1- The focus of Bloom’s taxonomy is on:

(A). educational evaluation

(B). educational content

(C). educational objectives✔️

(D). educational methodology

2- The leadership grants complete freedom to the members of the organization:

(A). autocratic leadership

(B). consultative leadership

(C). laissez faire leadership✔️

(D). Plato

3- Curriculum plan should NEVER be considered a finished product or, a:

(A). basic

(B). first

(C). fixed✔️

(D). final

4- One of the advantages of external examination system is that:

(A). the teacher can be influenced for lenient marking

(B). even the inexperienced teacher can evaluate effectively

(C). the curriculum is standardized

(D). transparency in marking is seen✔️

5- Which of the following types is selection type of test item:

(A). short answer

(B). completion

(C). matching

(D). restricted response✔️

6- In POSDCORB, R stands for:

(A). response

(B). representing

(C). reporting✔️

(D). recruiting

7- Micro teaching is used to train:

(A). supervisors

(B). managers

(C). students

(D). teachers✔️

8-WWW stands for:

(A). world work web

(B). world wide weather

(C). world wide web.✔️

(D). world white web

9- To adopt the modern trend in teaching profession, teacher must be:

(A). knowledgeable✔️

(B). practitioner

(C). researcher

(D). regular

100-Social reforms were the main topic of:

(A). Ibn-e-Khaldoon

(B). Shah Wali Ullah✔️

(C). Imam Ghazali

(D). None of these

11- Wastage of resources, time and ork is prevented in administration by the function of:

(A). staffing

(B). directing

(C). coordination

(D). budgeting✔️

12-Through the educational process, an individual is stimulated to think, to appreciate, and to:

(A). educate

(B). behave

(C). act✔️

(D). train

13-Microteaching is a flexible tool, which is used to refine:

(A). teaching skills✔️

(B). curriculum

(C). students

(D). teaching learning environment

14- The process of making judgment in class room teaching is called:

(A). budgeting

(B). demonstration

(C). evaluation✔️

(D). documentation

15- Belonging, affection and status are best classified as:

(A). drives

(B). primary needs

(C). wants

(D). motives✔️

16- Which come third in series in Maslow’s classification:

(A). esteem

(B). love✔️

(C). safety

(D). physiological

17- Cognitive development deals with:

(A). body

(B). mind✔️

(C). society

(D). emotion

18- Students are passive in:

(A). project method.

(B). discovery method

(C). lecture method✔️

(D). inquiry method

19- CAI stands for:

(A). computer analyzed instruction

(B). computer assisted instruction✔️

(C). computer assisted interview

(D). computer analyzed interview

20- All forms of pay allowances or rewards going to employees in educational institutions are signified as:

(A). allowances✔️

(B). reward

(C). bonus

(D). compensation

21- Research is directed towards the solution of a:

(A). hypothesis

(B). experiment

(C). problem✔️

(D). assumption

22- Norm-referenced interpretation of test results are directed primarily to the purpose of:

(A). discriminating among individuals✔️

(B). discriminating among groups

(C). discriminating among programs

(D). discriminating between a programs and a standard

23- Median of 1,6,2,5,4,3:

(A). 2

(B). 2.5

(C). 3

(D). 3.5✔️

24- The hypothesis which states that there is no relationship/difference between variables:

(A). inductive

(B). deductive

(C). null✔️

(D). research

25- Data gathering instrument through which respondent answer questions to statements in writing in:

(A). observation

(B). questionnaire✔️

(C). interview

(D). discussion

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