Pak Studies Past Papers Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 4

1- Which important political party was absent from the first Round Table Conferences in 1930?

A). Muslim League

B).Sikh Union

C). Congress✔️

D). None of these

2- Who was the founder of Faraizi Movement?

A).Syed Ahmed shaheed

B).Shah wali  ullah

C).Haji Shariat Ullah✔️

D).None of these

3- Who was the last viceroy of India?

A). Lord Montague

B). Lord Curzon

C). Lord Mountbatten✔️

D). Lord Wavell

4- Which city in India is now known as Chennai?

A). Bombay

B). Colcutta



5- An Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu to New Delhi was hijacked by the five ‘Pakistani nationals’ the plane was taken to a city in Afghanistan. Which city was it?



C). Kandahar✔️

D).None of these

6-The destruction of a Mosque at the place in India by Hindu militants caused angry reaction by the Muslim community in India?

A). Amritsar

B). Ayodhya✔️

C). Lucknow

D). Lahore

7- Who created the Hindu sect called Brahmo Samaj a form of neo- Hinduism and is  sometimes called “Father of modern India”?

A).G.K Gokhale

B).Ram Mohan Roy✔️

C).M.K Gandhi

D).None of these

8- Who founded the Indian national Conference precursor to the Indian national Congress in 1883?

A). Gokhale

B). Moti LAL Nehru

C). Gandhi

D). Banerjee✔️

9- What did the term “Swaraj” mean to Indians during the period of British rule?

A). Pessive resistance

B).Self_ Rule✔️

C). British rule

D). Democracy

10- After India won its independence who become its first president?

A). Jawahar Lal Nehru

B).Sardar vallabhbhai patel

C). Rajendra prasad✔️

D). None of these

11- Who was the Governor General of India when the treasury was shifted from Murshidabad to Calcutta?

A). Charles Cornwallis

B). John shore

C). Warren Hastings✔️

D). None of these

12- Who was the first viceroy of India after the post of Governor General was abandoned?

A). Lord Canning✔️

B). Lord Dufferin

C). Lord Harding

D). Lord Mayo

13- Which English Lieutenant colonel recaptured the city Calcutta from Siraj- ud- Daula in 1757?

A). Lord Macaulay 

B). Lord Ripon

C). Robert Clive✔️

D). Lord Dalhousie

14- whose views finally settled the” Language Controversy” on the introduction of English in India?

A). Lord Macaulay✔️

B). Lord Ripon

C). Lord Elgin

D).None of these

15- Who convened a meeting of Muslim League to discuss the possibilities of a Muslim political party in India?

A). Saleem- ul- Mulk

B).Sir Agha khan

C). Nawab saleem ullah khan✔️

D). None of these

16- Which viceroy was known as the Father of Local self-Government?

A). Lord Canning

B). Lord Ripon✔️

C).Lord Dufferin

D). None of these

17- In 1757 Suraj -ud-Daulah attached British  Factory at:


B). Colcutta✔️

C).Kasim Bazar

D). Murshidabad

18- The Qutab Shah dynasty ruled at:

A). Golconda✔️

B). Berar

C). Bijapur

D). None of these

19- In which language did Babur wrote his autobiography?


B). Arabic

C). Turkish✔️


20- Jinnah was a lawyer where did he received his law degree?

A). university of Bombay

B). British college of law

C). university of London

D). Lincoln’s Inn✔️

21- When did Jinnah join the Indian national Congress?





22- The League’s and the congress’s main differences came in view in the”Round Table Conferences” which was held in:

A). Karachi

B). Lahore

C). London✔️

D). Bombay

23- In the elections of 1937 Congress won a majority in _ of the eleven provinces:


B). seven✔️

C). Ten

D). Eight

24- Where did Jinnah and the Muslim League make their first official demand for an independent Pakistan?



C). Calcutta

D).None of these

25- In 1940, Jinnah’s doctor told him that he was developing a terrible disease what is the disease?

A). smallpox

B). Tuberculosis✔️


D).Liver cancer

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