PPSC Lecturer Education Solved Past Paper MCQs Test No. 210

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Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Education
Subject Education Test 210
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 50
Total Time 50 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 50 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Education Online Test No. 210

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The Socratic method is known as:

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In Jamia Millia Dehli, the medium of instruction was prescribed in the languages:

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School curriculum is defined as:

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The term "cognition" refers to:

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Which projector projects the image on transparencies on the screen:

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Kindergarten system of education was contributed by:

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Shah Wali ullah's Philosophy was based on:

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Profession is employed for:

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In Pakistan, the levels of general education are:

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Rote learning is a demerit of:

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The successful and systematic working of a school depends on suitable:

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Reflection of John Dewey thoughts is seen in:

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Projective techniques are used to measure the students:

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Scientific and technical knowledge is obtained through:

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Determination whether good or bad refers to:

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"Education is the process of child's individuality in the natural environment" was stated by:

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Through the educational process and individual is stimulated to think, to appreciate and to:

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Head usually treat the employees with strict disciplines represent the theory model:

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In norm referenced test, the comparison is between:

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The process of adaptation in Piagetian Cognitive Development theory is:

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Articles purchased for school use are entered in:

22 / 50

Who is not a curriculum practitioner?

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The father of modern theory of management is:

24 / 50

A teacher asks & invites the questions in the class to:

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What was basis for claiming a separate state of the Muslims in sub-continent?

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The first all Pakistan education conference was presided over by:

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Supervision is characterized with:

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Which method has made educational psychology a science?

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Test is a tool of collecting:

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National curriculum is actually:

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The processes of education ranges from:

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Acquittance roll is used for:

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Attention is a/an:

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Pure Islamic Education System & no support from British Govt. was main theme of:

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The practical aspect of philosophy is:

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Real mentorship in schools created by having relationship is called:

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The motivation to do something for its own sake is:

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Dy. DEOs supervise and monitor the schools at:

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Educational objectives are mainly derived from:

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The inspection of schools concept was firstly started in:

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Al-Ghazali stated that in his quest for true knowledge he started studying?

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In Pakistan, Final approval of school curriculum is responsibility of:

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Curriculum is interpreted to mean all the organized causes, activities and experiences which students have under the directions of the school, Whether in the classroom or not, is said by:

44 / 50

The literal meaning of curriculum is:

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"Experiences lead to the scientific approach" was described by:

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Teacher performs practically and explains in:

47 / 50

Human beings are looked upon as individuals living in societies through:

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According to Crow and Crow, the purpose of formal education is to?

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Full-fledged institutes of Education were established at the universities to lay down the basis of continuous:

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According to which theory, effective leadership depends on the interaction of leader's personal traits, behavior and factors in leadership situation:

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