PPSC FPSC Lecturer Zoology Solved MCQs Practice Test 1

1- The one environmental problem that is the root of all other environmental problems is:

A). Pollution

B). Depletion of fossil fuels

C). Deforestation

D). Over population✔️

2- The appearance of new characteristics at a given level of organization is called?

A). Cellular hierarchy

B). Emergence✔️

C). Reproduction

D). Variation

3- The study of functional anatomy is called:

A). Tectology

B). Histology

C). Physiology✔️

D). Cytology

4- The structures of the protein molecules needed for organismal development and functioning in animals are encoded in?

A). Nucleic Acids✔️

B). Mitochondrial DNA

C). Nuclear DNA

D). Proteins

5- The study of organismal interaction with an environment is called?

A). Zoology

B). Embryology

C). Physiology

D). Ecology✔️

6- The second law of thermodynamics States that physical systems tend to proceed toward a state of greater disorder called?

A). Enthalpy

B). Entropy✔️

C). Complexity

D). Zymurgy

7- The study of fishes is called:

A). Immunology

B). Ichthyology✔️

C). Herpetology

D). Helminthology

8- Entomology is the:

A). Study of insects✔️

B). Study of birds

C). Study of fishes

D). None of the above

9- Study of amphibians and reptiles is called:

A). Entomology

B). Herpetology✔️

C). Ichthyology

D).  Ornithology

10- Powerful theories that guide extensive research are called?

A). Hypothesis

B). Theories

C). Paradigms✔️

D). Methodologies

11- The experimental sciences generally address which of the following?

A). The philosophy of science

B). Evolutionary causes

C). Proximate or immediate causes✔️

D). All of the above correct

12- Analogous organs are:

A). Having similar function and similar origin

B). Having similar function but different origin✔️

C). Having similar function but similar origin

D). All are true

13- Contributions to animal biology may come from areas such as?

A). Biochemistry

B). Genetics

C). Cell Biology

D). All the above are correct✔️

14- To date, approximately this many animal species have been described.


B). 1 million✔️

C). 10 million

D). 100 million

15- Ideas concerning the theory of organic evolution were published and supported with convincing evidence by Charles Darwin in:





16- The one environmental problem that is the root of all other environmental problem is :

A). Over population✔️

B). Deforestation

C). Depletion of fossil fuels

D). Population

17- The first part of the binomial name of an animal is the:

A). Species

B). Genus✔️

C). Family

D). Order

18- The study of interactions between organisms and their environment is:

A). Cytology

B). Physiology

C). Ecology✔️

D). Systematics

19- The study of birds is:

A). Ornithology✔️

B). Mammalogy

C). Ichthyology

D). Herpetology

20- The study of tissues is:

A). Cytology

B). Embryology

C). Systematic

D). Histology✔️

21- Evolutionary theory helps explain:

A). The diversity of life

B). The relationships within animals groups

C). The behaviour of animals

D). All the above are correct✔️

22- The taxonomic level between phylum and order is:

A). Genus

B). Class✔️

C). Domain

D). Family

23- ___ is the study of animals.

A). Botany

B). Cytology

C). Histology

D). Zoology✔️

24- To be of value to science, hypothesis must be____.

A). Established facts

B). Testable and falsifiable✔️

C). Proven correct

D). Popular

25- The chemical energy used by ( most) organisms for metabolism and growth ultimately comes from____.

A). Heat

B). The decomposition of plants and other organic debris

C). The sun✔️

D). Carbon dioxide

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