PPSC Headmaster Headmistress & Principal Past Papers MCQs

1- In norm referenced test, the comparison is between:

(A). Groups

(B). Individuals✔️

(C). Areas

(D). Interests

2- CAI stands for:

(A). Computer Analyzed Instruction

(B). Computer Assisted Instruction✔️

(C). Computer Assisted Interview

(D). Computer Analyzed Interview

3- Staff development means:

(A). Recruiting staff

(B). Increasing staff

(C). Training staff✔️

(D). Rationalizing staff

4- WWW stands for:

(A). World Wide Web✔️

(B). Won Wide Web.

(C). World Work Web

(D). World White Web.

5- Which theory states that learning takes place as a whole:

(A). Trial and error theory

(B). Gestalt theory✔️

(C). Classical conditioning theory

(D). Operant conditioning theory

6- Thinking with the aim of producing one correct answer is:

(A). Convergent thinking ✔️

(B). Divergent thinking

(C). Logical

(D). Critical

7- S.N.E is an abbreviation of:

(A). Schedule of New Establishment ✔️

(B). System of New Entry.

(C). Schedule of New Expenditure

(D). Schedule of New Experience

8- Changing agent in our education system is:

(A). Teacher✔️

(B). Parents

(C). Headmaster

(D). Researcher

9- Dialectic method was developed by:

(A). Roussou

(B). Plato

(C). Socrates✔️

(D). John Dewey

10- BOS stands for:

(A). Board of Studies✔️

(B). Board of Science

(C). Board of Students

(D). Board of Schools

11- The main objective of teacher made test is:

(A). Motivating the students

(B). Predicting future success

(C). Evaluating the accomplishment

(D). Diagnosing student’s difficulties✔️

12- The best sample selected for research purpose is one that is:

(A). Selected at random✔️

(B). Convenient

(C). Representative of population

(D). Purposefully selected

13- Educational psychology is the branch of psychology which deals with Teaching and learning is defined by:

(A). William James

(B). Freud

(C). Skinner✔️

(D). Gardener

14-The concept of IQ was first created by :

(A). Stem ✔️

(B). Stanford

(C). Simon

(D). Peel

15- Planned and systematic effort by open system of education to provide the individuals with a second chance of education is called:

(A). Formal education

(B). Informal education

(C). Inclusive education

(D). Non-Formal education✔️

16- A study in depth is carried out in:

(A). Experimental

(B). Case study✔️

(C). Basic research

(D). Survey

17- “Effect of teaching methodology on student’s learning” is an example of Which kind of research:

(A). Causal-Comparative

(B). Experimental✔️

(C). Co-relational

(D). Survey

18- Sample size for experimental research should be at least:

(A). 100

(B). 50

(C). 40

(D). 30✔️

19- Through pilot study we mainly ensure:

(A). Reliability

(B). Validity✔️

(C). Content validity

(D). Face validity

20- Programs learning is an example of:

(A). Self study✔️

(B). Group study

(C). Cooperative study

(D). Simulative study.

21- National Educational Policy 1979 puts emphasis on:

(A). Special education.

(B). Elementary education✔️

(C). Secondary education

(D). Higher education

22- The Education Commission of 1959 was established during the Govt. of:

(A). Gen. Ayub Khan✔️

(B). Air Marshal Noor Khan

(C). Gen. Zia ul Haq

(D). Z. A. Bhutto

23- More guessing is possible through:

(A). True-False✔️

(B). Matching column

(C). Completion

(D). MCQ

24- The total sum of educational experience provided by the school to its students to bring desired change in their knowledge, attitudes and skills is called:

(A). Scheme of studies

(B). Syllabus

(C). Text books

(D). Curriculum✔️

25- Which type of classroom is characterized by a free-for-all?

(A). Learner centered ✔️

(B). Subject centered

(C). Teacher centered

(D). Activity based

26-The purpose of helping teachers to improve instruction is named as:

(A). Supervision✔️

(B). Administration

(C). Guidance

(D). Counseling

27- In POSDCORB, ‘CO’ stands for:

(A). Co-operation

(B). Co-curricular

(C). Co supervising

(D). Coordination✔️

28- The successful and systematic academic working of classes in the school depends on:

(A). Syllabus

(B). Time table✔️

(C). Teacher

(D). Instruction

29- On Visit, educational administrator’s remarks are recorded in:

(A). Service book

(B). Order book

(C). Visitors’ book

(D). Log book✔️

30-Positive classroom environment keeps the students motivated:

(A). Examination.

(B). Reading

(C). Learning ✔️

(D). Co-Curricular activities

31- Elements of administration according to Luther Gulick are explained as:





32- Latest Trend in use of teaching strategy in the classroom is:

(A). AV aids✔️

(B). Team teaching

(C). Discussion

(D). Interaction

33- Microteaching technique is used to prepare the:

(A). Students

(B). Teachers ✔️

(C). Administrators

(D). Planners

34- Quality teaching in Pakistan is being implemented in real sense at the level of:

(A). School education✔️

(B). College education

(C). Madrassa education

(D). University education

35- Most ignored aspect in education field is:

(A). Monitoring aspect

(B). Training of teachers✔️

(C). Planning aspect

(D). Research and development

36- ECE system in public sector of Pakistan has failed. One of the most important reason is lack of:

(A). Effective Govt. policy

(B). Societal co-operation

(C). Educational facilities

(D). Trained teachers✔️

37- In cognitive domain, the highest level of learning is:

(A). Knowledge

(B). Evaluation ✔️

(C). Comprehension

(D). Syllabus

38- Strict discipline of education is followed in:

(A). Formal education ✔️

(B). Non-formal education

(C). Informal education

(D). Special education

39- Curriculum means:

(A). Planned child experiences✔️

(B). Teaching experiences

(C). Textual materials

(D). Knowledge explosion

40- UNESCO conference held in Karachi (1960) proposed that each Asian developing country must spend ——– percent of GNP on education.

(A). 4✔️

(B). 5

(C). 6

(D). 7

41- The basic difference between plan and policy is:

(A). Policy is broader in scope than plan✔️

(B). Policy is for unlimited time while plan is for 5 years

(C). Policy is for one decade and plan is for five year

(D). Policy is structured by a Govt. and plan by any govt.

42- The education that a person receives from birth till death is called:

(A). Semi formal

(B). Formal

(C). Informal ✔️

(D). Non-Formal

43- All the following decisions are taken at an institutional level EXCEPT:

(A). Teacher’s workload

(B). Syllabus and weightage✔️

(C). Provisions for co-curricular activities

(D). Adjustment of Time-table

44- Curriculum change is followed by:

(A). Students poor results

(B). Selection of Content✔️

(C). Try out of proposed content

(D). Curriculum evaluation.

45- PITE is an abbreviation of:

(A). Private Institute of Teacher Education

(B). Punjab Institute of Teacher Education

(C). Provincial Institute of Teacher Education. ✔️

(D). Private Institute of Teacher Educators

46- Traditionally curriculum means:

(A). A list of topics for teaching ✔️

(B). Reading Material for Students

(C). Textual Materials for Teachers

(D). Teacher’s diary in the School

47- Ideological basis of curriculum development can be derived from:

(A). Sociological foundation

(B). Philosophical foundation✔️

(C). Psychological foundation

(D). Economic foundation

48- The motivation to do something for its own sake is:

(A). Extrinsic

(B). Behavioral

(C). Competence

(D). Intrinsic✔️

49- Hierarchy of human needs was presented by:

(A). Sieglar

(B). Gardner

(C). Maslow✔️

(D). Bandura

50- Supervision is characterized by:

(A). Latest trend of school inspection ✔️

(B). Guidance to students

(C). Class Control

(D). Mentoring teachers

51- Initial activity is management process is:

(A). Staffing

(B). Organizing

(C). Planning✔️

(D). Controlling

52- Leaders who encourage their followers to be more innovative and creative are known as:

(A). Transformational leaders ✔️

(B). Charismatic leaders

(C). Transactional leaders

(D). Authoritative leaders

53- Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that deals with:

(A). Knowledge ✔️

(B). Values

(C). Reality

(D). Aesthetics

54- Axiology is the branch of philosophy that deals with:

(A). Reality

(B). Knowledge.

(C). Values ✔️

(D). Aesthetics

55- “Education is a process for the creation of a sound mind in a sound body” defined by:

(A). Plato

(B). Rousseau

(C). Aristotle✔️

(D). Dewey

56- Table of specification helps in:

(A). Test scoring

(B). Test administration

(C). Test development✔️

(D). Test reporting

57- The most important component of a teaching plan is:

(A). Evaluation

(B). Objectives✔️

(C). Teaching method

(D). Class environment

58- The source of achieving education objectives is mainly based on:

(A). Curriculum evaluation✔️

(B). Developing Objectives of curriculum

(C). Framing students activities

(D). Implementation of curriculum

59- Major function of Punjab Text Book Board is:

(A). Printing books✔️

(B). Preparing teacher guides.

(C). Evaluation of Text Books

(D). Developing Text Books

60- Board filed curriculum is a modification of:

(A). Subject centered curriculum ✔️

(B). Learner centered curriculum.

(C). Activity centered curriculum

(D). Core curriculum

61- Reflection of John Dewey thoughts are seen in:

(A). Subject centered curriculum

(B). Learner centered curriculum

(C.) Activity centered curriculum✔️

(D). Teacher centered curriculum

62- Knowledge is compartmentalized in:

(A). Subject centered curriculum✔️

(B). Learner centered curriculum

(C). Activity centered curriculum

(D). Society centered curriculum

63- When, What, Why and How, to teach is the main task of:

(A). Audio Visual aids.

(B). Education psychology ✔️

(C). Education philosophy

(D). Social view of a society.

64- One component of the curriculum is not:

(A). Design ✔️

(B). Evaluation

(C). Content

(D). teaching strategies

65- Percentage of knowledge gained through observation by the children is:

(A). 75%✔️

(B). 50%

(C). 34%

(D). 65%

66- The base on which the subject activities and experiences are planned for school children is called:

(A). Course

(B). Textbook

(C). Design

(D). Syllabus✔️

67- Learning means:

(A). Change in behavior✔️

(B). Teaching process

(C). Doing something

(D). Practicing skill

68- Intelligence level of gifted student is:

(A). 140 and above✔️

(B). 110.

(C). 90

(D). 70

69- Institutional curriculum provides guidance in education process to:

(A). Students✔️

(B). Institutional heads

(C). Parents

(D). Teachers

70- Charles Wood Dispatch was presented by Britishers in:

(A). 1834

(B). 1844

(C). 1854✔️

(D). 1920

71- Indian Education Commission was established during pro[partition of subcontinent under headship of:

(A). Sir Charles Wood

(B). Lord Macaulay

(C). Sir William Hunter✔️

(D). Sir Thomas

72- Lord Macaulay Resolution in the Indian Education Context was passed in:

(A). 1857

(B). 1835✔️

(C). 1946

(D). 1742

73- Text Book Board was recommended for establishment under:

(A). Education Conference 1947

(B). National Education Commission 1959✔️

(C). National Education Policy 1970

(D). National Education Policy 1972

74- National Education Policy 1972 recommended free education up to class:

(A). 5

(B). 10 ✔️

(C). 12

(D). 14

75- Charter Act (Education) in India was presented in:

(A). 1805

(B). 1813✔️

(C). 1817

(D). 1827

76- Jamia Millia could not become popular among Muslims due to its opposition to:

(A). Hindu Raj

(B). British Govt.✔️

(C). Two Nations Theory

(D). Tehrike Khilafat

77- Nadva tul Ulema was established on the initiative of:

(A). Maulana Shibli Nomani ✔️

(B). Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(C). Caliph Hamid ud Din

(D). Maulana Muhamamd Ali Johar

78- Council of Technical Education was recommended for establishment under:

(A). Education Conference 1947 ✔️

(B). National Education Commission 1959

(C). National Education Policy 1970

(D). National Education Policy 1972

79- The major Objective of Aligarh Movement was to promote:

(A). Technical Education

(B). Hatred of Hindu

(C). Scientific look

(D). Literacy among Muslims✔️

80- In Jamia Millia, the medium of Instruction was:

(A). English

(B). Arabic

(C). Persian

(D). Urdu✔️

81- M.A.O High School was given the rank of college in:

(A). 1864

(B). 1877✔️

(C). 1889

(D). 1842

82- During preparation of India, Scientific Society was established by:

(A). Allama Iqbal

(B). Sir Syed Ahmed Khan✔️

(C). Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar

(D). Shibli Nomani

83- A system of Education in every country is usually based on:

(A). National ideology ✔️

(B). Social views

(C). Intellectual development

(D). Skill development

84- Being the science of wisdom, Philosophy alms at:

(A). Search for activity

(B). Search for reality✔️

(C). Search for probability

(D). Search for practicability

85- The Deoband Institution was totally:

(A). Personal

(B). Government

(C). Non-Government✔️

(D). International

86- Action research in an education set-up helps us:

(A). It requires little skill or knowledge

(B). The results are widely generalizable

(C). It can contribute to basic knowledge

(D). It can build up a small community of research-oriented✔️

87- The leadership grants complete freedom to the members of the organizations for working in the institution:

(A). Autocratic

(B). Consultative

(C). Democratic✔️

(D). Laissez Faire

88- The old concept of supervision is known as:

(A). Counseling

(B). Managing

(C). Advising

(D). Inspection✔️

89- The term ‘Bureaucracy’ was introduced by:

(A). Henry Fayol

(B). Luther Gulick

(C). Frederick Taylor

(D). Max Weber✔️

90- To find out how far each score is from the mean, we use?

(A). Median

(B). Range

(C). Quartile deviation

(D). Standard deviation✔️

91- Which scale represents the lowest level of measurement?

(A). Likert

(B). Ordinal

(C). Nominal✔️

(D). Ratio

92- Non-Vacation employees is considered as:

(A). Principal✔️

(B). Teacher

(C). Subject specialist

(D). Professor

93- The education acquired without any specific purpose, fixed period and place be marked as:

(A). Indirect education

(B). Non formal education

(C). Informal education✔️

(D). Formal education

94- The compulsory element of student learning is:

(A). Ability to read

(B). Bright mind

(C). Desire to know ✔️

(D). Listening ability

95- The branch of philosophy examines issues pertaining to the nature of “reality” deals with:

(A). Ontology✔️

(B). Metaphysics

(C). Axiology

(D). Epistemology

96-  The realist’s aim of education is:

(A). Self-realization.

(B). Spiritual and moral development

(C). Happy and moral development

(D). Total development of personality.✔️

97-Play way method of teaching has been emphasized in the scheme of the education of:

(A). Naturalists✔️

(B). Realists

(C). Pragmatists

(D). Existentialist

98- Which is the characteristics of the project method:

(A). Problematic set

(B). Carried in its natural setting

(C). Used for all-round-development of child’s personality✔️

(D). A voluntary undertaking

99- Who was twentieth century existentialist?

(A). Soren Kierkegaard✔️

(B). D.J O’Connor

(C). Jean Paul Sartre

(D). Hegel

100- The founder of Anjuman e Himayat e Islam Lahore was:

(A). Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(B). Caliph Hamid ud Din✔️

(C). Quaid e Azam

(D). Allama Iqbal

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