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Given below on this Website Online Free Taleem is free online MCQ’s test related to PPSC of Lecturer Biology. All the individuals who are going to appear in PPSC Lecturer of Biology written test can attempt these tests in order to prepare for it in best possible way. Our tests include all the important questions MCQs of Lecturer of PPSC Biology, all Past Papers of Lecturer of Biology PPSC  that have extremely high amount of chances for been included in the actual exam which make our test undoubtedly the best source of preparation.


There will be 25 multiple choice question in the test.
Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
Practice this test at least 5 times if you want to secure High Marks.
At the End of the Test you can see your Test score and Rating.
If you found any incorrect answer in Quiz. Simply click on the quiz title and comment below on that MCQ. So that I can update the incorrect answer on time.

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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Biology  
Subject Biology Test 78
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.


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In which organs, the digested food is absorbed and mixed with blood in frog?

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Sympathetic nervous sytem X heart beats and parasympathetic nervous system Y heart beats

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By how many cavals, the impure blood of whole body, is emptied into sinus venosus?

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Whose combine effects activates pancrease to secrete pancreatic juice into duodenum?

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Which respiration is performed by frog in water and land medium ?

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In frog mid brain X and Y arranged Z are included:

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The frog has X pairs of cranial nerves and Y pairs of spinal cord nerves.

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Which is wrong in reference to cutaneous respiration?

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Brain is in X and is protected by Y .

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In which chamber of heart, the blood from sinus venosus will be emptied?

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Which sequence is correct for pulmonary respiration?

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From where blood is collected into pre-caval?

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To which organs, the coeliaco-mesenteric artery supplies the blood in frog?

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Which type of respiration takes place on terrestrial condition?

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X respiration is performed by lowering and raising of bottom of buccal cavity. During this process, the air is absorbed continuously by Y .

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The blood of frog vein, before entering into right auricle, enters into which organ ?

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Which is not the composition of frog faeces?

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Which one is responsible to stimulate the contraction of gall bladder to secrete of bile juice into duodenum ?

19 / 25

Through bucco-pharyngeal cavity air enters into X and is called Y type of respiration

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Which parts are included in fore brain of frog brain?

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In which organ of frog villi increases the absorption area?

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The Z is bag like and Y structure, remain X side of Diencephalon:

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In which type of respiration oesophagus remain closed?

24 / 25

Which vessel is formed by union of two systemic arch ?

25 / 25

The hind brain of frog is made up of:

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