Political Science MCQ for BPSC NTS PPSC SPSC Practice Test 9

1-Which one of the following features of legal sovereignty has been wrongly listed?

A). It is definite

B). It enjoys only limited authority✔️

C). It possesses the power to issue final commands

D). All rights emanate from it

2- The legal sovereign has to bow before the:

A). Real sovereign

B). Political sovereign✔️

C). Popular sovereign

D). None of the above

3- The de facto and de jure sovereignty:

A). Are opposed to each other

B). Can exist side by side✔️

C). Have no relation with each other

D). Are acquired with the help of force

4- The concept of external sovereignty was developed by:

A). John Austin

B). Grotius✔️

C). Oppenheim

D). Bentham

5- who said that sovereignty resides in determinate human superior?

A). Bodin


C). Austin✔️

D). Montesquieu

6-who said that sovereignty cannot reside in ‘ determinate human superior’?

A). Austin

B). Bodin

C).G.D.H. cole

D). Henry Maine✔️

7- who of the followings is known as the high priest of sovereignty?

A). Austin

B). Bodin

C). Rousseau✔️

D). Grotius

8- who said that the theory of sovereignty is not valid for political philosophy?

A).T.H. Green

B). Hobhouse

C). Laski✔️


9- which of the followings was the bitterest critic of Austin’s theory of sovereignty?

A). Bodin

B). Laski

C). Sir Henry Maine✔️

D). Hobbes

10- Austin propounded his theory of sovereignty in the book:

A).Two Treatises on Government

B). Lectures on Jurisprudence✔️

C). Early History of institutions

D). Modern state

11- Austin propounded a theory of:

A). Legal sovereignty✔️

B). Political sovereignty

C). Titular sovereignty

D). Popular sovereignty

12- Which one of the following statements is wrong?

A). Sovereignty rests exclusively with the state

B). Sovereignty is permanent

C). Sovereignty is shared by the state with government

D). State can give a part of its sovereignty to society✔️

13- In Britain the legal sovereignty resides in:

A). The House of Lords

B). The Queen-in- parliament✔️

C).The Queen

D). The Courts

14- The first western writer to offer a systematic exposition of the doctrine of sovereignty was:

A). John Austin

B). Bodin✔️


D). Hobbes

15- The pluralistic theory of sovereignty was first propounded by:

A). Laski

B). Maclver

C). Bodin

D). Von Gierke✔️

16- The pluralists believe in:

A). Legal sovereignty

B). Political sovereignty✔️

C). Nominal sovereignty

D). Absolute sovereignty

17- One of the followings is a basic feature of pluralist concept of sovereignty:

A). Absoluteness

B). Inalienability

C). Divisibility✔️

D). Exclusiveness

18- Pluralists believe that:

A).The state is a unique organization

B).The state is as important as the other social, economic and religious groups✔️

C).The other social, economic and religious groups are more important than the state

D). State is controlled by other associations

19-The  Pluralists are in favour of:

A). Abolition of state

B). Classless and stateless society

C). Curtailing powers of state✔️

D). Further extension of the powers of state

20- who was the doyen of the Pluralists from amongst the following?

A). Bentham

B). J.S. Mill

C). Leacock

D). Laski✔️

21- According to the Pluralists one of the important limitations on sovereignty is:

A). Written constitution

B). Independent judiciary

C). Political parties

D). International law✔️

22- ” if sovereignty is not absolute, no state exists” who said this?

A). Jhon Austin✔️

B). Jean Bodin

C). Hobbes

D). None of the above

23-There are several forms of sovereignty. The sovereignty of the king of Great Britain can be classified as:

A). Titular sovereignty✔️

B). Real sovereignty

C). Popular sovereignty

D). Legal sovereignty

24- which one of the following described laws as a command of the sovereign:

A). Austin✔️

B). Locke

C). Mooney

D). Laski

25- According to the concept of Plural sovereignty:

A). Sovereignty lies in the state only

B). Sovereignty lies in the parliament

C). Sovereignty lies in the king

D). Sovereignty lies in all the associations of the state✔️

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