PPSC FPSC NTS Lecturer Education MCQs Practice Test No. 20

1- The main feature of the new secondary school curriculum was a new orientation towards which was subject?

(A). English

(B). Urdu

(C). Mathematics

(D). Science✔️

2-  At secondary school level, much emphasis was given to Islamic studies and:

(A). Religious Education

(B). Pakistan Studies✔️

(C). Social Studies

(D). English

3- In which year Pakistan Government entrusted the responsibility of the revision of curricula of BA/B.Sc and MA/M.Se level courses to the university grants commission and national academy of higher education?

(A). 1972

(B). 1976✔️

(C). 1974

(D). 1978

4-The UGC has started in service/pre-service training programme for:

(A). Teachers✔️

(B). Advisers.

(C). Members

(D). Students

5-How many aspects of vertical organization of the curriculum deserve attention?

(A). 4

(B). 2✔️

(C). 3

(D). 5

6- Maktab and Madrassa Education system was formulated by the:

(A). Muslims✔️

(B). Jews

(C). Christians

(D). Hindus

7- The curriculum developed by the Muslims used to be taught in the Western universities till the:

(A). 15th

(B). 16th✔️

(C). 17th

(D). 18th

8- Almighty Allah commanded education and knowledge———-revelation of the Hira (mountain):

(A). First✔️

(B). Second

(C). Third

(D). Fourth

9- The Holy Prophet (PBUH) brought about:

(A). Educational revolution

(B). Social revolution

(C). Spiritual revolution

(D). All of the above✔️

10- Who said man is forced to learn:

(A). Al-Ghazali

(B). Ibn-e-Tufail

(C). Avicena

(D). Ibn-e-Khaldun✔️

11- Ibn-e-Khaldun says that:

(A). Learning is a human instinct

(B). Man is forced to learn

(C). Learning is a human need

(D). All of the above✔️

12- According to Ibn-e-Khaldun:

(A). Revealed teachings must be believed for understanding of reality

(B). The chief aim of education is acquaintance with reality

(C). Sensations are the first level of knowledge

(D). All of the above✔️

13- Ibn-e-Khaldun wishes to develop:

(A). Self-confidence in the students by means of education

(B). High values in the students by means of education

(C). Values in the students by means of education

(D). All of the above.✔️

14- Who said ‘Instruction in foreign language is half instruction’:

(A). John Dewey

(B). Pestalouzi

(C). Ibn-e-Khaldun✔️

(D). Ibn-e-Jamal

15- Zarnoogi was:

(A). A philosopher and an educationist✔️

(B). A Politician

(C). An Economist

(D). A Sociologist

16- In the world of today:

(A). Democracy is deep-rooted

(B). Dictatorship has no place to

(C). Human rights are honored exist

(D). All of the above✔️

17- The self-interested politicians:

(A). Can misguide the subjects✔️

(B). Give priority to the national interests

(C). Have sense of national development

(D). Both ‘b’ and ‘c’

18- Democracy works properly in those societies where:

(A). There is over-population

(B). Thereis enough opportunities of education✔️

(C). There is no corruption in the institutions

(D). There economic stability

19- Who is responsible for the transmission of culture?

(A). School✔️

(B). Means to communication

(C). Religious leaders

(D). Senior citizens

20- Society is a group of people who:

(A). Adopts a particular culture

(B). Units themselves.

(C). Shares the common values

(D). All of these✔️

21- Change in education leads to the change in:

(A). Government

(B). Society✔️

(C). Geography

(D). All of the above

22- The individuals of a society share:

(A). Common culture

(B). Common traditions

(C) Common theory of reward and punishment

(D). All of the above✔️

23- Information technology has:

(A). Increased the need for technology✔️

(B). Decreased the need for technology.

(C). Decreased the need for engineers

(D). Decreased the need for experts

24- Which of the following is propagated in the education system of U.S.A?

(A). Islamic philosophy of Education

(B). Hinduism

(C). Western philosophy of democracy✔️

(D). Socialism

25- The mutual interaction of the individuals leads to:

(A). National unity

(B). Social stability✔️

(C). National defense

(D). Political awakening

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