہے؟
A).تقسیم برصغیر پاک و ہند
B).سانحہ مشرقی پاکستان ✔️

100).مرگ مفاجات ” کی ترکیب کا مفہوم کیا ہے؟”
A).بے بسی کی موت
B).ناگہانی موت ✔️
C).طبعی موت
D).ذلت آمیز موت

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