PPSC FPSC NTS Lecturer Education Practice MCQs Test No. 9

1). “Education is the process of development of the mind and body of man so that he/she eagerly pursues the ideals perfection of citizenship” is the statement of:

(A). Socrates

(B). Allama Iqbal

(C). Ibn-e-Rushd

(D). Plato✔️

2- In lecture method, one aspect of the following is not related to:

(A). Students are passive

(B). Feedback is not received

(C). Students Interest Increased✔️

(D). Individual difference among students ignored

3-The ideal teacher is one who narrated as:

(A). Teaches the whole curriculum

(B). Helps his students in learning

(C). A friend, philosopher and guide✔️

(D). Maintains good discipline in the class.

4- To attain more interest and attraction among students in class, a teacher should:

(A). Use blackboard

(B). Use pictures✔️

(C). Tell stories

(D). Ask questions

5- Which of the following plays a vital role in attaining the alms and objectives of education:

(A). Curriculum✔️

(B). Textbooks

(C). Teacher guides

(D). Syllabus

6- At which level, diversification of curriculum was undertaken?

(A). Early school level

(B). Primary school level

(C). Secondary school level✔️

(D). Middle school level

7- In the class students can become confident through the method of teaching as:

(A). Recitation method

(B). Question answer method✔️

(C). Project method

(D). Team teaching method

8- Teacher is bound to pay attention to the selection of appropriate teaching materials and teaching techniques to meet:

(A). Social needs

(B). Learner needs✔️

(C). Educational needs

(D). Cultural needs

9- Many aspects of learning can be studied best through the application of experimental methods to:

(A). Classroom situations.

(B). Classroom investigations

(C). Classroom experiences✔️

(D). Classroom control

10- The central purpose of every anecdotal record is to help the entire school staff to obtain better understanding of a given:

(A). Problem

(B). Student✔️

(C). Fact

(D). Question

11- Inner faculties and intellectual processing are concerned with:

(A). Cognition✔️

(B). Personality

(C). Measurement

(D). Aptitude

12- Change in education leads to the change in:

(A). Government

(B). Society ✔️

(C). Geography

(D). Policy

13- Charter Act was passed in:

(A). 1816

(B). 1814

(C). 1815

(D). 1813✔️

14-Sadler Commission was formed in :

(A). 1915

(B). 1917✔️

(C). 1919

(D). 1918

15- The Commission on National Education appointed by a resolution adopted by the Government of Pakistan on:

(A). August 30, 1958

(B). March 30, 1958

(C). October 30, 1958

(D). December 30, 1958✔️

16- How many basic components of curriculum have:

(A). 2

(B). 4✔️

(C). 6

(D). 8

17- Which philosopher compiled Kindergarten education system?

(A). Froebel✔️

(B). Herbert Spencer

(C). John Locke

(D). D J.O’ Connor

18- The University Grants Commission has started training programme for teachers of:

(A). Degree Colleges

(B). Universities

(C). Both degree colleges and universities✔️

(D). Schools

19- Panel dialogue is a type of:

(A) Discovery method

(B). Discussion method.✔️

(C). Lecture method

(D). Demonstration method

20- CAI stands for:

(A). Computer analyzed instruction

(B). Computer assisted instruction. ✔️

(C). Computer assisted interview

(D). Computer analyzed interview.

21-Positive classroom environment keeps students motivated for:

(A). Examination

(B). Reading

(C). Learning✔️

(D). Co-curricular activities

22- Who is the founder of discovery learning:

(A). Bruner✔️

(B). Jean Piaget

(C). J.S. Mill

(D). Gardener

23- Sir William Hunter Commission (Indian Education Commission) was formed in:

(A). 1852

(B). 1835

(C). 1882✔️

(D). 1042

24- Aims are:

(A). National expectations✔️

(B). Learning expectations

(C). Institutions expectations

(D). Teacher expectations

25- “Permanency is more real than change” is said by the teacher believing in the philosophy of:

(A). Perennialism✔️

(B). Essentialism

(C). Progressivism

(D). Reconstructionism

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