PPSC Lecturer of English Sample Paper Important MCQs

1). The Restoration period is associated with the restoration of which king?

A). Charles I

B). Charles II

C). James II  

D). None of these

2). Dryden stands very high as a satirist in which century?

A). Fifteenth

B). Sixteenth

C). Seventeenth

D). Eighteenth

3). The Gulliver’s Travels are famous satires in the form of?

A). Essay

B). Essay

C). Allegory

D). None of these

4). ‘The Tatler’ was founded in 1709 by:

A). John Dryden

B). Jonathan Swift

C). Sir Richard Steele

D). Dr. Johnson

5). ‘Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog’ is written:

A). Oliver Goldsmith

B). William Collins

C). Robert Browning

D). None of these

6). ‘The Fairy Queen” by Spenser is an epic?

A). Mock

B). Heroic

C). Romantic

D). Mock-heroic

7). ‘Archadia’ is written by:

A). Alexandra Pope

B). John Miltion

C). Sir Philip Sidney

D). Chaucer

8). Which age is called “Renaissance”?

A). The Elizabethan Age

B). The Augustan Age

C). Age of Pope

D). The Jacobean Age

9). Who is the heroine of ‘The Tempest’”?

A). Hermia

B). Hermonia

C). Helena

D). Miranda

10). Which character in Chaucer is noble ecclesiasties:

A). Monk

B). Pardoner

C). Parson

D). Lady Priores

11). The Revolt of Islam is a/an:

A). Novel

B). Epic

C). Drama

D). None of these

12). ‘The old man and the sea’ has:

A). One female character

B). Two female character

C). Three female character

D). None of the above

13). Who is called ‘Bard of Aven’:

A). Henry Fielding

B). Shakespeare

C). Marlove

D). Coleridge

14). We find which element prevailed in Coleridge?

A). Metaphysical

B). Super natural

C). Romantic

D). None of these

15). How many novels are written by ‘Jane Austen’?

A). 5

B). 10

C). 7

D). 6

16). These are included in Four Wheels of Novel except:

A). Henry Fielding

B). Samuel Richardson

C). Oscar Wilde

D). Tobiease Smollett

17). ‘Joseph Conrad’ was born in:

A). 1857

B). 1879

C). 1901

D). 1870

18). James Joyce’s masterpiece is:

A). A Tale

B). To The Light House

C). Ulysses

D). None of these

19). Mrs. Dalloway is a novel written by:

A). George Eliot

B). Jane Austen

C). Anne Bronte

D). Virginia Woolf

20). In “The importance of Being Earnest” literary style is combined with:

A). Tragedy

B). Comedy

C). Both a and b

D). None of these

21). Who wrote a pamphlet ‘The Necessity of Atheism”?

A). Coleridge

B). Shelley

C). Wordsworth

D). Keats

22). The element, prominent in Victorian poetry:

A). Religious

B). Pessimist

C). Political

D). Optimist

23). ‘The theatre of Absurd’ can be best represented through:

A). Hedda Gabler

B). waiting for Godot

C). The Cherry Orchard

D). The importance being Earnest

24). Besides being ‘poet’ and critic T.S. Eliot is:

A). Novelist

B). Dramatist

C). Short-Story-Writer

D). None of these

25). ‘The Death of the Salesman’ is written by:

A). Thomas Hardy

B). Charles Dickens

C). Oscar Wilde

D). Arthur Miller

26). Charles Lamb’s Popularity rests on this being a/an:

A). Novelist

B). Dramatist

C). Poet

D). Essayist

27). ‘Tintern Abbey’ is a poem written by:

A). Temayson

B). WQilliam Hazlitt

C). Poet

D). Essayist

28). ‘Robert Brownings’ is known for his:

A). Imagination

B). Realism

C). Dramatic Monologues

D). Blank Verse

29). ‘The Vanity Fair’ is a novel written by:

A). Macaulay

B). Henry Fielding

C). Thockery

D). None of these

30). Charles Dickens wrote:

A). Political Novels

B). Religious Novels

C). Moral Novels

D). Social Novels

31). In Which novel we find the character named ‘Joe’:

A). Heart of Darkness

B). Berchester Towers

C). Jazz

D). The Waves

32). Shakespeare last plays are:

A). Comedies

B). Tragedies

C). Tragi – Comedies

D). Historical plays

33). Christopher Marlowe died at the age of:

A). 25

B). 30

C). 29

D). 27

34). Dr. Faustus is said to be the embodiment of:

A). Victorian era

B). Atheism

C). Renaissance

D). None of these

35). ‘Biographia Literaira’ is famous prose work of:

A). Wordsworth

B). Byron

C). Shelley

D). S.T. Coleridge

36).The age of Milton is also called:

A). Age of Transition

B). Victorian age

C). Age of puritanism

D). None of these

37). Besides English Bacon’s most of the work is in:

A). French

B). Spanish

C). German

D). Latin

38). Who said “If Pope be not a poet, where is poetry to be found:

A). Bacon

B). Swift

C). Dr. Johnson

D). T.S. Eliot

39). The phrase “Stream of consciousness” was first used by:

A). Jame Joyce

B). William James

C). Virginia Woolf

D). Joseph Conrad

40). ‘Anton Chekov’ belongs to:

A). England

B). America

C). France

D). Russia


A). Reasonable

B). Aggressive

C). Generous

D). Pacifist


A). Splendid

B). Marvelous

C). Gentle

D). Benevolent


A). Hate

B). Bursting in

C). Interference

D). Altercation


A). Stupid

B). Stale

C). Sweet

D). Tasteful

45). OBTUSE  

A). Distant

B). Blunt

C). Excessive

D). Vague



A). Sentimental

B). Intelligent

C). Certain

D). Carefree


A). Extravagance

B). Scarcity

C). Abundance

D). Sufficiency

48). KINDLE  

A). Ignite

B). Encourage

C). Ignore

D). Extinguish


A). Smart

B). Energetic

C). Fast

D). Ferocious


A). Compel

B). Accuse

C). Imprison

D). Boldness

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