PPSC FPSC NTS Lecturer Education MCQs Practice Test No. 19

1- Madras University was established in:

(A). 1859

(B). 1858

(C). 1856

(D). 1857.✔️

2-Calcutta University was established in:

(A). 1859

(B). 1858

(C). 1856

(D). 1857✔️

3- Bombay University was established in:

(A). 1859

(B). 1858

(C). 1856

(D). 1857✔️

4- Government College, Lahore was established in:

(A). 1864✔️

(B). 1865

(C). 1866

(D). 1867

5- Which of the following levels of education was included in the basic education as per recommendations of Sergeant Report?

(A). Primary level of education

(B). Primary and Middle levels of education✔️

(C). Primary, Middle and Secondary levels of education

(D). None of the above

6- Which of the following was proposed in Indian Education Commission 1182?

(A). Primary education is the responsibility of the Government

(B). There should be variation is the subjects for various educational levels

(C). The students of private schools should be given scholarships

(D). All of the above✔️

7-It was proposed in Indian Education Commission that the modern Indian languages would be used as the medium of instruction at:

(A). Primary level

(B). Secondary level

(C). Primary and Secondary level✔️

(D). None of the above

8-Which of the following was aim of British education in India?

(A). Generation of dependent people

(B). Promotion of Christianity

(C). Provision of faithful employees

(D). All of the above✔️

9- In Inter-University Board was set up in:

(A). 1920

(B). 1925✔️

(C). 1930

(D). 1935

10- A Separate Department Education under the administration of Central Government was established in:

(A). 1944

(B). 1945✔️

(C). 1946


11- All-India Council for Technical Education was established in:

(A). 1945✔️

(B). 1947

(C). 1946

(D). 1948

12- The medium of instruction in Calutta Vidyalia was:

(A). Urdu

(B). Persian

(C). Arabic

(D). English✔️

13- Which of the following nations opposed the division of Bengal:

(A). Muslims

(B). Hindus✔️

(C). Sikhs

(D). Christians

14- Which of the following educational concept was presented in the strict educational policy of Lord Curzon:

(A). Limited education

(B). Pure education

(C). Higher education

(D). All of the above✔️

15- Indian Universities commission presented its report in:

(A). 1902✔️

(B). 1903

(C). 1904

(D). 1905

16- Who developed the curriculum of Dars-e-Nizami:

(A). Aurangzeb

(B). Mulla Nizam-ud-Din. Sahalbi✔️

(C). Shah Wali-u-Allah

(D). None of these

17- Islamic education enables an individual to recognize:

(A). God

(B). Himself

(C). Universe

(D). All of the above✔️

18- The central point of Islamic education is:

(A). Divine cognizance

(B). Surrender to Divine

(C). Securing the Divine will

(D). All of the above✔️

19- The creation of universe is based on the:

(A). Divine will

(B). Divine plan

(C). Divine knowledge

(D). All of the above✔️

20- There are how many working weeks in a year at primary and secondary levels?

(A). 35✔️

(B). 34

(C). 36

(D). 27

21- When the pattern of curriculum which is being followed today in our universities was proposed by the Calcutta University Commission?

(A). 1928

(B). 1935

(C). 1925

(D). 1919✔️

22- How many Engineering colleges were raised to the status of universities?

(A). 2✔️

(B). 3

(C). 4

(D). 5

23- When the new syllabi were introduced in Pakistan for the first time?

(A). 1951

(B). 1958

(C). 1959

(D). 1961✔️

24- At which level, diversification of curriculum was undertaken?

(A). Early school level

(B). Primary school level

(C). Secondary school level✔️

(D). Middle school level

25- There was how many distinguished features of the new secondary school curriculum?

(A). 2✔️

(B). 3

(C). 4

(D). 5

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