PPSC General Knowledge Solved MCQs for Zilladar, Junior Clerks, Assistant, Inspector Legal, Tehsildar, Food Inspector etc

1. The Jallian Wala bagh incident took place on 13th of April:
a) 1913
b) 1915
c) 1917
2. In which year the NWKP was named Khber Pakhtunkhan:
a) 2008
b) 2009
c) 2010
3. Boundary line between China and India is called:
a) Red line
b) Mcmohan line
c) package line
d)none of these
4. During British rule in india, in 1905, Bengal was partitioned by:
a) Lord Minto
b) Lord Simla
c) Lord Curzon
d) Red Cliffe
5. The Muhammad educational Conference was founded in:
a) 1884
b) 1886
c) 1890
6. The Pamphlet NOW AND NEVER was written by:
a) Allama Iqbal
b) Chudary Rahmat Ali
c) Qaid a Azam
d) Sir syed
7. The demand for separate Electorate in india by the Muslims was accepted in …. 1947:
d) 1935
8. India’ s partition plan was announce on ….. 1947:
a) June, 3, 1947
b) July 3, 1947
c) July 18, 1947
d)August 14, 1947
9. The national flower of Pakistan is:
a) tulip
b) rose
c) jasmine
d) sunflower
10. Which province of Pakistan has largest area:
a) Khyber Pakhtunkhan
b) Punjab
c) Sindh
d) Belutschistan
11. The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as:
a) khyber pass
b) shahrah e resham
c) durand line
d) bolan pass
12. Simla Deputition consist of….. muslim leaders:
a) 18
b) 35
c) 40
d) 50
13. Which Indian muslim leader is buried in Jerusalem:
a) Molana Muhammad Ali Johar
b) Nawab Viqarul Mulk
c) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
d) Moulvi Fazlul Haq
14. Who was the last viceroy of india:
a) Lord Wavell
b) Lord Mountbatten
c) Lord Linlinthgow
d) Lord Cripps
15. The first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated on ….. 1951:
a) Dec 16th 
b) Oct 16TH
c) Sep 16TH
d) Nov 16th
16. Simla agreement was signed between india and Pakistan in:
a) 1960
b) 1966
c) 1972
17. Who was the last Governor General of Pakistan:
a) Qaid e azam
b) Ghulam Muhammad
c) Iskandar Mirza
d) Ayub Khan
18. Qaid e Azam muhammad ali jinah joined muslim league in:
a) 1906
b) 1916
c) 1938
d) 1930
19. Allahabad address by Allama Iqbal was delivered in:
a) 1906
b) 1916
c) 1938
d) 1930
20. Capital of Myanmar is:
a) Yangoon
b) Rangoon
c) colombo
d) khulna
21. Hazrat sheikh ali bin Usman Hajwari came to india during the time of:
a) Mughals
b) Khiljis
c) Tughluq
d) Ghaznavi
22. Objectives resolution was passed in:
a) 1940
b) 1949
c) 1974
d) 1985
23. Who is the founder of modern republic of Turkey:
a) Caliph Abdul Majeed
b) Tariq Bin Ziyad
c) Mustafa Kamal
d) Babrak
24. What is the boiling point of water:
a) 60 C
b) 80 C
c) 100 C
d) 120 C
25. Who was the indian prime minister who signed Tashkent Declaration of Pakistan: 
a) Jawahar Lal Nehru
b) Lal Bahadur Shastri
c) Indria Gandhi
d) Atal Behari Vajpai
26. The normal temperature of human body is:
a) 98.4 F
b) 96.4 F
c) 93.4 F
d) 100 F
27. World population day is celebrated on:
a) 11 July
b) 11 June
c) 11 May
d) None of these
28. Which of the following is Not the member of Economics Cooperation Organization ECO:
a) Pakistan
b) Afghanistan
c) Chechnya
d) Kazakhstan
29. Percentage of women in the population size in the world is:
a) 54%
b) 51%
c) 49%
d) none
30. Rank of Pakistan according to the population size in the world is:
a) 6th
b) 8th
c) 9th
d) none
31. Which Indian muslim leader moved to Pakistan resolution at the all india muslim league session held in Lahore in 1940:
a) Maulvi Fazal Ul Haq
b) Maulana Bhasani
c) Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman
d) Maulana Shibli Naumani
32. …. ………is the nearest planet to earth:
a) venus
b) mars
c) jupiter
33. Distance of earth and sun in winter:
a) increase
b) decrease
c) remain the same
d) flutuates
34. Which country has the largest muslim population in the world:
a) Iran
b) India
c) Indonesia
d) Saudi arabia
35. What is chlorophyll colour:
a) green
b) yellow
c) red
d) black
36. In which Eurpeon city are the headquarter of res cross:
a) New Yark
b) Belgium
c) Holland
d) Geneva
37. World water day is celebrated on:
a) 22nd March
b) 22nd June
c) 22 July
d) none
38. World literacy day is celebrated on:
a) 5th Sep
b) 6th Sep
c) 8th Sep
d) none
39. Greenwhich mean time passes through:
a) Ireland
b) Morocco
c) Mali
d) None of these
40. Which city is the capital of Sri Lanka:
a) Colombo
b) Chittagong
c) Khatmandu
d) Rajshani
41. Who erected the Taj Mahal is memory of his wife:
a) Jahngir
b) Shah jahan
c) Akbar
d) Humayun
42. Which city was once known as Constantinople:
a) Cairo
b) Qum
c) Istanbul
d) California
43. What is the common name of sodium chloride:
a) acid
b) Qalmi Shora
c) Gandhak
d) Salt
44. Which continent is called Dark continent:
a) Africa
b) Europ
c) Asia
d) America
45. Which Surah does not start with Bismillah:
a) Al Tauba
b) Al Nas
c) Al Noor
d) Al Naml
46. In which Surah Bismillah has occured twice:
a) Al Naml
b) Al Taubha
c) Al Nas
d) Al Kausar
47. The name of the fifth Kalimah is:
a) Kalima Tauheed
b) Kalima Sahadat
c) Kalima Istigfar
d) Kalima Tamjeed
48. Who Wrote Heer Ranjha
a) Waris shah
b) Bulleh shah
c) Sultan Bahu
d) Mian Muhammad Bux
49. Faiz ahmad faiz was:
a) a poet
b) a journalist
c) an army personnel
d) all the above
50. Holy Prophet PBUH was born in ….
a) 569 A.D
b) 568 A.D
c) 570 A.D
d) 571 A.D

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