PPSC Lecturer Past Paper Solved MCQs Sample Papers

(1). The psycho motor domain of Physical Education is concerned with:

(a). Knowledge 

(b). Attitude

(c). Motor Skills

(d). Values

(2). The quality of test to give same scores when administered at different occasions is:

(a). Validity

(b). Differentiability

(c). Objectivity

(d). Reliability

(3). The name o postural defect if shoulders are bended called:

(a). Lordosis

(b). Kyphosis

(c). Scoliosis

(d). None

(4). Purpose of Kraus Weber is:

(a). Minimum muscular, strength

(b). Skill ability sport

(c). Motor Ability

(d). Physical fitness

(5). An Immediate emotional state of apprehension & tension in response to specific situation is called:

(a). Trait Anxiety

(b). Arousal

(c). State Anxiety

(d). Stress

(6). Age measured in days, months and years is called:

(a). Psychological Age

(b). Anatomical Age

(c). Chronological Age

(d). Birth Age

(7). Intensity in strength endurance training is:

(a). 60-70%

(b). 75-85%

(c). 80-100%

(d). 40-60%

(8). Speed which gradually increase in sprint races is called:

(a). Acceleration sprint

(b). Access sprint

(c). Deceleration sprint

(d). None

(9). If Someone feels difficulty to see at long distance clearly disease is called:

(a). Anemia

(b). Hypemetropia 

(c). Myopia

(d). None

(10). The richest sources of Vitamin D is:

(a). Cod liver oil

(b). Spinach

(c). Milk

(d). None

(11). Which of the following is the least infectious?

(a). Leprosy

(b). Hepatitis

(c). Tuberculosis

(d). None

(12). Other name of Laisse Fair leadership style is:

(a). Give-off

(b). Tell-off

(c). Hand-off

(d). None

(13). ……………. is psychological study of moral principles:

(a). Aesthetics jek

(b). Epistemology

(c). Axiology

(d). None

(14). Smaller part of Information in which researcher is interested is called:

(a). Unit E

(b). Sample

(c). Element

(d). None

(15). In hurdles race its good for runner to take how many steps before 1st hurdle:

(a). 7

(b). 8

(c). 9

(d). 10

(16). Number of Muscles found in human body are:

(a). 556

(b). 565

(c). 620

(d). 656

(17). The difference in the weight of the shot put & through for male is:

(a). 0.5 kg

(b). 0.2 kg

(c). 1 kg

(d). None

(18). Of the following associations of muscle & movement the incorrect one is:

(a). Biceps…………………flexor of the arm

(b). Dettold ………..abductor of the humerus

(c). Teres major …………adductor of the humerus

(d). Latisslmus ……………. Outward rotator of the humerus

(19). Approximately, what percentage of heat is generated by muscle tissue?

(a). 15%

(b). 35%

(c). 65%

(d). 85%

(20). The distance between the two goal post of hockey is:

(a). 4.55m

(b). 3.44m

(c). 3.66m

(d). 7.50m

(21). The allowable time out for injury in girl’s basketball is:

(a). 1 minute

(b). 5 minute

(c). 30 minutes

(d). 20 minutes

(22). Width of table in table tennis is:

(a). 1.50m

(b). 1.525m

(c). 1.575m

(d). 2.525m

(23). At what score ends will changed in a Tie break game in Tennis:

(a). 2-4

(b). 3-3

(c). 1-6

(d). 3-4

(24). Which system is more suitable for the conduct of tournament of 30 cricket team at University level:

(a). Ladder

(b). Combination

(c). Elimination

(d). Pyramid

(25). When the population is not homogeneous then which kind of sampling do we use?

(a). Simple Random

(b). Systemic Random

(c). Stratified

(d). Cluster

(26). If we take every nth number as a sample from the list of the population it is called:

(a). Simple random sampling

(b). Cluster sampling

(c). Systematic Sampling

(d). Stratified Sampling

(27). Which of the following is known as the growth center of a bone:

(a). Osteoclast

(b). Periosteum

(c). Osteoblast

(d). Stratified Sampling

(28). The Anaerobic metabolism of one molecule of glucose results in the production of:

(a). 38 ATP

(b). 39 ATP

(c). 16 ATP

(d). 17 ATP

(29). Agility may be needed in speed, balance, and co-ordination &:

(a). Power

(b). Stability

(c). Reaction time

(d). Strength

(30). Which is an example of an evaluation:

(a). Measuring games of an evaluation

(b). Reporting group data to the school board

(c). Giving a treadmill test instead of a 5 miles run test

(d). Recommending that lucky do more sit ups

(31). Having to pass a swimming proficiency test prior to enrolling in an advanced swimming course is an example of what:

(a). A norm reference standard

(b). Criterion reference standard

(c). Summative evaluation

(d). Formative evaluation

(32). What is the philosophy of Physical Education Programmers:

(a). Realism

(b). Idealism

(c). Pragmatism

(d). Perenntallsm

(33). The Muscles in the legs an Olympic 100 meter Finalist would contain:

(a). Mostly Red Ribers

(b). An even mixture of red and white fibers

(c). Mostly white fibers

(d). Proportions of red and white fibers

(34). Tarsals, metatarsals are bones of:

(a). Hands

(b). Foot

(c). Legs

(d). Skull

(35). The measurement of the size and proportions of the human body is called:

(a). corrective

(b). Anthropometry

(c). Plyometry

(d). None

(36). The Stop board color is:

(a). White

(b). Blue

(c). Grey

(d). Green

(37). Appropriateness, usefulness, meaningfulness of any inference ea research draws refers to the:

(a). Reliability of the data

(b). Validity of the data

(c). Objective of the data

(d). Consistency of the scores

(38). Research which generally inductive is:

(a). Quantitative

(b). Qualitative

(c). Applied

(d). Exploratory

(39). A stress situation which grabs a person completely in-very short time is:

(a). Acute

(b). Chronic

(c). Exhaustion

(d). Alarm-reaction

(40). Hormone secreted by parathyroid is:

(a). ADH

(b). LH

(c). Thyroxin

(d). Parathyroid hormone

(41). Organ that receive food from Pharynx and carried to the stomach is known as:

(a). Oral Cavity

(b). Anus

(c). Rectu

(d). Esophagus

(42). What is meta – analyses?

(a). Group discussion

(b). General discussion

(c). Descriptive study

(d). Associational research

(43). Nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio scales measure the:

(a). Results

(b). Rank orders

(c). Variables

(d). Data

(44). Which of the joints are most important in human movement?

(a). Synarthrosis

(b). Ligamentous

(c). Cartilaginous

(d). Synovial

(45). Summative evaluation involves:

(a). Enhancement of learning

(b). Achievement of mastery

(c). Administration of test

(d). None

(46). The ability to maintain equilibrium while in motion is called:

(a). Balance

(b). Static Balance

(c). Dynamic Balance

(d). None

(47). Official ensuring that the track, runways, circles and all equipment are in accordance with the rules before competition:

(a). Event Manager

(b). Technical Manager

(c). Technical Manager

(d). Technical Officer

(48). If player is less than 8, how many traits will be given?

(a). 6

(b). 3

(c). 2

(d). 8

(49). Motto of I.O.C is L:

(a). Fortius, Citlus, Altlus

(b). Aldus, Cltus, Fortius

(c). Fortius, Attius Citlus

(d). Cittius, Altlus, Fortius

(50). Trajectory is:

(a). The highest point of object

(b). Path of object falling vertically down

(c). The path of an object projected into free air

(d). The flight path of a projectile

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