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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Computer Science 
Subject Computer Science Test 47
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Computer Science Online Test No. 47

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Which of the following can be addressed by enforcing a referential integrity constraint?

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The term for information that describes what type of data is available in a database is:

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What term is used to refer to a specific record in your music database; for instance; information stored about a specific album?

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Identify the composite attributes:

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We indicate roles in E-R diagrams by labeling the lines that connect ................... to..............

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Establishing limits on allowable property values, and specifying a set of acceptable predefined options that can be assigned to a property are examples of:

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Which of the following gives a logical structure of the database graphically?

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Which is the main relation which is used in the university database which is referenced by all other relation of the university.

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The entity relationship set is represented in E-R diagram as:

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Which one of the following uniquely identifies the elements in the relation?

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Data integrity constraints are used to:

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If you were collecting and storing information about your music collection, an album would be considered a(n):

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.................is a special type of integrity constraint that relates two relations & maintains consistency across the relations.

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.............is preferred method for enforcing data integrity:

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Consider a directed line(->) from the relationship set advisor to both entity sets instructor and student. This indicates ................... cardinality:

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If a relation is in BCNF, then it is also in:

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Weak entity set is represented as:

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The Rectangles divided into two parts represents:

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For a weak entity set to be meaningful, it must be associated with another entity set, called the:

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If every non-key attribute is functionally dependent primary key, then the relation will be in:

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If an attribute of a composite key is dependent on an attribute of the other composite key, a normalization called _____ is needed.

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Which one is based on multi-valued dependency:

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A domain is ______ if elements of the domain are considered to be indivisible units.

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Drop Table cannot be used to drop a table referenced by a _________ constraint.

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An entity set that does not have sufficient attributes to form a primary key is termed a..........

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