PPSC Headmaster/ Deputy Headmistress Past Paper of 2015 MCQs

(1). Teacher performs practically and explains in:

(A). Lecture method

(B). Discovery method

(C). Demonstration method

(D). Problem solving method

(2). The motivation to do something for its own sake is:

(A). Extrinsic

(B). Behavioral

(C). Competence

(D). Intrinsic

(3). Reflection of john Dewey thoughts is own seen in:

(A). Subject centered curriculum

(B). Learner centered curriculum

(C). Core centered curriculum

(D). Teacher centered curriculum

(4). Who is not a curriculum practitioner:

(A). Curriculum specialist             

(B). Teacher

(C). Supervisor

(D). Learner

(5). Pure Islamic education system no support from British Govt. was main theme of:

(A). Jamia Millia Delhi

(B). Nadwatul Ulema

(C). Deoband Darul Uloom

(D). Aligarh institution

(6). Supervision is characterized with:

(A). Improvement of learning     

(B). improvement of teaching

(C). improvement of school facilities

(D). improvement of staff working

(7). In Pakistan final approval of school curriculum is responsibility of:

(A). Textbook Board       

(B). Board of Secondary and intermediate

(C). Provincial Bureau curriculum

(D). Federal Ministry of Education

(8). The inspection of schools concept was firstly started in:

(A). America

(B). China

(C). India

(D). England

(9). Determination whether good or bad refers:

(A). Epistemology            

(B). Ontology

(C). Axiology

(D). Sociology

(10). Head usually treat the employees with strict disciplines represent the theory model:

(A). Theory Y

(B). Theory X

(C). Behavioristic Model

(D). Laissez Faire model

(11). Profession is employed for:

(A). Job

(B). Duty

(C). Work

(D). Service

(12). Shah wali Allah Philosophy was based on:

(A). Idealism      

(B). Realism

(C). pragmatism

(D). Existentialism

(13). Human beings are looked upon as individuals living in societies through:

(A). pragmatism               

(B). Realism

(C). Pragmatism

(D). Existentialism

(14). According to which theory effective leadership depends on the interaction of leader personal traits behavior and factors in leadership situation:

(A). Contingency              

(B). Trait

(C). Bureaucracy

(D). Path goal

(15). Which method has made educational psychology a science:

(A). Observation method             

(B). Case study method

(C). Survey method

(D). Experimental method

(16). Educational objectives are mainly derived from:

(A). National goals          

(B). Schools

(C). Educational policy

(D). Educational aims

(17). The Socratic Method is known as:

(A). Demonstration method       

(B). Discussion method

(C). Lecture method

(D). Dialectic method

(18). Acquittance roll is used for:

(A). Salaries disbursement          

(B). Stock entries

(C). Govt. Grants files

(D). Experimental curriculum

(19). National curriculum is actually:

(A). intended curriculum              

(B). Taught curriculum

(C). Learned curriculum

(D). Experimental curriculum
(20). Rote learning is a demerit of:

(A). Subject cantered curriculum               

(B). integrated centered curriculum

(C). Activity centered curriculum

(D). Broad field centered curriculum

(21). Which projector projects the image on transparencies on the screen:

(A). Overhead   

(B). Opaque

(C). Film

(D). Slide

(22). School curriculum is defined as:

(A). Material of instruction          

(B). Methods of instruction

(C). Courses of study

(D). Experiences organized by school

(23). In norm referenced test the comparison is between:

(A). Markaz level              

(B). Tehsil level

(C). District level

(D). Provincial level

(24). In norm referenced test the comparison is between:

(A). groups         

(B). individuals

(C). classes

(D).  interests

(25). curriculum is interpreted to mean all the organized courses activities and experiences which students have under the direction of the school whether in the  classroom or not is said by:

(A). Gay               

(B). Hilda Taba

(C). Dewey

(D). Froebel

(26). Projective techniques are used to measure the students:

(A). Aptitude     

(B). Intelligence

(C). Knowledge

(D). personality

(27). Real mentorship in schools created by having relationship is called:

(A). Ethical         

(B). Professional

(C). Social

(D). Cultural

(28). The father of modern theory of management is:

(A). Tyler             

(B). Henry Fayol

(C). Max Weber

(D). Gullick

(29). Articles purchased for school use are entered in:

(A). Cash Register

(B). Stock register

(C). Contingent register

(D). Acquaintance Roll

(30). The process of adaptation in Piagetian cognitive Development theory is:

(A). Assimilation and recognition              

(B). Accommodation and recognition

(C). Assimilation and accommodation

(D). Accommodation and interpretation

(31).What was basis for claiming a separate state of the Muslims in sub-continent:

(A).Customs and hair styles

(B). Traditions and customs

(C). Educational system and geographical need

(D). Religion and culture

(32) In Jamia Millia Dehli the medium of instruction was prescribed in the languages/s:

(A). English

(B). Arabic

(C). English & Urdu

(D). Urdu

(33). The successful and systematic working of a school depends on suitable:

(A). Head            

(B). Time Table

(C). Curriculum

(D). Management

(34). The first all Pakistan education conference was presided over by:

(A). Muhammad ali Jinnah           

(B). Fazlur Rehman

(C). Nawabzada Liaqat AN Khan

(D). Sardar Abdur Rab Nashtar

(35). According to crow and crow the purpose of formal education is to:

(A). make students more intelligent        

(B). make students active and constructive members of society

(C). form definite opinions in the mind of student

(D).  create good name for the nation

(36). Al- Ghazali stated that in his quest for true knowledge he started studying:

(A). Literature   

(B). Philosophy

(C). Science

(D). Religion

(37). The processes of education ranges form:

(A). Birth to death           

(B). childhood to adulthood

(C). Adulthood to old age

(D). Adolescence to maturation level

(38). Scientific and technical knowledge is obtained through:

(A). Experience

(B). Observation

(C). Experience and observation

(D). intuition

(39). The practical aspect of philosophy is:

(A). Education   

(B). instruction

(C). Learning

(D). Measurement

(40). Education is the process of child individuality in the natural environment was stated by:

(A). Rousseau

(B). J.S. Mill

(C). Aristotle

(D). Dewey

(41). Experiences lead to the scientific approach was described by:

(A). Plato

(B). John Dewey

(C). Wudent

(D).  Shah wali Ullah

(42). In Pakistan the levels of general education are:

(A). Two

(B). Three

(C). Four

(D). Five

(43). Kindergarten system of education was contributed by:

(A). Maslow

(B). Spencer

(C). Froebel

(D). Montessori

(44). A teacher asks invites the questions in the class to:

(A). Keep students busy               

(B). Maintain discipline

(C). Attract student learning

(D). Create good environment

(45). Full-fledged institutes of Education were established at the universities to lay down the basis for continuous:

(A). Research

(B). Education

(C). Training

(D). Semester system

(46). The literal meaning of curriculum is:

(A). Path

(B). Light

(C). Height

(D). Knowledge

(47). The term cognition refers to:

(A). Predicting   

(B). Analysis and synthesis

(C). Thinking

(D). Surveying

(48). Experiments have supplied significant data concerning behavior reaction in relation to:

(A). Data

(B). Practice

(C). Skill

(D). Learning

(49). Through the education process an individual is stimulated to think to appreciate and to:

(A). Educate

(B). Behave

(C). Act

(D). Train

(50). Attention is a/an:

(A). Social state

(B). Mental state

(C). Organic state

(D). Altitudinal state

(51). Modern supervision is based on broadened concept:

(A). Leadership

(B). Planning

(C). Evaluation

(D). Teaching

(52). Who is responsible to transmit values in the society?

(A). Senior Citizens

(B). School

(C). Parents

(D). Examir

(53). Which of the following medium of instruction was suggested in Charter Act:

(A). Urdu

(B). English

(C). Hindi

(D). Persian

(54). Compute education in schools was first introduced in Pakistani education policy:

(A). 1998

(B). 1992

(C). 1959

(D). 1972

(55). Curriculum improvement is necessary if:

(A). Change in teaching styles

(B). Emerging new knowledge

(C). New developments of instructional aids

(D). New textbooks are published

(56). An outline of the topics of a subject to be covered in specific time is called:

(A). Curriculum

(B). Course

(C). Syllabus

(D). Supplementary

(57). Teachers efforts are less emphasized in?

(A). Subject centered curriculum

(B). Learner Centered Curriculum

(C). Activity Centered Curriculum

(D). Broad field curriculum

(58). Pedagogy is the study of:

(A). Education

(B). Learning

(C). Teaching methods

(D). Education guidance

(59). A successful practice is the real test of the achievement by:

(A). Teacher

(B). Principal

(C). Student learning

(D). Student evaluation

(60). Practice is made in:

(A). Inductive method

(B). Deductive method

(C). Drill method

(D). Discussion method

(61). The highest level of learning in cognitive domain is:

(A). Evaluation

(B). Synthesis

(C). Analysis

(D). Application

(62). Micro teaching focuses on the competency over:

(A). Methods

(B). Skills

(C). Contents

(D). Teaching aids

(63). Communication without words is called:

(A). Non-verbal communication

(B). Upward communication

(C). Oral communication

(D). Written communication

(64). Charles Wood dispatch was presented in:

(A). 1859

(B). 1833

(C). 1854

(D). 1920

(65). The application of philosophy in education directs towards:

(A). Selection of objectives

(B). Instruction by the staff 

(C). Promotion of the staff

(D). Incentive to the staff

(66). Which is not the hereditary factor:

(A). Colour

(B). Height

(C). Diet

(D). Eye Colour

(67). Who developed the first intelligence test:

(A). Terman

(B). Thorndike

(C). Binet

(D). Jones

(68). IQ is an index of:

(A). Level of mental development

(B). Rate of mental development

(C). Intellectual status

(D). Degree of mental maturity

(69). In guidance, the role of teacher is as:

(A). A judge

(B). A moralist

(C). A helper

(D). An evaluator

(70). Ibn-e-Khaldum never favoured:

(A). Discussion method

(B). Question answer method

(C). Lecture method

(D). Observation method

(71). Multiple choice questions provide a broad sampling of:

(A). Knowledge

(B). Learning

(C). Content

(D). Comprehension

(72). Learning difficulties during instruction can be checked with the help of evaluation type called:

(A). placement

(B). Summative

(C). Diagnostic

(D). Formative

(73). In “POSDCORB” P stands for:

(A). Posting

(B). Planning

(C). Presentation

(D). pretesting

(74). A curriculum is blue print or plan of the school that includes experiences for the:

(A). Teacher

(B). Learner

(C). Curriculum

(D). Experts

(75). Axiology in philosophy deals with:

(A). Knowledge

(B). Reality

(C). Values

(D). Culture

(76). “No System of education is better than its teachers who serve it” is said in:

(A). Education Conference 1947

(B). National Education Commission 1959

(C). National Education Policy 1972

(D). Education Policy 1779

(77). In drama/role play in schools, we usually ignore:

(A). Recreation and enjoyment

(B). Development of social skills

(C). Skills of conversation

(D). Do make rehearsals

(78). The teaching method recommended for elementary level is:

(A). Lecture method

(B). Project method

(C). Activity method

(D). Laboratory method

(79). The students respect the teacher due to his:

(A). Legal authority

(B). Power of grading (marks)

(C). Goodwill and personal integrity

(D). Parents – substitute

(80). How can we communicate with others without contradicting ourselves? Which branch of philosophy answers this question?

(A). Logic

(B). Axiology

(C). Metaphysics

(D). Epistemology

(81). Evaluation is a process of:

(A). Assigning numbers to a given task

(B). Making value judgement of students learning

(C). Making value judgement of institutions, programs or projects

(D). Making value judgment of teacher’s performance

(82). Which of the following is not an instrument of data collection?

(A). Questionnaires

(B). Experiments

(C). Interviews

(D). Observations

(83). Socio-situational theory of leaning is linked with:

(A). Skinner

(B). Maslow

(C). Bandura

(D). Atkinson

(84). What kind of knowledge comes from Allah through prophets:

(A). Sense

(B). Revelation

(C). Scientific method

(D). Instinct

(85). Which of the following are achievable in the classroom?

(A). Aims

(B). Targets

(C). Objectives

(D). Goals

(86). PEC stands for:

(A). Punjab Education Commission

(B). Punjab Examination Commission

(C). Punjab Evaluation Commission

(D). Pakistan Examination Commission

(87). School heads guide their school teachers in appropriate directions. It means they are displaying the behavior related to:

(A). Authoritative

(B). Theory Y

(C). Leadership

(D). Democratic

(88). Which graph illustrates how numerical values change over time:

(A). Bar graph

(B). Pie graph

(C). Moving Projection

(D). Line graph

(89). SOLO taxonomy has phases:

(A). 3

(B). 5

(C). 7

(D). 9

(90). Desirable models of behavior of a society are called:

(A). Beliefs

(B). Values

(C). Culture

(D). Morals

(91). The analysis, synthesis and evaluating the student thoughts are measured through:

(A). MCQs

(B). True & False

(C). Matching items

(D). Essay

(92). It can be facial expression, body language and signals:

(A). Non-verbal

(B). Direct instruction

(C). Modeling

(D). Monitoring

(93). The concept of free education was given by:

(A). John Dewey

(B). Frobel

(C). Karl Marx

(D). Aristotle

(94). Research study starts from:

(A). Development of hypothesis

(B). Testing the hypothesis

(C). Testing the hypothesis

(D). Data Collection

(95). In Planning and implanting curriculum draws concepts from:

(A). Culture

(B). Nation

(C). Region

(D). Govt.

(96). Which of the following is the heart of management process?

(A). Planning

(B). Problem solving

(C). Communication

(D). Directing

(97). Which of the following is not associated with non-verbal communication?

(A). Body language

(B). Facial expression

(C). Symbol

(D). Conversation

(98). Goals are bases in selection of:

(A). Activities

(B). Contents

(C). Instructional Material

(D). Evaluation procedure

(99). Curriculum which cover the maximum subjects at a time is called:

(A). Core curriculum

(B). Activity based curriculum

(C). Integrated curriculum

(D). Subjects curriculum

(100). Project, role playing practical method & laboratory method is included in:

(A). Telling method

(B). Showing method

(C). Doing method

(D). Drawing method

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