PPSC Lecturer Pak Studies Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 5

1- Jinnah’s father was a well-respected merchant. What is the name of Jinnah’s father?

A).Punjah Jinnah✔️

B).Tanjau Jinnah

C).Taj Jinnah

D). None of these

2- Which city is internationally famous for its fine quality cutlery products?

A). Quetta

B). Peshawar

C). Wazirabad✔️

D). Hyderabad

3- A beautiful city also known as” the fruit basket of Pakistan”?

A). Quetta✔️

B). Peshawar

C). Wazirabad

D). Hyderabad

4- Which of These cities as known as” the city of perfume”?

A). Hyderabad✔️

B). Karachi

C). Larkana

D).None of these

5- What is the real name of Dilip Kumar (actor of India)?

A). Yusuf khan✔️

B). Asif khan

C). Nazeeb khan

D). None of these

6- Who among the following wrote satirical poetry during the reign of Aurangzeb?

A). Sauda

B). Jafar zatalli✔️

C). Mulla Daud

D). None of these

7- Which Mughal emperor prohibited the use of tabacco?

A). Jahangir✔️

B). Babur

C). Aurangzeb

D). Shah jahan

8- When did Pakistan hold the post of the UN General Assembly’s president ship:





9- Babar came to India originally from:


B). Kabul

C). Khorasan

D). Seistan

10- Sindh is called Bab-ul-islam.on which date the day of Bab-ul- Islam is celebrated every year in Pakistan?

A).24 July✔️

B).25 July

C).26 July

D).27 July

11- Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on:

A).31 October 2007

B).27 December 2007✔️

C).21 December 2007

D).None of these

12- ‘Manchhar Lake’ is found in:

A).Thatta district

B). Khushab district

C). Jamshoro district✔️

D). None of these

13- Who are Pakistan’s solar kids?

A). Shoaib Hashim

B). Rashid Hashim

C). Ilyas Hashim

D).All of these✔️

14- Who is the author of” Safinat-ul- Aulia”?

A). Babur

B).Jahandar shah

C). Dara Shukah✔️

D). None of these

15- Which river is known as” Father of rivers”?

A). Jehlem

B). Indus✔️

C). Kabul

D). Chenab

16- Who was the first president of Anjman-e- Hammiat-e- Islam?

A). Khalifa Hameed- ud- Din✔️

B). Hassan Ali Aaffandi

C). Sardar  Abdul Qayyum khan

D). None of these

17- ‘Gandhi Jinnah talks’ were held in 1944 to discuss the C.R formula prepared by:

A).Raj Gopal Acharia✔️

B). V.P Menon

C). Lord wavell

D).None of these

18- Who was the founder of Sindh Madrassa-tul-islam:

A). Hassan Ali Aaffandi✔️

B). Sardar Muhammad Hayyat

C). Sardar Abdul Qayyum

D). Khalifa Hameed-ud-Din

19- Anjman-e-Hammiat-e-Islam was founded in:





20- Pakistani   passport are “valid for all countries of the world “except:

A). Israel✔️

B). India

C). Argentina

D). Brazil

21- Pakistan was the world champion in which of the following games in 1994:

A). Hockey

B). Cricket

C). Snooker

D).All of these✔️

22- Civil Award of Pakistan was established on:

A).19 march, 1956

B).19 march, 1957✔️

C).19 march, 1958

D).19 march, 1959

23- The handloom and khadi industry is located:

A).in the urban areas of India

B). In the capital town of the state

C). Largely in the rural areas of Pakistan✔️

D). Only the urban fringes

24- What is the name of the citadel of Sikhism, found in the holy city of Amritsar?

A). Golden Temple✔️

B).Golden mosque

C). Golden spire

D). Golden shrine

25- Where a deep sea port is being built in Baluchistan?

A). Gawadar✔️


C). Pasni

D). Jiwani

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