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There will be 25 multiple choice question in the test.
Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
Practice this test at least 5 times if you want to secure High Marks.
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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Commerce
Subject Commerce Test 14
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Commerce Online Test No. 14

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If sales increase by 10% from year 1 to 2 and cost of goods sold increase only 6% , the gross profit on sales will increase by:

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In projecting the future profitability of a trading company, investors will be least concerned with changes in:

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Special tax relief is granted to a senior citizen if his age is:

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Up what level Agriculture income is exempt from tax?

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The cost of goods and service used up in the process of obtaining revenue are called:

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When preparing balance sheet of a company. Goodwill, patents, Trade Mark and designs come under the head of:

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Revenue is most commonly recognized at time when:

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The role of finance function in the future will be:

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Sales Mustafa of Rs 10,000 not recorded in the books would affect:

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The correct form of Accounting equation is:

11 / 25

Which of the following is ascertained by drawing up an income and expenditure account?

12 / 25

Average relief is available on the following except:

13 / 25

What type of budget is designed to take into account forecast changes in costs, prices etc.

14 / 25

Assets would be overstated if necessary adjusting entry was omitted for:

15 / 25

The most acceptable method of measuring income is:

16 / 25

Depreciation is a process of:

17 / 25

Working Capital is the:

18 / 25

Income and expenditure account reveals:

19 / 25

Loss on sale of an asset should be written off against:

20 / 25

Advance payment are recognized as:

21 / 25

Which of the following is not an intangible asset?

22 / 25

A Non-banking assets is:

23 / 25

Which of the following amounts appears in both the income statement and balance sheet?

24 / 25

A balance sheet is prepared to find out Financial position of a firm:

25 / 25

In principle current Assets are financed from:

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