Political Science MCQ for KKPSC PPSC SPSC Practice Test 7

1- In our modern times trend is towards:

A). Nation state✔️

B). City state

C). State with small population

D). State with small areas

2- Plato who elaborately dealt with state belonged to:

A). Egypt

B). India

C). Greece✔️

D). Rome

3- In order to write ‘ politics’ which deals with state, Aristotle compared:

A).157 constitutions

B).158 constitutions✔️

C).159 constitutions

D).160 constitutions

4- Who of the following believe that the state is a necessary evil?

A). Marxists

B). Individualists✔️

C). Socialists

D). Anarchists

5-Which of the following is the distinguishing characteristic of state, as compared with other associations?

A). Population

B). Territory

C). Government

D). Sovereignty✔️

6- The term state has often been confused with:

A). Sovereignty✔️

B). Association

C). Nation

D). Government

7-  who said that state is a territorial society divided into government and the subjects?

A). Garner

B). Finer

C). Austin

D). Laski✔️

8- Who said that the state is a people organized for law within a definite territory?

A). Oppenheim✔️

B). Woodrow Wilson

C). Laski

D). Hegel

9- State has been defined as ” human society with political differentiations existing in it between the governed and the governor’s by?

A). Oppenheim

B). Duguit✔️

C). Mclver

D).T.H. Green

10-The most acceptable definition of state that it has four essential ingredients was given by?

A). Garner✔️


C). Finer

D). Laski

11-These days for studying problems of state the approach followed is:

A). Traditional

B). Disciplinary

C). Inter-disciplinary✔️

D). None of the above

12- Main difference between the state and association is that?

A). One can’t be member of both

B). One can’t live without the other

C). One can use force while other cannot✔️

D). One is hindrance on the part of the other

13- Compared with society, scope of state activity is?

A). Wider✔️

B). Narrow

C). Just equal

D). No comparison between the two

14- who said that a nation is a body of men who cherish a common will and tend to have a separate state?

A). Plato

B). Aristotle

C). Barker✔️


15- who said that’ nation is a nationality which has organised itself into a political body desiring to be independent’?

A). Maclver

B). Nimkoffand

C). Barker✔️

D). James mill

16- Technically speaking which one of the following cannot be termed as state?

A). Lahore✔️

B). U.S.A


D). Bangladesh

17- which one of the following methods for the study of problems of state of his times was used by Aristotle?

A). Inductive

B). Deductive

C). Philosophical

D). Comparative✔️

18-which of the following is true about scope of the activity as compared with the society?

A). It is broader

B). It is identical

C). There is no comparison between the two

D). It is narrower✔️

19- City States’ were common in ancient:

A). Greece✔️


C). Madinah

D).  China

20- Plato who elaborately dealt with state belonged to:

A). Egypt

B). India

C). Greece✔️

D). Rome

21- who of the following believe that the state is bound to wither away?

A). Anarchists

B). Socialists

C). Syndicalists

D). Marxists✔️

22- who of the following believe that the state all along has been protecting the interests of the rich?

A). The capitalists

B). The Marxists✔️

C).The Idealists

D). The Fabian socialists

23- About state Aristotle believed that it was:

A). Natural✔️

B). Artificial

C). Imposed

D). Contractual

24- Who of the following has laid stress on inter-disciplinary approach about the study of the problems of state?

A). Hobbes

B). Machiavelli

C). T. H. Green

D). Easton✔️

25- who of the following is champion of traditional approach about state problems?

A). Almond

B). Dahl

C). Easton

D). Machiavelli✔️

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