Political Science MCQs for Competitive Exams Test No. 31

1- Political justice is ensured by:

A). Courts

B). Political parties✔️

C). Constitution

D). All the above

2- Economic dimensions of justice have been emphasized by:

A). Individualists

B) Idealists

C). Socialists✔️

D).All the three above

3- The parliament and the Constitution are instruments of:

A). Legal justice✔️

B). Political justice

C). Economic justice

D). Social justice

4- The view that there is close relationship between justice and Liberty is associated with the:

A). Marxists

B). Anarchists

C). Fascists

D). Liberals✔️

5- The view that there is close relationship between justice and Equality is attributed to:

A). Individualists

B). Socialists✔️

C). Idealists

D). Anarchists

6-The history of political philosophy is the history of quest for:

A). Justice✔️

B). Equality

C). Liberty

D). Power

7- The Idealist theory of justice which emphasized the moral element of justice was first of all propounded by:

A). Aristotle

B). Plato✔️

C). Machiavelli

D). Marx

8- Aristotle speaks of two types of justice- one, particular justice and the other:

A). Social justice

B). General justice

C). Distributive justice

D). Political justice✔️

9- The view that there is close relationship between justice and equality is attributed to:

A). Socialists✔️

B). Individualists

C). Idealists

D). Anarchists

10-Which one of the following institution gives shape to the dimensions of justice?

A). The constitution

B). The parliament

C). The courts

D). All the above✔️

11- Kautilya is associated with the exposition of:

A). Legal theory of justice

B). Retributive theory of justice

C). Deterrent theory of justice✔️

D). Reformative Theory of justice

12- Which theory of justice is based on the principle ‘ kill the sin and not the sinner’?

A). Retributive theory

B). Reformative Theory✔️

C). Deterrent theory

D). None of the above

13- Which aspect of justice was emphasizes by the Greeks?

A). Social

B). Moral✔️

C). Legal

D). Political

14- In which book Plato elaborated his theory of justice?

A). Republic✔️

B). Statements

C). Laws

D). All the above books

15- Who asserted that justice implies ‘ allotment of functions to a person in accordance with his ability and training’?

A). Barker

B). Plato

C). Aristotle

D). None of the above✔️

16- Which one of the following states is most conducive to justice?

A). Socialist state

B). Democratic state✔️

C). Aristocratic state

D). Authoritarian state

17-  Constitution is an instrument of:

A). Legal justice✔️

B). Social justice

C). Political justice

D). Economic justice

18- The denial of right to a particular section of society in the law-making and decision-making process is a violation of the principle of:

A). Natural justice

B). Political justice✔️

C). Legal justice

D). All the above

19- In the primitive society’s justice was based on:

A). Perfect equality

B). Rule of law

C). Tit for tat✔️

D). Impartiality of judiciary

20- During revolutionary period about justice stress was laid on:

A). Political aspect

B). Moral aspect

C). Human aspect✔️

D). Philosophical aspect

21- Who of the following stressed that Justice laid in giving maximum happiness to maximum number of people?

A). Marx

B). Aristotle

C). Rousseau

D). Bentham✔️

22- Fair and free participation in elections is associated with:

A). Legal justice

B). Social justice

C). Economic justice

D). Political justice✔️

23- The chances of getting justice are available in:

A). Parliamentary form of government only

B). Presidential form of government only

C). Aristocracies only

D). Democratic system of government✔️

24- Maximum stress about economic aspect of justice has been laid by:

A). Individualists

B). Socialists✔️

C). Fascists

D). Nazis

25- In our modern times it is believed that justice is:

A). Opposed to equality

B). Opposed to liberty

C). Anti- thesis of equality and liberty

D). Closely linked with liberty✔️

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