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There will be 25 multiple choice question in the test.
Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Statistics
Subject Statistics Test 11
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Statistics Online Test No. 11

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The secular trend is measured by the method of semi-averages when:

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The harmonic mean of the values 5, 9, 11, 0, 17, 13 is:

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The systematic components of time series which follow regular pattern of variations are called:

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The averages are affected by change of:

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A time series consists of:

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The geometric mean and harmonic mean of two values are. 8 and 16 respectively, then arithmetic mean of values is:

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If the harmonic mean of the two numbers X1 and X2 is 6.4 if X2=16, then X1 is:

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Geometric mean of -4, -2 and 8 is:

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In a given data the average which has the least value is:

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The geometric mean of a set of positive numbers X1, X2, X3, ... , Xn is less than or equal to their arithmetic mean but is greater than or equal to their:

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Secular trend can be measured by:

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Which pair of averages cannot be calculated when one of numbers in the series is zero?

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Harmonic mean gives less weightage to:

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Increase in the number of patients in the hospital due to heat stroke is:

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For an open-end frequency distribution, it is not possible to find:

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The arithmetic mean and geometric mean of two observations are 4 and 8 respectively, then harmonic mean of these two observations is:

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The graph of time series is called:

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If all the values in a series are same, then:

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The ratio among the number of items and the sum of reciprocals of items is called:

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Geometric mean and harmonic mean for the values 3, -11, 0, 63, -14, 100 are:

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The appropriate average for calculating the average speed of a journey is:

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If a = 5 and b = -5, then their harmonic mean is:

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If the arithmetic mean and harmonic mean of two positive numbers are 4 and 16, then their geometric mean will be:

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If all the items in a variable are non zero and non negative then:

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An orderly set of data arranged in accordance with their time of occurrence is called:

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