PPSC Assistant Solved Past Papers MCQs

(1). Aleppo is a city of:

Ans: Syria

(2) . Capital of Albania:

Ans: Tirana

(3). Stick used in Golf is called:

Ans: Club

(4). Capital of Somalia:

Ans: Mogadishu

(5). Bangladesh border with:

Ans: Myanmar

(6). Archery is national game of:

Ans. Bhutan

(7). Country having longest coastline:

Ans: Canada

(8). UAE consist of how many Emirates:

Ans: 7 Emirates

(9). What is the length of tennis court?

Ans: 23.77 Meter

(10) . Handball game originated in which country:

Ans: Denmark

(11). Most famous & Finest harbor of world is:

Ans: Sydney

(12). 1st Secretary General of UNO from Asia was:

Ans: U Thant

(13). Pride and prejudice a novel written by:

Ans: Jane Austin

(14). Dieago Gracia is a USA military base located in?

Ans: Indian Ocean

(15). Office of the UN Commissioner of Human Rights located in:

Ans: Geneva

(16). Why California is called Silicon Valley:

Ans: Computer Software Industry

(17). Habib Bourguiba declared independence of Tunisia from France in:

Ans: 1956

(18). 1st Secretary General of OIC was Tunku Abdul Rahman from:

Ans: Malaysia

(19). House of lords is the upper house of which country’s parliament:

Ans: Britain

(20). Human development index calculating indicators:

Ans: Income, Health & Education

(21). Bill gate wife name:

Ans: Melinda

(22). Current Vice President of USA:

Ans: Mike Penice

(23). Current Syria President:

Ans: Bashar al Asad

(24): Yaser arfat was president of:

Ans: Palestine

(25). 2017 Wimbledon woman winner:

Ans: Gabrine Muguruza

(26). Muhammad El Bradi of Egypt Noble Peace Prize in:

Ans: 2005

(27). Pakistani Sipahi spent 40 year in Indian jail and passed away on 28 august 2018:

Ans: Maqbool Hussain

(28) . Qutab Minar located in which city:

Ans: Delhi

(29). Deen e Ilahi introduced in sub-continent by which Mughal King:

Ans: Akbar

(30). Last Governor General of India during East India Company was:

Ans: Lord Canning

(31). Who convinced Quad e Azam to join AIML:

Ans: Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

(32). Lucknow pact signed in:

Ans: 1916

(33). Last Nizam of Hyderabad was:

Ans: Mir Osman Ali Khan

(34). Largest state before partition in 1947 was:

Ans: Azad Jammu & Kashmir

(35). Word war 2 started in the year:

Ans: 1939

(36). 1st Gas field discovered in Pakistan was:

Ans: Sui

(37). What was the name of Pakistan in constitution of 1956:

Ans: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

(38). Which city received Hilal e Istaqlal during war of 1965:

Ans: Sialkot

(39). Fatima Jinnah contested in presidential elections of:

Ans: 1965

(40). Pakistan People’s Party formed in:

Ans: 1967

(41). Youm e Takbeer celebrated on:

Ans: 28 May

(42). First woman bank set up in 1989 in which city……….

Ans: Karachi

(43). 2nd largest province of Pakistan by area is:

Ans: Punjab

(44). Most urbanize province of Pakistan:

Ans: Sindh

(45). Province of Pakistan lowest population density

Ans: Balochistan

(46). Lady finger peak located in:

Ans: Pakistan

(47). Malala Yusafzai was attacked in which area:

Ans: Swat

(48). Soan a beautiful valley located in which area of Pakistan:

Ans: Pothoar Plateu

(49). Indus Saga & Making of Pakistan is a book written by:

Ans: Aitazaz Ahsan

(50). Zam Zam means:

Ans: To Stop

(51). Janat ul Baqi located in:

Ans: Madina

(52). Israel is title of:

Ans: Hazarat Yaqoob

(53). Literally Meaning of Zakat:

Ans: Cleanliness

(54). Sheikh Abdul Qadar Jillani buried at:

Ans: Baghdad

(55). Calamity of mosquitoes on which prophets Race:

Ans: Hazrat Ibrahim

(56). There is no compulsion of religion in Islam stated in which surah:

Ans: Surah Baqra

(57). 2nd major Ghazwa of Islam under the leadership of Holy Prophet PBUH was:

Ans: Ohad

(58). Largest bird in the world is:

Ans: Ostrich

(59). Galvanization is done with:

Ans: Zinc

(60). Bats fly due to:

Ans: Ultrasonic Waves

  1. Red blood corpuscles formed in:

Ans: Bone Marrow

(62). Nervous sys consists of:

Ans: Brain & Spinal Cord

(63). Heavy water is used in Nuclear reactor known as:

Ans: Deuterium Oxide

(64). Which instrument is used to listening the sound of heart and lungs:

Ans: Stethoscope

(65). Every Action there is an equal and opposite reaction is a law of Newton:

Ans: 3rd law

(66). Which is not a search engine:

Ans: Windows

(67). Joining of two columns in Ms WORD is called?

Ans: Merge

(68). Command used for Redoing in MS word:

Ans: Ctrl+Y

(69). Control + = is a shortcut key for:

Ans: Subscript

(70). A device cannot work properly if not installed:

Ans: Driver

(71). An E-Mail consists of two parts username or ID and:

Ans: Domain Name

(72). Control + page up is a shortcut key for:

Ans: Moves the Cursor One Page Up

(73). Irrevocable antonyms:

Ans: Reversible

(74). Disparage antonym:

Ans: Applaud

(75). Synonym of Dainty:

Ans: Delicate

(76). Adhere preposition:

Ans: To

(77). It is 10 o clock………… my watch:

Ans: By

(78). You can pull a horse to water but you cannot make him:

Ans: Drink

(79). Active voice of:

Ans: She will not have caught the Train

(80). Wrong spelld among following was:

Ans: Liberary

(81). Stay away from people:

Ans: Artificial

(82). Find the odd man out:

Ans: Microwaves

(83). Largest bird in the world is:

Ans: Ostrich

(84). .014 multiply .014

Ans: 0.000196

(85). 18 is 75% of:

Ans: 24

(86). 6 black 8 white. Possibility:

Ans: 4/7

(87). 2 chair 2 table prize:

Ans: RS 600

(88). A and B together in 15 days and B alone in 20 days, A can complete in:

Ans: 60 days

(89). 700km in three hour and 3 minutes what is the average speed per hour:

Ans: 200km

(90). Pride and prejudice a novel written by:

Ans: Jane Austin

(91). Tasway bahana means:

Ans: Jhotay Aansu

(920. Baal bikaa karna means:

Ans: Nuqsaan phnchana

(93). Shab e rafta written by:

Ans: Majeed Amjad

(94). Safar nama Baslamat ravi written by:

Ans: Kernel Muhammad Khan

  1. Cock n Bull story means:

Ans: Jhoti Khani

(96). Pani bharna grammar ki ro sy hai:

Ans: Roz Mara Hai

(97). Kam ka na kaj ka dushman:

Ans: Anaj Ka

(98). Begmat k aansu

Ans: Khwaja Hassan Nizami

(99). Yadgare Ghalib written by:

Ans: Altaf Hussain Hali

(100). Urdu Nasar ki pehli kitab was:

Ans: Sab Ras

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