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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Sociology
Subject Sociology Test 28
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Sociology Online Test No. 28

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Which of the following statements about the relationship between norms and values is TRUE?

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In his analysis of the relationship between capitalism and Protestantism, Max Weber hypothesized that:

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Which of the following terms refers to the punishments and rewards for adhering to or violating the norms of a culture?

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Sets or systems of ideas and norms are termed:

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The things and the norms for using them that are found in a particular culture are called:

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All of the following are examples of the violation of a more in the United States EXCEPT:

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Which of the following statements concerning norms is NOT true?

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Weakly-sanctioned norms that are passed down from one generation to the next, but are not believed to be vital for the survival of society are termed:

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Another term for laws is:

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Christian fundamentalists share norms that include the values of prayer, the value of family and children in their lives, the negative value of abortion and secular humanism. This is a contemporary example of:

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Which of the following statements about Max Weber's hypothesis concerning the relationship between Protestantism and capitalism is NOT true?

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All of the following statements about material culture are true EXCEPT:

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Gun control is a subject about which there is a great deal of dispute in America. What dimensions of culture are involved in this dispute?

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Which of the following statements is TRUE?

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Strongly-sanctioned norms that are considered vital for the survival of the society in which they are found are termed:

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According to Morris Janowitz, which of the following terms refers to the capacity of a social group, including a whole society, to regulate itself?

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The set of rules and understandings that control the behavior of individuals and groups in a culture is referred to as:

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A person who had shaved her head and had many piercings on her ears and face was fired from her job because:

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Which of the following statements about mores and folkways is NOT correct?

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Which of the following statements about sanctions is NOT true?

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Norms that grow out of everyday behavior and do not take the form of written regulations are:

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Systems of values and norms that the members of a society are expected to believe in and act upon without question are termed:

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Norms that are included in a society's official written codes of behavior are termed:

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Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in achieving a democratic government in South Africa. This is an example of a:

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Formal norms differ from informal norms in that:

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