PPSC Headmaster Headmistress Test Preparation Online Test 37

With Online Free Taleem we are providing Online Free Testing for the Posts of Headmaster/ Headmistress, Dy. Headmaster/ Dy. Headmistress and Dy. DEOs, District Education Officer Literacy in Pakistan with all in Depth Quiz form of Online Testing for Better Preparation. We will provide all important MCQs. You can attempt all tests and check your score in to understand your exact and real time preparation for the said post. Its our advice please attempt every test 4-5 times for better preparation. In this Test we have all MCQs and Abbreviation related to Headmaster/ Headmistress, provide all types of questions and answers to empower your talent through online with free cost. It is very easy to access and learn MCQs Type Questions & Answers for written test and interview. Test is very Helpful for all Candidates who want to appear in Headmaster Headmistress Posts, NTS Test for Educators, PCS and FPSC Jobs in Pakistan can Prepare their Examination easily Here.


There will be 25 multiple choice question in the tests.
Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
Practice this test at least 5 times if you want to secure High Marks.
At the End of the Test you can see your Test score and Rating.
If you found any incorrect answer in Quiz. Simply click on the quiz title and comment below on that MCQ. So that I can update the incorrect answer on time.

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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Headmaster Headmistress Test 37
Subject Education, BED, MED
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Totl Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Headmaster Headmistress, Dy. Headmaster Dy. Headmistress Online Practice Test 37

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The lowest level of learning in affective domain is:

2 / 25

Cognitive domain have:

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Which domain is concerned with physical and motor skills?

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Psychomotor domain was classified by Simpson in:

5 / 25

The affective domain was classified by:

6 / 25

Affective domain is divided into:

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The lowest level of learning in cognitive domain is:

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Which is placed at the highest level of learning in affective domain?

9 / 25

Bringing together different values into a consistent value system is:

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The intellectual skills are reflected by:

11 / 25

Which sub- group of affective domain focuses on active participation in

12 / 25

To put ideas together to form a new whole is:

13 / 25

To know the worth or value of material is:

14 / 25

To break down material into component parts to know its organizational structure is:

15 / 25

The highest level of learning in cognitive domain is:

16 / 25

To grasp the meaning of the material is:

17 / 25

Knowing/ memorizing and recalling is concerned with:

18 / 25

The focus of cognitive domain is:

19 / 25

Affective domain focuses on adoption of a value system as a part of life style in:

20 / 25

The classification of cognitive domain was presented by:

21 / 25

Attitudes, values and interests reflected by:

22 / 25

Willingness to attend phenomenon is:

23 / 25

To use previous learned material in new situation is:

24 / 25

The right sequence of subgroups cognitive domain is:

25 / 25

Right order of sub- groups of affective domain is:

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