Pedagogy MCQs for PPSC FPSC CSS PMS NTS and Educators Jobs

1- Inner faculties and intellectual processing are concerned with:

(A). Cognition ✔️

(B). Personality

(C). Measurement

(D). Aptitude

 2- Change in education leads to the change in:

(A). Government

(B). Society✔️

(C). Geography

(D). Policy

3- Charter Act was passed in:

(A). 1816

(B). 1814

(C). 1815

(D) 1813✔️

4- Sadler Commission was formed in:

(A). 1915

(B). 1917✔️

(C). 1919

(D). 1918

5- The Commission on National Education appointed by a resolution adopted by the Government of Pakistan on:

(A). August 30, 1958

(B). March 30, 1958

(C). October 30, 1958

(D). December 30, 1958✔️

6- How many basic components of curriculum have:

(A). 2

(B). 4✔️

(C). 5

(D). 8

7- Which philosopher compiled Kindergarten education system?

(A). Froebel✔️

(B). Herbert Spencer

(C). John Locke

(D). D.J.O Connor

8-The University Grants commission has started training programme for teachers of:

(A). Degree colleges

(B). Universities

(C). Both degree colleges and universities✔️

(D). Schools

9- Panel dialogue is a type of:

(A). Discovery method.

(B). Discussion method✔️

(C). Lecture method

(D). Demonstration method

10- CAI stands for:

(A). Computer analyzed instruction

(B). Computer assisted instruction✔️

(C). Computer assisted interview

(D). Computer analyzed interview.

11- Positive classroom environment keeps students motivated for:

(A). Examination

(B). Reading

(C.) Learning✔️

(D). Co-curricular activities

12- Who is the founder of discovery learning:

(A). Bruner✔️

(B). Jean Piaget

(C). J.S. Mill

(D). Gardener

13- Sir William Hunter Commission (Indian Education Commission) was formed in?

(A). 1852

(B). 1835

(C). 1882✔️

(D). 1842

14- Aims are:

(A). National expectations✔️

(B). Institutions expectations

(C). Learning expectations

(D). Teacher expectations

15- “Permanency is more real than change” is said by the teacher believing in the philosophy of:

(A). Perennialism✔️

(B). Essentialism

(C). Progressivism

(D). Reconstructionism

66- IQ stands for:

(A). Inner Quotient

(B). Intelligence Quotient✔️

(C). Inner Quartile

(D). Intelligence Quartile

17- Behaviorism is associated with:

(A). Sigmund Freud

(B). BF Skinner

(C). JB Watson✔️

(D). Johan Wright

 18-  Willingness to begin new activities and explore new directions is:

(A). Identify

(B). Generativity

(C). Identity

(D). Initiative✔️

19-  Muslims art mostly developed was in?

(A). Sculpture

(B). Painting

(C). Performing art

(D). Calligraphy✔️

20- The test measures what we intend to measure. This quality of the test is called:

(A). Validity✔️

(B). Reliability

(C). Usability

(D). Objectively

21- The final product of measurement is:

(A). Test item

(B). Scores✔️

(C). Result

(D). Performance

22- Democratic administration is based on:

(A). Dictatorship

(B). Mutual sharing✔️

(C). Non-interference

(D). Sharing with seniors

23- Teach-reteach, feedback & re-feedback is gain too much in the technique/ methodology:

(A). Microteaching✔️

(B). Question-answer

(C). Team teaching

(D). Role playing

24- The process in which the strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum are identified is called:

(A). Content presentation

(B). Teaching methodology

(C). Students examination

(D). Evaluation✔️

25- Ontology deals with:

(A). Knowledge

(B). Reality✔️

(C). Values

(D). Culture

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