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Test Instructions:-
Test NameLecturer Economics 
SubjectEconomics Test 40
Test TypeMCQs
Total Questions25
Total Time20 Minutes
Total Marks100

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Government planners play a central role in allocating resources:

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The economic system used in former U.S.S.R is best described as:

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Consumers play a central role in allocating resources:

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Traditionally, there was no difference between price and:

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The book 'wealth of nations' was written by:

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The production possibility curve is concerned with:

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The water diamond paradox was firstly resolved with the help of:

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Diamond has higher marginal valuation for consumer and higher marginal costs for producers, so its price is:

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The study of economics just in theoretical way is called .......................... economics:

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Economic incentives are important:

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According to World bank, first priority should be given to:

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In China during the early 1990s:

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Which is not a major aspect of transition of socialist to market economies?

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Consumers in the former Soviet Union:

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According to Saint Thomas Acquinis value is determined by God, but prices by:

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The study of economics for the sake of certain objective is called ............... economics:

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According to Karl Marx, people should be rewarded so:

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Economic theory deals with:

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Former socialist economies that are moving to free market capitalism have experienced:

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The 'soft budget constraint' of Soviet enterprises was:

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The concept of property rights in an economic system has to do with the:

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In an administrative-command economy:

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Karl Marx had faith in:

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Law of variable proportions concerned with:

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The price of any commodity under market mechanism is determined by forces of:

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