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There will be 25 multiple choice question in the tests.
Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
Practice this test at least 5 times if you want to secure High Marks.
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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Headmaster Headmistress Test 51
Subject Education, BED, MED
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 50
Total Time 50 Minutes
Totl Marks 100

You have 50 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Headmaster Headmistress, Principal, Dy. Headmaster Dy. Headmistress Online Test No. 51

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Decisions are made by the leader after consultation of selected colleagues in:

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A relatively brief statement summarizing the purpose of the school is known as:

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The motivation which involve to do something to obtain something else is:

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Researcher needs to be familiar with these three basic types of sources:

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The test which is taken to keep student in a particular course, program or class is known as:

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A study in which an attempt is made to determine the current status of population with respect to more variables on the basis of data collected from the members of a population is called:

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The term bureaucracy was introduced by:

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Self-actualization theory was developed by:

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Which is not a quantitative approach?

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Theories in which efforts have been made to identify the personal qualities of an effective leader are known as theories of:

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In Bloom's Taxonomy of cognitive domain comprehension is:

12 / 50

Main objectives developing integrated curriculum for classes I to II was to: 

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When data is collected from all the members of population the study is called:

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Research designs in which effort is made to study the effect of more than one independent variables on dependent variables are called?

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Which is not a form of reliability?

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Development of insight in an individual is emphasized through:

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General wants or desire which we are of human behavior, are called:

18 / 50

Intellect means:

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Which is a type of research by method:

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Schools were students have a positive voice in governance and discipline matters would probably lead philosophically toward:

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Permanent learning difficulties are investigated in:

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Experiences and structured series of learning outcomes are:

23 / 50

The acquisition of knowledge, skills and behavior is termed as:

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Thinking with the aim of producing one correct answer is:

25 / 50

Most of our classroom assessments are:

26 / 50

Which theory of learning states that learning takes as a whole:

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The evaluation of effectiveness of counseling services is based on:

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A fear in which sources of fear is vague is called:

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The score which occurs most frequently is:

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Objective in maintaining school record is to:

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Trial and error method for learning was adopted by:

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Microteaching is a technique which is:

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Higher Education Commission was established in:

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The stage in which children understand the world through senses and action is:

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The shared perceptions of the characteristics of the school and of its members:

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A standardized test measuring specific intellectual capabilities or other characteristics is called:

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Montessori method is introduced by:

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The teacher who is a pragmatist sees himself/herself mainly as a:

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Realist methods of instruction would emphasize:

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If the position of the person changes but salary, grade and other privileges remain same the social mobility is:

41 / 50

Basic research involves:

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The process quantifying the observed performance of learner in class room is called:

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Criterion reference test are used to:

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Curriculum means all those activities which are provided inside or outside the school in order to achieve predetermined goal was, defined by:

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The typical matching items are limited to the measurement of:

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Confirmation of an employee on the job is made when he/she completes satisfactorily:

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In management the factor cannot be empirically measured observed or analyzed is:

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Which theory states that learning takes place as a whole:

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Which type of counseling is very useful and important in eliminating social maladjustment:

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The most important aim of education in character formation as told by:

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